25 of the Best Gifts for Striper Fishermen

Great Gifts for Anyone Who Loves Fishing For Striped Bass

25 Best Gifts For Striper Fishermen

1. Badfish Striped Bass Gift Box

$99.95; Buy Now

This limited edition Striped Bass Gift Box is filled with hand-selected lures, soft plastics, terminal tackle and Badfish goodies making it the perfect gift for any striper fanatic from Virginia to Maine.

2. Shimano Torium 14

$220; Buy Now

Shimano Torium 14
This solid, compact, star-drag Shimano Torium 14 conventional perfectly handles large live baits, heavy sinkers, and large trolling lures needed to fool super-sized stripers.

3. Shimano Trevala Rod TVSC-63MH

$129.99; Buy Now

Pair the Shimano Trevala Rod with the Shimano Torium 14 for an awesome striper fishing combo that can handle jigging, three-waying live bait, and chunking with plenty of backbone to tame a big bass.

4. On The Water Outfitters Schoolie Hoodie

$30; Buy Now

On The Water Outfitters Schoolie Hoodie
Small and full of energy, schoolie stripers bring a smile to your face, just like your little angler. This cotton-blend, jersey-lined hooded On The Water Outfitters Schoolie Hoodie is perfect for your future fishing buddy.

5. VMC Tournament Circle Hooks

$6 per pack of 7; Buy Now

VMC Tournament Circle Hooks
Designed to conform to billfish tournament regulations, this wide-gap, thin-wire VMC Tournament Circle hook is perfect for the conservation-minded cow hunter hoping to hook a giant bass and then set it free.

6. On The Water Outfitters Dog Collar and Leash

$67; Buy Now

On The Water Outfitters Dog Collar and Leash
Available in blue or red, the On The Water Outfitters Dog Collar and Leash are designed for the dog that joins the hunt for stripers by boat and surf.

7. Rapala 60” Retractable Ruler

$19; Buy Now

Rapala 60” Retractable Ruler
Made from a long-lasting, UV- protected, waterproof material, this easily stored retractable Rapala 60” Retractable Ruler will quickly measure your trophy striper before sending it on its way.

8. Game On! Big Occhi

$9-$11; Buy Now

Game On! Big Occhi
Casting un-weighted soft plastics is one of the most exciting ways to catch striped bass on light tackle. The angular Game On! Big Occhi slices through the water for a deadly “walk-the-dog” presentation.

9. Bubba Fishing Net

$125-$185; Buy Now

Bubba Fishing Net
Never missing with the net is the best gift you can give a striper fisherman, but the next best gift is a top-of-the-line Bubba Fishing Net with a hoop made from aerospace aluminum and knotless mesh.

10. Simms G4 Pro Waders and G4 Pro Wading Boots

$1,050; Buy Now

Simms G4 Pro Waders and G4 Pro Wading Boots
Their most durable waders yet, the Simms G4 Pro is made with a 3-layer GORE-TEX pro shell upper and a 4-layer GORE-Tex pro shell lower in order to survive the scrapes accrued over a full season in the surf. The Simms G4 Pro Wading Boots have non-corrosive, threaded receptacles for easy insertion and removal of cleats.

11. On The Water Outfitters Gingham Check Shirt

$58; Buy Now

Gingham Check Shirt
A closet staple for all stylish fishermen, the On The Water Outfitters Gingham Check Shirt offers good looks and a classic fit.

12. TAK Waterman NJ Striper Solar Tech Hoody

$55; takwaterman.com

TAK Waterman NJ Striper Solar Tech Hoody
Some of the best sight-fishing for stripers happens under the midday sun, so it’s important to stay protected from harmful UV rays with a shirt like the quick-drying, TAK Waterman NJ Striper UPF 50 Solar Tech Hoody.

13. Ocean Born Flying Pencill SLD

$22; abandofanglers.com

Ocean Born Flying Pencill SLD
Pencil poppers are a great gift, since every surf-fisherman is happy to add a new one to the plug bag. While the Ocean Born Flying Pencill SLD (for Super Long Distance) has a familiar profile, legendary lure designer Patrick Sebile designed the plug to cast farther than any other.

14. St. Croix Avid Surf 100MF2

$340; Buy Now

St. Croix Avid Surf 100MF2
An all-around surf rod built with the latest technology, the St. Croix Avid Surf can carry a striper surfcaster from the first spring bluefish to the last fall schoolie.

15. Tsunami SaltX 6000

$380; Buy Now

Tsunami SaltX 6000
Fourteen seals create a fully waterproof design that, combined with the sub-$400 price point, has striper surfcasters excited. The Tsunami SaltX 6000 comes in a carrying case with a bail-less conversion kit and servicing tools.

16. StormR Nano Jacket

$130; Buy Now

StormR Nano Jacket
The perfect balance of light weight and durability, the breathable, waterproof StormR Nano Series Jacket delivers protection from spring-through-summer squalls.

17. Super Strike Zig Zag

$20; Buy Now

Super Strike Zig Zag
The proven Super Strike Zig Zag plastic plug will catch striped bass in a variety of locations and conditions, and belongs in every surfcaster’s plug bag.

18. JoeBaggs Eel Jig

$5-$7; joebaggsoutdoors.com

JoeBaggs Eel Jig
An oversized collar and an included zip-tie allows fishermen to easily rig dead eels on the JoeBaggs Eel Jig to create a savage presentation for stripers in the surf.

19. Dexter 8” Tiger Edge Bait Cutter – Coated

$55; dexteroutdoors.com

Dexter 8” Tiger Edge Bait Cutter
Chunking bunker is easier with a knife that’s made for it. The Dexter 8” Tiger Edge Bait Cutter’s serrated edge goes easily through fresh or frozen baits, while the coating keeps it protected from the harsh saltwater environment.

20. Plano Soft Crate

$60; Buy Now

Plano Soft Crate
Know a striper fisherman who fishes from a kayak? The soft, lightweight Plano Soft Crate feels like a tackle bag, while the shape is sized specifically to fit inside a milk crate or rest on the deck of a kayak.

On The Water Outfitters Stripers and Suede Henley

$43; Buy Now

Stripers and Suede Henley
Upgrade beyond the usual white t-shirt with casual comfort and the feel of ultra suede of On The Water Outfitters’ Stripers and Suede Henley.

21. Plano Edge Series

$20-$50; Buy Now

Plano Edge Series
Every angler, even the one who has everything, could use more tackle trays. Two years of design went into the new Plano Edge series, culminating in a container that keeps water out, prevents rust, and organizes like no other tackle box ever has.

22. Grundéns Buoy X Gore-Tex Rain Suit

$930-$970; grundens.com

Grundens Buoy X Gore-Tex Rain Suit
Terrible weather can spark incredible striper fishing, but to enjoy it, you need to be properly outfitted. The Grundéns Buoy X suit is built to perform in the worst conditions, with neoprene cuffs, hand-warmer pockets, and an interior security pocket.

23. Rapala X-Rap Twitchin’ Minnow

$14.99; Buy Now 

Topwater striper strikes are the best, and the X-Rap Twitchin’ Minnow makes it easy to “walk the dog” and bring big bass to the surface.

24. YETI Striper Mug

$34.99; Buy Now
A YETI coffee mug will keep a sleep-deprived striper fisherman’s java piping hot for hours.

25. Striped Bass Socks

$15.99; Buy Now
Say no to boring socks! These striper socks feature a school of striped bass that will brighten up any winter wardrobe.

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