Boat Gear Upgrade: Tuna Tackle

When a 50, 100 or even 200-pound tuna hits your lure and goes on a drag-melting run, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Tuna are the most powerful fish in our waters, so you’ll need the right rods, reels, and lures to fool and fight these amazing gamefish.

Tuna Tackle

Sting-O Fish A-12 Glider

Sting O Fish A 12 Glider
This lure has an easy side-to-side, gliding action, even on a straight retrieve. Its plastic, through-wired construction allows it to stand up to big bluefin, and the stock Owner hooks make it tuna-ready right out of the package.

PowerPro Hollow Ace

PowerPro Hollow Ace

$150 (500 yards of 80-pound test);

The most experienced tuna captains take a no-knot approach to their rigging, crimping on lures and using hollow-core braided line for the strongest connection of mainline to leader. PowerPro Hollow Ace uses a 16 Spectra fiber construction to create superior connection strength and an excellent strength-to-diameter ratio.

Strategic Angler Frantic

Strategic Angler Frantic
The lifelike finish and wounded-baitfish action of this stickbait have made it a favorite among tuna captains in the Northeast. It’s an expensive lure, but the price is worth it when a 150-pound bluefin latches on.

RonZ Big Game Series 10-inch

RonZ Big Game Series 10 inch
The action of a falling RonZ is too much for tuna to resist. Even when the tuna are on top, casting a RonZ into the feed is often met with an instantaneous take as the jig looks like a baitfish trying to escape the melee. The Big Game series has a 500-pound-test Krok Swivel eye and a pivoting 9/0 Gamakatsu HD hook, which has allowed this lure to catch tuna in excess of 400 pounds.

Bomber Saltwater Grade CD30

Bomber Saltwater Grade CD30
This deep-diving plug gained popularity with the Northeast canyons fleet during the 2015 season for its ability to raise and hook bigeye tuna and wahoo. Heavy-duty hardware held up to “eyeballs” pushing 250 pounds, and the large lips created an enticing swimming action at trolling speeds up to 7 knots.

Shimano TwinPower 14000; Shimano Terez TZC66H

Reel: $620, Rod: $250;
Shimano Terez TZC66H
Shimano TwinPower 14000

Every year, more captains are bringing spinning rods to the canyons to cast to yellowfin tuna while chunking. The powerful Shimano TwinPower provides a reliable drag and heavyduty construction, which is certain to hold up even if a bigeye crashes the party. The Terez 66H is long enough to cast, but not too long to jig with if the tuna are holding a little deeper below the boat.

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