UPDATE: Read the story and see photos HERE

Move over Al.

On way to CT to investigate.

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  1. Mark Jenkin

    I heard rumers about this fish. I don’t see much written here. Does anyone know if this is legite? All I hear is “I know someone, who knows someone who saw it.” The word on the street is the belly looked funny like it had something in it and the guy who cuaght it might be a little shady. I also heard he didn’t want to submit it to the IGFA for the record. Just sounds “fishy” to me. Did anyone cut open the belly? Don’t get me wrong. I hope it’s legite and I don’t even know the guys name. So I can’t accuse anyone of anything. Just looking for the turth instead of rumors. Congrats On a huge fish no matter what the out come. How long by the way?

      1. Mark Jenkin

        Thanks Jimmy, I had gone all over the internet just before reading your post and had all kinds of contradictions. But had alredy decided that it was real and not from a shady fisherman. The link you provided Just confermed it and was alot more informitive than anything else I found online. It had better photos too. I guess I don’t need to go bother Jack for the truth now. Congrats Greg on a phenominal catch!!! I guess it’s time to stop fluking and go back to Stripers. 😉

  2. Mark Jenkin

    I do have 1 more thing that bugs me about the size of the fish That I forgot to ask yesterday. They say its 54 inchs long. That seems rather short. I cuaght a 52 pound striper that was 51 inches long this year. It wasn’t a runner by any means. that his striper was only 3 inches longer and 30 pounds heavier seems of. 10 pounds an inch doesn’t make sence. I have the same problem with the 77 pounder cuaght in RI the day after mine. It was only an inch longer and 25 pounds heavier. Just doesn’t make sence to me.

    1. Jimmy Fee


      It seems like once stripers reach a certain length, they stop growing longer, but continue packing on pounds. You rarely hear of stripers longer than 53, 54 inches in length, but the 50- to 54-inch fish have a pretty wide range of weights. The 78.8 pounder Al Mcrenoylds caught in Atlantic City was “only” 52 inches long. I’ve seen 50-inch fish that only weighed 40 pounds.

      I’m very interested for the analysis of the 81-pounder’s scales to come back and reveal how old that massive striper was.

      1. Mark Jenkin

        Oh….I thought they got up to 60 Inches or so. I’ve never seen one but thought I remembered hearing of them. I could have been lied to…;)

        I am interested in the results of the analysis also. Thanks again for the info.

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