2021 Fisherman’s Gift Guide

Find great gifts for your fishing buddies and a few for yourself.

2021 OTE Fisherman's Gift Guide

Great Gifts For Fishermen.

Take it from someone who could assemble an outfit where every component has an embroidered fish on it—good fishing gifts are precious, rare things. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best fishing-themed gifts available for Northeast anglers who fish small ponds for bass, go surfcasting for stripers, or troll offshore for tuna.
We started by asking everyone here in the On The Water office: What are the best fishing gifts you’ve received, and what is on your wish list for this year? To round things out, we asked our advertising partners to recommend a few more gift ideas, and then sorted the list by type of angler.
We hope that you’ll find the perfect gift ideas for your fishing buddies and a few for yourself.

Gifts for Striper Fisherman

Gifts for the Striper Fisherman
For some fishermen, the search for striped bass is far more than a hobby-it’s an obsession. This selection of gifts will help them acquire a serious case of “striper thumb.”

Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120 At home in choppy seas and equipped with the instant forward and reverse PDL pedal drive, the Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120 is perfect for chasing striped bass in the nearshore waters of the Northeast.

TAK Waterman Striper Tee Super-soft and comfortable TAK Waterman Striper Tees allow anglers who fish New Jersey, New York, or Massachusetts to show pride in their state and their favorite fish.

Simms Open Water Tactical Box Striped bass love big plugs, and the Simms Open Water Tactical Box gives boat fishermen a convenient way to store them. Four 12-inch x 3-inch tubes hold the largest striper plugs or tuna stickbaits, and there’s room for Plano 3600 and 3700 boxes.

Van Staal VR151 Van Staal has created a “true” lefty reel, one where the spool rotates counterclockwise, allowing left-handed anglers to fish the reel bail-less (with the included conversion kit).

VMC 4X Strong Inline Single Hooks Help striped bass survive catch and release by swapping treble hooks for inline singles. The VMC 4X Strong Inline Single Hook has an inline eye to sit right on the lure while the Coastal Black finish resists corrosion.

Casio Pro-Trek Watch PRTB70T-7 The Casio Pro-Trek Watch PRTB70T-7 is made for anglers with a “Fish In Time” function that indicates the best times to go fishing, graded on a 1 to 4 scale, along with a fishing alarm feature.

Daiwa Harrier Vertical jigging is one of the best techniques for fooling big fall stripers, and a rod that properly presents the jig can make a major difference. Daiwa Harrier jigging rods feature actions perfectly suited for bringing slender sand-eel-imitating jigs to life.

Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore Built on a 30-ton graphite blank for a lightweight and sensitive feel, the Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore rod series has actions suited for working a variety of striper lures, from weightless soft plastics to heavy topwaters.

Aftco Barricade Elite Jacket and Bib

Jacket $449; Bib $399; Buy Now

Aftco Barricade Elite Jacket and Bib The Aftco Barricade Elite Jacket and Bib are built to keep anglers warm and dry through the nastiest storms of the striper season. AFTCO’s intuitive SpeedVent hood stays in place when tearing across the water to a school of bunker-pounding bass.

Xorus Asturie

Starting at $21; Buy Now

Xorus Asturie The best-selling topwater lure among European fishermen targeting sea bass (a close relative of striped bass), the Xorus Asturie is a long-casting topwater plug that works in both a tight walk-the-dog action and a wider side-to-side glide.

Fish Lab Mad Eel The Fish Lab Mad Eel takes a paddletail swimbait-style lure and beefs it up for the biggest bass. The Mad Eel comes in four sizes from 5 inches, 1 ounce, to 8 inches, 5¼ ounces, to cover a variety of fishing situations from light tackle in the bays to bouncing bottom in the Cape Cod Canal.

Gifts for Advancing Anglers

Gifts for Advancing Anglers
Gadgets and gear to help your fisherman take their game to the next level.


$99-$169/year; Buy Now

Ripcharts Ripcharts seeks to arm anglers with as much information as possible to make outings more productive and shortening the learning curve for anglers new to the sport. Take online maps on the water and navigate with your mobile device’s GPS technology.

