5 Plug Bag Essentials for Surfcasters

Surfcasters can maximize their fishing time by preparing ahead and saving space for these five plug bag essentials (besides the plugs).

Plug Bag Essentials

Anybody who enjoys fishing knows that the bite can turn on in an instant. Add these 5 plug bag essentials to your ever-growing gear list and be ready when the big stripers move into casting range.

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An Aqua Skinz Leader Wallet is easily attached to a plug bag or wading belt and keeps pre-tied leaders organized.
  1. Pre-Tied Leaders – Having a few ready-rigged leaders with swivels and lure clips will save you time in retying when snags or big stripers claim your plugs. Organize them in a leader wallet, sandwich bag, or small plastic case.

    The Blackfire Waterproof Rechargeable Pocket Light is small, bright and doesn’t even require extra batteries.
  2. Spare Waterproof Flashlight or Headlamp (with Fresh Batteries) – If my main light breaks or runs out of juice, having a spare tucked away in the plug bag provides insurance that I won’t be left in the dark.

    Orvis Comfy Grip Hook Sharpener
  3. Hook Sharpener – We all know the importance of touching up our hook points before hitting the water, but the surf is especially tough on hooks, with rocks and sand dulling points over long surfcasting sessions. Pack a file and periodically hit your jigs or plugs to ensure you get a solid hookset when Mr. Big swims through.

    Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon
  4. Leader Material – A wheel of leader material is essential for replacing long shock leaders, or for those nights when rocks and bluefish claim all your pre-tied leaders.
  5. Makeshift Repair Kit – A small sandwich bag with the following items can help you make quick repairs right in the surf.
    • Electrical tape can attach a replacement guide, secure a reel if the reel seat breaks, and fasten your footwear if the straps on your surf cleats give way.
    • A chipped tip can quickly end a night, so it’s always wise to pack along a spare rod tip.
    • From replacing a rod tip to patching a hole in waders, a lighter and heat glue can come in handy on the beach.
    • Zip ties are helpful for quick boot fixes, improvising rigged eels, and soft plastics, and attaching eel skins.

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10 on “5 Plug Bag Essentials for Surfcasters

  1. Greg W

    Small blunt tip dive Knife.
    -Dive knifes usually come with great sheaths you can rig any where.
    -Blunt tip so u don’t impale your self stumbling around on the end of a jetty.
    -quickly cut lines, bait or a sandwich and save the other half to eat warming up in your car latter!!

    1. Greg W

      GOOD CALL!!!
      Reread this article mid September.
      Added Superglue to my first aid kit.
      Maybe two weeks later in my boat not surf fishing I pulled out my small blunt tip dive knife to cut a piece of rope (no not lobster trap) and sliced my finger. Superglue worked great.
      THX Bobm

  2. JG

    Knopex mini bolt cutters. If you get hooked your going to want these.beleive me…

  3. Matt Hoffman

    putting your phone number in the bag so if you lose it ….a honest person will just call you

  4. Frank Gustafson

    I always have a roll of white medical tape if braid cuts your finger. Hard to cast with a slit in your finger!

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