Poacher Nabbed with 219 Sea Bass in Buzzards Bay

Sea Bass Poaching

According to the Wareham Harbor Department’s Facebook page, Officer McIntosh of the Wareham Harbormaster Department was checking vessels at the Tempest Knob Boat Ramp on Sunday, May 29 when he observed a vessel that he believed to be exceeding the legal limit of black sea bass. The Massachusetts Environmental Police were immediately notified of the observation and responded to the scene. Upon investigation of the catch the vessel was determined to be in possession of 209 illegal black sea bass. According to the Facebook post, the offending parties were charged and the sea bass as well as the vessel, trailer and fishing gear were seized, the fish were sold and the proceeds will go through the civil process.

The Cape Cod Times reported that police found 219 sea bass aboard the boat, 122 of which were undersized. (The legal possession for the vessel would have been 10 sea bass.)
The owner of the boat faces charges of commercial fishing during a closed season, over the limit of sea bass, possession of undersized sea bass, and fishing without a saltwater recreational fishing license.

Earlier in the month, Massachusetts Environmental Police arrested a poacher in Mattapoisett for possessing 153 sea bass prior to the season opening.

wareham sea bass poching bust


48 on “Poacher Nabbed with 219 Sea Bass in Buzzards Bay

  1. Paul

    Great work by all involved. Hang the criminals out to dry in every way possible. Their names should be posted here. I’m very glad to see how strong the response was from the last loser that was popped. There should be very strong fines and punishment that should be upheld and not dismissed in any way, especially from some stupid lawyer. And for you stupid few on the last post of the other poacher who said its no big deal or there should be no regulations on fishing ,smarten up! That just proves their should be regulations on procreation. Bet you would be here. You must’ve swan from the stupid pool

    1. Van

      You’re all so “stupid”. Stoo-pid, Stew-pit. Get off the Trump horse buddy!

      1. Paul

        Van, your response is to what?? People wanting poachers to be prosecuted??

      2. Paul

        If it is, why don’t we go fishing sometime?? And the grammar errors in last two sentences were on purpose. This world caters to stupid people. Like yourself

      3. Dennis

        What the hell are you talking about. How did Trump get into this.

      4. Frank

        Does anyone get Van’s point? How do liberals like Van manage to bring their twisted view of just about everything into any conversation? I don’t know if Trump is a fisherman, and I doubt he owns a horse, so what the heck, Van? As to the poachers, take their gear and make sure they don’t ever get a fishing or sporting license again.

      5. Charles Gov

        Please get back on your meds..it is the best thing for everybody friend. What does sea bass have to do with Trump ..really ?? Meds Please

      6. Bails

        What is it that you are speaking of Van? Please explain. Curious…

    2. Dennis

      The Ocean is getting raped of its resources. Its not plentiful anymore When technology changed some people had to find another line of work. Its time for some commercial fishermen to do the same.

  2. Bill

    Great job officers. These guys should lose there right to fish for life.

  3. Ronald rockel

    So clad that boat of poachers were captured…… let’s hope they will learn your lesson on this one. Good job to all that were involved, GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!!!?

  4. Ross

    I think the electric chair is a little extreme. How about a kick in the ass and take his boat away!

  5. bob

    great job,only if more enforsement was done. Take the boat and gear.

  6. Jay P

    Raffle his boat and gear off ! Right here on OTW ! You can see his truck in the background . He planned on selling that obviously . And should be charged accordingly ! Raper of the sea . Give him Federal time !

  7. gillipoyas

    I think, i know who this guy is, he lives in woburn ma. I am glad he was caught jajajajaja

  8. Kevin

    Good to see. Great job all around – great posting the photo of the boat as well.

  9. Zeke

    Great job officers wish you guy’s would be more around so other’s wouldn’t even think about doing such crime’s out on the water like this! Thank you for your service to our sport!

  10. laura caton

    What happens to the fish. My hope is they aren’t wasted but used to feed people so its somewhat positive.

    1. vincent DeMartino

      HI yes the fish the EPOs (officers), confiscate them and then donate them to a homeless shelter. Hope they don’t leave them out too long in the open air when taking pictures or measuring them. Fish spoil pretty fast.

      Another question I have: Is it true the Black Sea Bass eats lobsters and crabs to the point of putting lobstermen in RI /Ma out of business? Its believable, I know they are voracious eaters, but , of course, even if true, that doesn’t give someone license to sell them illegally; they should voice their concern, but still “play by the rules” or be ready to donate their gear and boat (I think they should also throw in the auto that they can prove helped distribute illegal fish). DONT forget the car, then these losers MIGHT just think about getting a real job..