Ugly Stik Bigwater Rods The toughness of the Ugly Stik Bigwater ensures that it can handle any abuse dished out by big fish and eager-to-learn fishermen.

Penn Battle III Combo Combos are no longer limited to introductory-level options. With the Penn Battle III combo, anglers can count on a reliable, durable reel perfectly matched to a responsive, lightweight rod.

Salty Hull Make boat cleaning less of a pain with the Salty Hull Tournament Series Stainless Steel Deluxe Kit. The foam gun and foaming boat soap cleans all external surfaces and materials, while the included heavy-duty boat cleaner takes down any aggressive stains and grime.

This monthly box delivers a large variety of premium fishing products and is a great way to discover new tackle. The Coastal Fishing Tournament Salt Box offers larger lures and rigs intended for big-game species.

Zack’s Custom Rods

Contact for pricing; Buy Now

Zack’s Custom Rods A custom rod is a functional, personal gift that can provide many years of good memories. Zack’s Custom Rods owner Zack Richardson, a full-time college student at Bryant University, makes rods for a wide variety of applications and will even refurbish classic rods as a unique gift.

Gifts for the Bottom Bouncer

Gifts for the Bottom Bouncer
Fluke, sea bass, tautog, or cod, bottom fishermen catch the tastiest fish swimming in the Northeast.

Sea Falcon Z-Slow Jig Slow-pitch jigging is catching on in the Northeast. Sea Falcon’s Z-Slow jigs are great introductions for anglers looking to learn the technique.

Berkley Gulp 8-inch Grub

$9 per pack of three; Buy Now

Berkley Gulp 8-inch Grub The new size of the popular Berkley Gulp Grub promises to cull out throwbacks and small keepers while offering a full-course meal to giant fluke.

Penn Fathom Low Profile Saltwater fishermen are beginning to learn what freshwater bass fishermen have known for years: low-profile reels are fun to fish. The Penn Fathom Low Profile is ready to bottom bounce for fluke, sea bass, and blackfish.

Gerber Processor Salt Every tautog fisherman knows a sturdy set of shears can be invaluable when prepping a crab bait. With the Gerber Processor Salt, Gerber took their shears to the next level, creating an all-in-one processing tool for crabs, strip baits, and fish cleaning.

Plano Edge Terminal 3700 Take the swivels, beads, and assorted bells and whistles that make a fluke rig stand out and keep them perfectly organized with the Edge Terminal 3700.

Columbia PFG Blood and Guts III Woven Shirt The ultralight Columbia PFG Blood and Guts III Woven Shirt is treated to repel the stains that come with cleaning fish while also blocking harmful UV rays with 50 UPF sun protection.

Frabill Knotless Conservation Net More anglers than ever are choosing to release their trophy-sized fluke and blackfish, making a net that secures the catch and protects it an essential tool. Frabill Knotless Conservation Net‘s knotless mesh netting supports the weight of the fish and reduces injuries.

Z-Man DoormatadorZ

$5 per pack of four; Buy Now

Z-Man DoormatadorZ Available in 5-and 6-inch sizes, the durable yet supple Z-Man DoormatadorZ curly-tail grub provides fluke-attracting color and action as well as protection against tail-nipping bait-stealers.

Gifts for the Fisherman’s Home

Gifts for the Fisherman’s Home
The fishing life doesn’t stop when you’re off the water.

Nick Mayer Striped Bass Poster With details on the average length and weight at key ages for striped bass, the Nick Mayer Striped Bass Poster features striking depictions of the Northeast’s greatest gamefish from schoolie to cow.

Piscifun EZ Fishing Line Spooler Line Winder When spooling at home, a tool like the Piscifun EZ Fishing Line Spooler Line Winder helps pack the line onto the reel while minimizing line twist, thanks to the spooler’s rotation.

TinCup Original Whiskey Tin Cup is a blend of two great American whiskeys. “High rye” bourbon, distilled and aged in Indiana, is blended with a small amount of Colorado single-malt whiskey. These are then cut with Rocky Mountain water.

