World Record 70-pound Freshwater Striper

Striper fishermen up and down the East Coast were blown away this week by photos of an impossibly obese 70-pound striped bass caught by James R. Bramlett, 65, of Dora, Alabama. The landlocked striper was caught from the Black Warrior River on Thursday, Feb. 28. If Bramlett submits it for record consideration by the International Game Fish Association, the fish could become the new all-tackle record, eclipsing a 67-pound, 8-ounce striper caught in California by Hank Ferguson on May 7, 1992.

record striped bass photo credit Songer in all uses in perpetuity

James R. Bramlett, 65, of Dora, Alabama landed this 70-pound striped bass, which could become the IGFA all-tackle world record for landlocked striped bass. (photo credit Songer in all uses in perpetuity)

Incredibly, the fish was only 45.5 inches long but had a 37.75-inch girth to give it a 70-pound mass. Consider that a typical ocean-going 45-inch striped bass would probably weigh somewhere between 35 and 45 pounds.

Go to For the full story and a video that explains why Bramlett might have the greatest wife in the world.

  1. steve

    wow! awesome job, congradulations! Can u tell me what u caught her on? also what was your tackle? also would like to here bout the fight! thanx

  2. mickey bland

    this is one awsome striper. when I was living on the Ca delta there was a 67 lbs on the wal in the café caught by Oto Walters I don’t know the year but it was never recored. he was gona eat it but they talked him out of it and had it mounted. I’m glad this one was recored and certified. truly a fish of a life time that will allways be known.


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