  11. Doug

    Lock em up with Carlos Raphael, the Groundfish mobster. Throw away the key!

  12. ken

    These people should be banned from fishing for life.
    hey Van you are a dumass

  13. Bunker

    ironic that all these poachers are using the same kind of boats….? “Striper”

  14. Bails

    Revoke their license, confiscate the vessel and keep it until the fine is paid in full!…..or sell the boat and use the funds to fortify the dunes!

  15. Greg

    Well . . . at the very least. . . it’s good to see so many folks here are upset at this insane level of poaching, & Supportive of the work by the Environmental Police.
    This “Over-Fishing” madness Has To Stop !
    We all know the water is not a boundless source of plenty.
    I’ve have often said . . if the oceans were as fully visible as any terra firma environment – and the rape & destruction of the living resources that has occurred now for many decades were to be seen by all . . . the shear clamor of public outcry would close & end the “hunting” of that environment – and allow for the natural recovery of the species affected. (the American Buffalo is arguably the most prominent example of species on the brink – but allowed to be saved by Public demand).
    So . . remain Vocal, and Vigilant.
    “nit-wits” (like Van), are far too abundant for anyone’s good. (personally. . . love to have Van shoot his mouth off with me face to face. . . . Not all who stand on the side of conservation are passive, & willing to be tolerant of blatant stupidity.

    1. Paul

      Well spoken Greg. Van is a complete moron as well. His type hide behind a computer so we’ll never get the face to face chance I’m sure

  16. Bill

    It is uncalled for these guys have no respect for our wildlife or the law. Boat , gear & right to fish or hunt should be revoked for life ! There is no mistake in what their intentions were. A slap on the wrist & they will do it again. It really disgusts us true sportsman who are keeping 18″ & bigger & males only to try & save our fisheries for the future , my kids are just getting into the sport & enjoy it hopefully they will be able to continue enjoying it 20-30 years from now with their kids. I see nothing wrong with reporting guys like them so they better hope I never see them doing wrong out there because they are only hurting all of us.

  17. Steve

    Most likely will get off with a slap on the wrist. Maryland, worchester cnty is just as bad. Big striper seize there a little while ago. Blue state, progressive lawyers will get him leniency. Sorry affair.

  18. Dave B

    Great job guys. Take the boat, gear and truck and never allow them to get a fishing license again.
    Hey, maybe Van is ticked off because he’s a poacher too. Maybe the next time we see them arresting a poacher it will be Van.

  19. Neil C

    As a former Officer Let me put the cuffs on Van! Some folks just don’t get it! There is a reason for length limits and seasons on our fisheries resources. This is so that we can keep on having a great sport to participate in as well as our children and grandchildren. All poachers need to have their names posted on this site after they go to court, Stripped of fishing and hunting rights( whose to say that they don’t poach deer or other land animals), unfortunately their kids will bear the wrath due to their fathers stupidity! Nice post from everyone. Remember the EPs can’t be everywhere, so we have to POLICE our own. If you see something , say something, if not we have any fish to catch due to morons like these guys. Tight Lines guys!

  20. marcuswelby

    Hats off to Officer McIntosh, the Wareham Harbormaster Department, and the Massachusetts Environmental Police for a job well done.
    To report illegal fishing activity you can call the Massachusetts Environmental Police Radio Room 800-632-8075 at any hour of the day.

  21. M Turner


  22. Mike

    I’m thinking maybe the seasonal limits are setup wrong if there’s so many fish around that someone can go out and take that many in one day. I don’t condone poaching at all, basically they’re taking fish that we could have taken legally. Good job to the Environmental Police. I don’t mind paying for a license knowing it goes to them. It’s not that hard to follow the rules. Too bad there’s people who don’t give a crap about anyone else.

  23. M. T. Fishbox & son

    been fishing allover the cape for 40 years. Never been checked at the ramp for size or quota of catch by any ep. Where are they? What is more important than checking for poachers? Suddenly 4 of them show up when someone else makes a report of a violation. Why arent they the ones at the ramps checking for vilators?

    1. vincent DeMartino

      Probably because someone reported them. EPOs as I understand, respond mostly to fellow sportspersons ratting out the loser poachers. I think when it comes to outdoor sports, this is an awesome way to do it.. I have witnessed fishermen collectively make phone calls and its great to see that there are those who DO follow the rules, its encouraging.

      1. vincent DeMartino

        They cannot be everywhere, and there are not many EPOs to go around.. so they are forced to rely on fellow fisherman (hunters also) to self-police..

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