Frigate Reserve Rum 21 The frigate bird, though rarely venturing into our latitudes, is an omen of good fortune to fishermen. It was an easy choice for the name and symbol of the rich, smooth Frigate Reserve Rum 21 conceived by legendary fisherman Flip Pallot.

Cape Cod Canal Puzzle The Cape Cod Canal Puzzle from Cape Cod Puzzle Co. features the stunning detail and vivid colors of a summer sunset at the Bourne bridge. The image was captured by On The Water photographer, Andrew Burke, and it’s a perfect gift for a Canal fisherman.

Rapala R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo For processing large limits of smaller fish like porgies or freshwater panfish, the electric Rapala R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo is a serious timesaver.

Mud Hole RBS Hand-Wrapping System For the new rod builder or a seasoned pro, the Mud Hole RBS Hand-Wrapping System with Basic Supply Kit provides everything needed to build a full arsenal. It includes the CRB Hand Wrapper and rod dryer, spine finder, Speedy Thread puller, 3-roll tape dispenser, 52 spools of ProWrap rod-building thread, and more.

exter Guy Harvey Fillet Knives Dexter partnered with well-known fishing artist Guy Harvey on a series of fillet knives that feature Harvey’s artwork on both the sheath and the blade. A portion of Dexter Guy Harvey Fillet Knife sales benefits the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

Gifts for the Freshwater Fisherman

Gifts for the Freshwater Fisherman
Some fishermen prefer their fishing to be sweet over salty.

Aftco Urban Angler Backpack The Aftco Urban Angler Backpack can hold 3600 and 3500 tackle trays while still having room for a 1.5 liter hydration bladder. Plier holders, rod holders, 5 bait envelopes and a pocket for phones, wallets, keys or fishing licenses keep gear organized when covering ground – and water.

Panther Martin With four holographic spinners, one classic all-silver spinner, and one regular gold spinner, all outfitted with a catch-and-release-friendly single hook, the Panther Martin Single Hook Six Pack has the trout angler covered from opening day to fall stocking.

St. Croix Victory Made in the U.S. with super-high-modulus hybrid carbon fiber, the St. Croix Victory series of technique-specific bass rods provide a great way to level-up largemouth tackle at an approachable price.

Millenium Marine Pro-M 100 Boat Seat Upgrading the seat on your boat with the Millenium Marine Pro-M 100 Boat Seat can make days on the water more comfortable and productive, allowing you to sit back and relax (or cast and reel) all day long.

Huk Waypoint Hoodie Made with 95% lightweight recycled polyester yarns, the Huk Waypoint Hoodie provides 50+ UPF sun protection, plenty of stretch for a full range of fishing motions, and cooling fibers for relief on hot summer days.

Shimano Sustain FJ Engineered to optimize the balance between weight and durability, the redesigned Shimano Sustain FJ spinning reel is more sensitive and responsive, providing crisp start-and-stop retrieves and instantaneous hooksets across a wide range of applications.

Gamakatsu EWM 100 Bag The Gamakatsu EWM 100 Bag, the smallest bag in the new series of extra-wide-mouth bags from Gamakatsu, is perfectly suited for keeping packs of soft plastics organized and within easy reach.

Simms Fall Run Insulated Hoody and Vest

$Jacket $150; Vest $120; Buy Now

Simms Fall Run Insulated Hoody and Vest The Simms Fall Run collection packs heavyweight warmth without bulk, making it ideal to wear under waders or bibs. The shell is treated with a DWR finish and features internal quilting on the upper front and back body to provide a smooth exterior for abrasion resistance.

Calcutta Renegade Bring lunch or pack out your catch with this easily portable, cold-trapping soft cooler. The Calcutta Renegade 15L Soft Cooler features a waterproof zipper, wide opening top for easy access, and open-cell foam insulation.

Native Slayer Propel Max 10 For pond-hopping around the Northeast’s many off-the-beaten-path fresh waters, the compact, full-featured Max 10 is the perfect platform for accessing fish that bigger boats can’t reach. Key features include groove tracks for mounting accessories and a Sidekick wheel system.

