A Jig For All Seasons

SPRO saltwater jigs have you covered for catching the Northeast’s most popular inshore fish.

sea bass on SPRO bucktail

SPRO Saltwater Jigs Have You Covered For Catching The Northeast’s Most Popular Inshore Fish.

Squidtail – Black Sea Bass

Black sea bass are ravenous, hard-fighting, great-eating fish. A day of sea-bassing often means catches measured in the dozens, which means whatever you drop down is going to get beat up.

Sea bass are suckers for a bouncing jig (especially one sweetened with some squid or scented soft baits), but their raspy teeth give bucktails a haircut.
Spro Squidtail

Made of with a durable rubber skirt, the SPRO Squidtail Jig not only has the look and profile of one of the sea bass’ favorite snacks, it easily withstands the abuse dished out at a wreck full of sea biscuits.

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Bucktail Jig – Fluke

A good fluke jig is fast-sinking, has a thin-wire hook, and easily bounces and glides along the bottom. The SPRO Bucktail Jig has all of these qualities, and unsurprisingly, has been one of the most popular fluke jigs for more than a decade.

fluke on SPRO bucktail

These jigs feature a “minnow” style leadhead that sinks quickly, a top line-tie that keeps the bait horizontal for a perfect vertical presentation, and wide variety of colors, from bright attractor patterns to natural baitfish imitations. The premium bucktail hair flows naturally as the jig bounces, and is  The jig is built on a sharp Gamakatsu hook that sticks the fluke and holds them until they’re securely in the net.

Power Bucktail – Surf Stripers

Bucktail jigs are the most versatile and effective lures ever created, but different style bucktails have different applications. By taking the popular and deadly SPRO Bucktail and tweaking a few of its features, SPRO made the surf-specific Power Bucktail, which is perfect for stripers, blues, and any other big predatory fish that does its hunting close to shore.

SPRO Power Bucktail

While a sparsely tied bucktail is preferred for dropping to deep reefs for fluke, extra-thick bucktail hair is best for fishing in the surf. That’s why SPRO tied the Power Bucktail with dense hair to slow the sink rate, and allow it to hover over shallow rocks on a slow-retrieve.

striper release

Because bucktails have such big fish potential, SPRO beefed up the hook on the Power Bucktail to an extra-heavy Gamakatsu O’Shaugnessy Hook, that holds its sharp point well, even after deflecting off structure.

The line tie has been moved forward, to allow for a better horizontal presentation when casting and retrieving. The line tie works perfectly with lure clips, like the SPRO Prime Snap.

4 on “A Jig For All Seasons

  1. Luis Javier Rodriguez

    They are my favorite jig for fluke and stripper but the only thing I hate it’s the hair it’s too soft after a big fish or few small ones they are worthless I wish they came up with more durable material.

  2. Kyle

    After getting straightened out twice in the canal i never use them anymore.
    Please put a stronger hook on
    Also the hair falls off after 3 fish
    Great lure for weaker fish though
    Like seabass

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