Angling Artist: Andrea Larko

If you haven't come across some of Andrea Larko's artwork while fly fishing, you aren't fishing enough.

Andrea Larko striped bass

Andrea Larko creates bumper stickers, embroidered patches and hats, Abel fly reels, limited edition prints, and more.

If you haven’t come across some of Andrea Larko’s “zentangle” artwork while out fly fishing, well, you aren’t fishing hard enough. You can find her work on anything from bumper stickers, embroidered patches and hats, Abel fly reels, Montana Fly Company fly boxes, open and limited edition prints, and now even custom trout pattern hand-sewn face masks sold directly from the artist.

Larko has a style all her own. The technique of organic yet geometric patterns, mixing with vibrant color gradients, all started from her doodling in the margins of school papers over 25 years ago.

Andrea Larko yellowfin tuna decal

Growing up in Indiana, PA, Andrea has always had a love for fishing and the arts. Graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, Andrea played the safe route as a designer for years.

Andrea Larko mahi

From working as a production artist to an advertising designer before taking the chance as a “struggling artist.” She is now in her ninth year as a full-time, professional artist and doing what she loves. Her hobbies outside of her artwork include fishing and giving belly rubs to her English Bulldog, Lucy. She likes to scout out wild trout and blue lines around her home in western Pennsylvania to find references for future works. She says she will never get bored creating fish art, but her cartoon character, Bob, and characterized watercolor fish show her lighter, more whimsical side.

Andrea Larko: The Art of Angling


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