Windrider Boreas Pro Ice Fishing Jacket and Bib Combining warmth and safety, the Boreas Pro Ice Fishing Jacket and Bib is a great suit for fishermen hitting the hardwater. Large pockets provide ample storage and hand-warmer pockets keep digits comfortable while waiting for a tip-up flag to fly.

Gifts for the Inshore Fisherman

Andrew Burke
Small baits and singing drags make the world go ’round.

Game On! UnLeaded WideEye Jighead In shallow water, it can be difficult to find light jigheads with sturdy hooks to handle stripers and blues. The lead-free Game On! UnLeaded WideEye Jighead provides a vehicle for larger soft plastics without weighing them down too much in shallow water.

Daiwa BG MQ

$200-$280; Buy Now

Daiwa BG MQ Each built around a single-piece Monocoque aluminum body, the Daiwa BG series of reels is now stronger and lighter. The reel’s stiff frame keeps internal components in precise alignment under pressure, making it an excellent choice for hard-charging inshore species.

Bubba Seaker Sling Pack For stalking the sod banks and beaches with a carefully curated arsenal of lures, it’s tough to beat a sling pack for convenience and mobility. The Bubba Seaker Series Sling Pack is designed to carry essential small items as well as protect valuables from getting wet.

JoeBaggs Peanut Resin Jig Providing a closer imitation of deeper-bodied baitfish in the popular epoxy-jig style, the Peanut Resin Jig matches peanut bunker and juvenile butterfish, two of the false albacore’s favorite meals.

IRocker Blackfin SX Anglers are discovering the fun of fishing aboard a stand-up paddleboard. The 10’6” IRocker Blackfin SX provides a stable, smooth ride, and the 32-inch width provides good stability for calm or choppy waters.

Engel 19 Quart Drybox with Rod Holders Sized to fit the wells of most fishing kayaks, the Engel 19 Quart Drybox/Cooler functions to either keep items cold or keep them dry. Four rod holders increase the size of your kayak-fishing arsenal.

Hobie Mirage Lynx Constructed to be rigid and durable while maintaining a fitted hull weight of just 45 pounds, the Lynx is a versatile, lightweight platform-perfect for stalking through the backwaters.


$22-$27; Buy Now

Spooltek With a concealed leader that deploys when a fish strikes and an extremely durable SofTough tail, the Spooltek is the perfect soft bait for fishing mixed schools of stripers and bluefish.

Okuma ITX Spinning Reel and Epixor Inshore Rod

Reel $105-$120; Rod $70-$75; Buy Now

Okuma ITX Spinning Reel and Epixor Inshore Rod Light and strong, the ITX reel paired with the Epixor Inshore rod allows you to feel the lightest of bites while providing the strength to control hard-fighting albies and stripers.

Fish Snax Lures Peanut At ½-ounce in a compact profile, the small epoxy-style Fish Snax Lures Peanut jig is designed to mimic small baitfish while maintaining good casting distance and action.

Gifts for the Offshore Fisherman

Gifts for the Offshore Fisherman
Tuna, marlin, and swordfish swim through the dreams of the offshore big game hunter.

Sirius XM Fish Mapping Sirius XM Fish Mapping includes all the weather features fishermen are accustomed to plus eight angler-dedicated features such as species-specific fishing recommendations based on scientific analysis of the conditions.

Sharkbanz Zeppelin The summer of 2021 was a sharky one off the Northeast, and any angler who reeled in half a striper this season can appreciate the utility of shark-deterring tackle. The Sharkbanz Zeppelin creates an unpleasant sensation that can stop a shark and protect your catch.


Starting at $249; Buy Now

Costa PRO SERIES With features aimed at making them even more fisherman friendly, Costa Del Mar’s Pro Series sunglasses are essential eyewear for offshore and inshore anglers. Features include fully adjustable nose pads, sweat management channels, metal keeper slots for eyewear retainers, and improved Hydrolite to hold the frames in place.

