17-pound South Jersey Summer Flounder

Last week, we posted about an Atlantic halibut that attacked a mackerel bait intended for striped bass in Boston Harbor, and this weekend, another remarkable flatfish was caught. In Atlantic City, NJ, a summer flounder that was nearly as big as last week’s Harbor halibut hit a live minnow fished from an Atlantic City Beach.

The 36-inch, 17.5-pound fluke caught from the Atlantic City surf on Father's Day.

While most of us are used to catching fluke an inch or so shy of the 17.5-inch minimum size, Phil Todd’s Father’s Day flattie more than doubled it. The fish, which weighed a whopping 17 1/2 pounds, was just a couple pounds off New Jersey’s state record set in 1953. For more details on the catch, check out this week’s Shep On Fishing in the Press of Atlantic City.

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