Angling Artist: Inga Clough Falterman

Inga is an artist who was introduced to blue-water fishing while serving as a deckhand for her husband's charter business in Louisiana.

Inga Clough Falterman
Inga Clough Falterman

Inga Clough Falterman is from the Chesapeake Bay area, but she currently lives outside of New Orleans. Her advice is that if you live on a hill already, don’t move downhill.

She received her MFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and she paints large-scale, representational paintings when the broadbills aren’t snapping.

She has two children who tolerate the smells emanating from the tanks in the yard used for cleaning bills, and a fisheries scientist husband who generally adds to the olfactory circus of it all.

Inga was introduced to blue-water fishing while serving as deckhand for her husband, who ran a charter outfit out of Venice, Louisiana, before they had children. She caught her first swordfish in Venezuela, well before electric reel deep-dropping caught on. Back then, no one wanted to crank in the line from 1,500 feet down. Once the swordfish fishery made a comeback, some of the other charter captains asked what she could do with the bills. Since she had a background in the arts, Inga started engraving them.

Engraved Swordfish Bill
One of the swordfish bills Inga’s engraved.

The bills she carves are commissioned by anglers are priced according to size. The cost covers cleaning, prepping, whitening, drawing, engraving, sealing, and shipping back to the angler.

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