Strategic Angler Proteus 130 Combining the characteristics of a “slow” stickbait and a sinking, wobbling jig, the Strategic Angler Proteus 130 provides pelagic-chasing fishermen with a close match to butterfish. It is clear-bodied, UV enhanced, measures 5 inches and weighs 3.5 ounces.

BKK Raptor-Z Treble Hook When casting poppers and stickbaits at tuna, a strong, sharp hook is essential. TheBKK Raptor-Z Treble Hook has hand-ground points for extreme sharpness and a slim but super-strong ring for easy attachment.

Shimano Tonno Offshore Tackle Bag Safely transport and organize the enormous amount of gear it takes to be successful offshore. The Shimano Tonno Offshore Tackle Bag‘s’ PVC mesh is thoughtfully integrated throughout the bag to allow for easy rinsing and quick drying.

Kiwi Signs Boat Lettering and Graphics Personalize your boat with its name, a full graphic wrap, or color change. Kiwi Signs uses high-performance materials that withstand the harsh conditions of the Northeast coast.

GoPro Hero 10

$400 (with 1-year GoPro subscription); Buy Now

GoPro Hero 10 Bring the sights, sounds, and experience of offshore fishing back to the dock with you. The Hero 10 Black shoots 5.3K video with double the frame rate and game-changing HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization.

Thirty Fathoms Knot Puller Model B Tie stronger knots while protecting your hands from braided lines with this nifty tool. The Thirty Fathoms Knot Puller Model B includes a hole for attaching a hook and snugging-down connections.

Yeti Camino Carryall 35 Whether heading into the woods or out to the canyons, anglers need a reliable bag for packing non-fishing essentials like food and dry clothes. The newly improved Camino 35 Carryall features deployable dividers and two interior zippered pockets.

Gifts for the Regular At The Rail

Regular At The Rail
For anglers ranging from novice to old salt, working the rails of party boats each season is a ton of fun.

Tsunami Trophy Series Slow Pitch Rod and Tsunami Forged 10 Reel A midweight conventional setup will serve you on a variety of headboat trips, from tog to fluke to groundfish. The Tsunami Trophy Series 701H has a soft tip but plenty of guts for steering fish away from structure. The Forged 10 has ample drag and cranking power.

Engel 65 With a full 2 inches of closed-cell foam insulation in the lid, sides, and bottom, the Engel 65 retains cold and ice for more than twice the length of the longest headboat trip you can book in the Northeast.

Plano Z-Series 3700 Bag For tackle storage on a headboat, a bag that keeps water out and can handle getting knocked around is a must. The Plano Z-Series 3700 Bag is durably designed with a waterproof base, PVC fabric, and easy-access attachment points.

Gamakatsu Baitholder Hooks

$10-$14 per pack of 25; Buy Now

Gamakatsu Baitholder Hooks The Gamakatsu Baitholder Hook design is one of the best for bottom fishing. Gamakatsu’s version features a corrosion-resistant black nickel finish, a super sharp point, and ample bait-holding barbs.

Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green

$30 for 150-yard spool; Buy Now

Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green A high-visibility Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green braided line can be an asset on a party boat for knowing where your rig is and for working your way around (and out of) tangles.

Grundens Downrigger Bib Party-boat mates always have a set of bibs on, and so should the party boat regular. Offering waterproof/breathable Gore-Tex, the Grundens Downrigger Bib features two-layer fabric construction with a built-in moisture-wicking liner.

SPRO Wave Tail Grub This ribbed-body SPRO Wave Tail Grub allows anglers to add color and action to their presentations. Injected with Spro’s “Amino Bite,” it makes a great addition to a bucktail jig or fluke rig.

Grundens Deck Boss Proper footwear is necessary to keep feet protected from hooks, sinkers, cold spray, and spiny dogfish. The Grundens Deck Boss 15-inch boot provides all-day comfort, high-performance fit, and superior traction.

Gifts for the Sharp Dressed Fisherman

Gifts for the Sharp Dressed Fisherman
For some fishermen, the search for striped bass is far more than a hobby-it’s an obsession. This selection of gifts will help them acquire a serious case of “striper thumb.”

