Win a Sonarphone from Vexilar

We are giving away 3 TPOD Sonarphones this week courtesy of our partners at Vexilar. The TPOD Sonarphone is a portable transducer that links wirelessly to your smartphone to give you a reading below the surface wherever you are, and you don’t even need a WiFi connection for it to work. Click here if you’d like to be entered into the contest. Good luck!

Update: Congratulations to the first winner, John Solari. Two more winners will be selected on each the next two Fridays, so if you have friends interested in winning a SonarPhone, be sure to let them know. Good luck!

  1. Joe Skull

    This would be so awesome. I have been thinking about trying this offering from Vexilar. It would be so awesome to try on Namakan Lake in Northern MN. Also thank you both (OTW and Vexilar) for the opportunity with this give away.

  2. cody panasuk

    It looks like a neat product. I would love to try it behind my small aluminum boat. It would be sweet to pair up with a navionics app on your phone.

  3. Keith Olsen

    This looks pretty cool just tether your phone to your wrist or update your insurance

  4. Scott Olson

    I tried the Humminbird sonar bobber about 5 years ago and it wasn’t too bad. Early for the technology. Would love to try the new, modern version from Vexilar!

  5. david hellbusch

    Bad ass who ever would have thought this would have been possible I would love to show this off @ tournaments


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