Aftco Ahoy 1/4-Zip Sweatshirt Made of 100% recycled polyester material, the Aftco Ahoy 1/4-Zip Sweatshirt sweatshirt is part of AFTCO’s pledge to make the clothing industry as sustainable as possible.

Bajio Casuarina

Starting at $199; Buy Now

Bajio Casuarina Whether you’re enjoying the satisfaction of the day’s catch or on the boat reeling one in, the Casuarina sunglasses by Bajio are for you. Fashionable, yet functional these sunglasses are designed with a bio-based nylon frame that’s ideal for medium face shapes. Stay on the water longer with less eye strain with Bajio’s Fresh Eyes polarized lens technology. The Bajio Casuarina is a must-have pair of sunglasses for any angler.

Columbia PFG Low Drag Shoe The water-and-stain-resistant, quick-drying mesh upper, and siped, grippy sole of this Columbia PFG Low Drag fishing sneaker are built for anglers, while the sporty silhouette is at home on or off the water.

Costa Del Mar Untangled

Starting at $199; Buy Now

Costa Del Mar Untangled These new frames allow anglers to look and feel good by supporting Costa Del Mar’s mission to protect our waters. Built from a durable material that is 97% recycled fishing nets and 3% performance additive, the Costa Del Mar Untangled provides maximum coverage and protection.

Columbia Women’s PFG Tidal Full-Zip Fleece Hoodie Stay warm and comfortable in a Columbia Women’s PFG Tidal Full-Zip Fleece Hoodie, smooth-faced layer with integrated moisture-wicking technology.

On The Water Striper Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt Featuring our striped bass logo swimming across a navy-blue sea, the On The Water Striper Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt is comfortable and, on any given day, worn by at least half of our staff.

Seaborne Sea Venture Automatic The rugged Seaborne Sea Venture Automatic watch was inspired by vintage-style dive watches but updated for today. It has a marine-grade 316L stainless-steel case and a classic look appropriate for any occasion.

Xtratuf Celestial Sea Deck Boot Xtratuf Ankle Deck Boots are designed for recreational fishermen and hardcore anglers. The Xtratuf Celestial Sea 6″ Deck Boots are built for performance. They are lightweight with non-marking, slip resistant Chevron outsoles. They are neoprene boots with 1mm thickness, made to get wet, but keep your feet comfortable. Perfect for whatever activity you choose, from fishing to working the deck.

Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Fishermen

Christmas stockings
Thoughtful gifts for the fisherman who has everything.

Sea Tow Gold Card Warm in the colder temperatures, but still providing the mobility to cast all day, Helm Insulated Gloves feature a windproof 4-way stretch outer shell with microfleece insulation, and a 4-way stretch reinforced palm with silicon palm grip texturing.

Sea Tow Gold Card The Sea Tow membership provides the full suite of on-water assistance privileges to every boat a fisherman owns, rents, charters, leases, or borrows, as well as to anyone operating those boats.

AFTCO Circuit Breaker Ike Jime Kit Ike jime is scientifically proven to improve the smell, texture, and flavor of harvested fish. The Circuit Breaker Ike Jime Kit is specially designed to destroy the full length of a fish’s spinal cord and paralyze the fish completely. It is lightweight, portable, and single-stranded for easy sterilization.

Garmin In Reach Mini This compact cellular Garmin In Reach Mini communicator has become a game-changer for captains fishing outside cell range, not only for staying connected with folks on shore but for sharing sensitive fishing intel without alerting the entire fleet.

Havalon Knives Redi The Havalon Knives Redi features two semi-permanent drop-point blades (one partially serrated) that effortlessly swap out when the job requires it.

Lunker Trail Rod Holder Turn any cleat into a rod holder with this easy-to-use, rugged tool from Lunker Trail. The Lunker Trail Rod Holder works on horn-style mooring cleats, both on boats and docks.

MacKenzies Hand Scrub 6-ounce Squeeze Tube Made with 100% biodegradable ingredients including cleansing soap and deodorizing lemon essential oil, the MacKenzies Hand Scrub 6-ounce Squeeze Tube scrub rids hands of fish slime, scales, and odor.


$20 for two; Buy Now

TickEase This easily stored TickEase tool makes tick removal easy and helps ensure that none of the tick is left behind.

Gifts for the Surfcaster

Gifts for the Surfcaster
For the dedicated surfcaster, if you aren’t on land, you aren’t really fishing.

Aftco Reaper Pullover For cutting the wind and chill while chasing the striper migration, the Aftco Reaper Pullover features three-layer construction that incorporates a built-in face mask and neck warmer lined with fleece.

Seaguar Inshore Between barnacle-encrusted rocks and razor-lipped bluefish, surfcasters go through a lot of leader material, which makes the 100-yard spools of Seaguar’s highly abrasion-resistant Inshore fluorocarbon perfect for the surf.

St. Croix Seage Designed with feedback from hardcore surf anglers, the St. Croix Seage surf rod provides performance and durability. Veil-reinforcing technology protects it from impact and a Winn foregrip gives the rod a comfortable feel.

Van Staal Pliers Made from titanium, Van Staal Pliers are built to withstand being soaked and submerged in salt water when secured to a surfcaster’s belt. They also feature tungsten line cutters and come with a lanyard and leather sheath.

Yeti Rambler Travel Mug Few fishermen are harder on their gear and appreciate a hot cup of coffee more than surfcasters, making the rugged Yeti Rambler Travel Mug perfect for those “zero-dark thirty” outings in the high surf.

Zest Tea Sparkling Tea

$60 per 24 pack; Buy Now

Zest Tea Sparkling Tea With more caffiene than coffee, Zest Tea Sparkling Tea helps power through early mornings and late nights on the water. Balancing the high caffiene content with L-Theanine keeps jitters down, focus up, and avoids the post caffiene crash.

PowerPro MaxCuatro

$75-$95 for a 500-yard spool; Buy Now

PowerPro MaxCuatro At 25% thinner than standard braided lines with equivalent strength, PowerPro MaxCuatro allows anglers to increase casting distance without sacrificing strength.

Gifts for The New Boater

Gifts for The New Boater
Regardless of what they already own, new boaters can always use something for their boat.

West Marine Gift Card While an easy out for a gift, any boater or angler will appreciate a shopping spree at North America’s premier boating-supply chain.

Seakeeper 2 Specially designed for 31- to 35-foot blue-water-bound center consoles, the Seakeeper 2 eliminates up to 95% of boat roll, making for even more comfortable fishing conditions regardless of the sea state.

Uncharted Supply Co. First Aid Pro This compact Uncharted Supply Co. First Aid Pro features a robust collection of high-quality first-aid products in an extremely durable package that’s perfect for stashing in the boat or car.

Sunchill Part of fostering a love of fishing is occasionally putting the rods away and just enjoying being on the water. The Sunchill is a heavy-duty float with a poly-pro fabric netting that flexes ever so slightly for a relaxing, comfortable experience.

XtraTuf Buoy Ankle Deck Boot Inspired by the flotation devices that help guide fishermen and boaters through safe passageways, XtraTuf Buoy Ankle Deck Boots have the same non-marking, slip-resistant chevron outsole as XtraTuf’s iconic Legacy Boot.

Striper-Gear Plug Bag For packing along a few reliable lures, a water bottle, and some tools, this lightweight Striper-Gear Plug Bag is a great choice.

Columbia Force XII 65L Keep spare clothes and water-sensitive belongings dry and safe through rough seas and torrential rains with this roll-top, TPU-coated Columbia Force XII 65L duffle with fully welded waterproof construction.

Garmin Marq Captain Garmin Marq Captain is a luxury, modern tool watch designed with the boater in mind. It allows fishermen to chart a course with marine maps and GPS navigation, see boat data, send texts, and trigger SOS notifications, even offshore.

DuraSafe E-LOCK Simple, compact, and easy to install, the DuraSafe E-LOCK replaces the factory knob and secures expensive electronics to the mounting bracket, eliminating the hassle of uninstalling and reinstalling equipment.

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