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February 13, 2014 by

The Flying Squid from Northbar Tackle

The Flying Squid from Northbar Tackle

It’s rare these days to see something totally different and unique come across in fishing lures, which is why I’m pretty excited about the new plug from NorthBar Tackle, the Flying Squid. The front of this pencil-popper-style topwater plug has four fins on it—like a torpedo—designed to steady the plug in the air and eliminate the tumbling that costs plugs casting distance.

I had a chance to test out some of the prototypes of this lure a couple of years ago. Larry Welcome of NorthBar Tackle shipped four different plugs with different wing sizes and construction and asked me to cast them and see what I thought. On a February day, only a little nicer than this one, I took the plugs to the Cape Cod Canal and tried them out. I wasn’t surprised to see that the plugs launched like a rocket, but I was surprised to see how great the action looked in the water. The fins really chopped up the surface, making a big commotion. Since the plugs were prototypes (the only ones in existence at the time) I had to send them back, so I didn’t get to see how they work when the stripers were running. Fortunately, it looks like I’ll have a chance to put the Flying Squid in front of some stripers this spring.

If you’d like to try a Flying Squid, simply comment on this post to let us know you’d like to be entered into the giveaway. We’ll draw two winners on February 19th.

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Comments (0)

  1. Patrick Gilmartin says:

    Super interested in trying these out! I’m in

  2. Joe Fedgchin says:

    Pretty cool look like mortar rounds. Please enter me

  3. Andy says:

    Looks funky….but I bet they work.

  4. Mark Lamothe says:

    I’d like to be entered in the flying squid give away

  5. Jeff Lomonaco says:

    They look sick! I’m in

  6. L Scott says:

    I’m in. Thanks.

  7. Bill Besinger says:

    Please enter me in the drawing – would love to put one of these to use

  8. Mike Deluca says:

    MUST see how these work on the spring stripers!

  9. Willy Goldsmith says:

    Looks delicious! I bet a Virginia Beach bull redfish would slurp one of those up in a heartbeat.

  10. striperking says:

    These lures look mint! I would love a chance to win and add this plug to my arsenal! Thank you!

  11. Greg O'Driscoll says:

    I would like a chance to win these beauties

  12. Jason W says:

    Would love to try these out. thanks.

  13. Joel Halpern says:

    They look great. Going to Florida to fish and escape the snow of new jersey. Would love to try them there. Hook me up please…..

  14. Evan says:

    I went out to Boomvang off the coast of Texas last summer. It’s about 130 NM offshore in 4,500+ ft of water. The tuna were splashing & running all night and we were killing them with top water casting. I think these would work great and i’d love to try one of them out this summer. Please let me know. Thanks!

  15. Kurt Swanson says:

    I would love to try them out .

  16. Roeun Chan says:

    Flying squid please fly my way. Hungry stripers are waiting in the spring.

  17. Sam Hedrick says:

    Would love to give these a cast

  18. Paul Kampfer says:

    I would love to try these. Please enter me in the drawing

  19. Joseph Paese says:

    Looks good, would love to have one

  20. phil says:

    im in,love the design

  21. Dennis Keefe says:

    I would definatly try these. I fish raritan bay and NJ coast and in the fall i go out to Montauk, LI. I can out these to good use!

  22. Edson Gaidola says:

    Love to try one for strippers up here in Nova Scotia ! Good luck

  23. Alex Bell says:

    I would love to try these for spring striper action at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay when the Stripers make their way up the bay to spawn!!! Great topwater action at day break on the 4 islands of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

  24. Kurtis Berry says:

    Looks like a model rocket.

  25. Tom slidkevich says:

    Love thease plugs I’m in thanks

  26. Dan says:

    the top one looks awesome!

  27. I would like to be entered in the give away to try this product out thanks

  28. James Petrizzo says:

    These look sick! I’m in.

  29. Craig Kauffmann says:

    Please enter me

  30. Matthew Doyle says:

    I’m in !

  31. Jeffery Jones says:

    Interesting. Is this a gimmick or will it cast further then a pencil? One way to find out, I’m in! Thanks.

  32. James Barry says:

    I would like a chance to try one these.

  33. Tyler G says:

    That looks pretty sweet! Sign me up, please!

  34. Bryan Oakley says:

    I’m in

  35. Romas says:

    Should work perfect for blues. Im in.

  36. Dave Tchorz says:

    I’m in

  37. Ben Harris says:

    Those look Sweet. What do they weigh? How long?

    I’m In!

  38. jeff gouvia says:

    Id love to see what id catch at the.thatin the cape cod canal ..sick

  39. Bill Albaugh says:

    I’d love to recieve one of these. Thanks

  40. Eileen M Coughlin says:


  41. Ronald Stesney says:

    Would love to try one of these for stripers this spring!

  42. James Lavoie says:

    very smart idea! i’d really like to use these in new hampshire and plum island! either way, i’d like to invest in a few of these for the season!

  43. Matt Cook says:

    Im in on this…would love to throw this in montauk and jersey..esp those bunker blitzes

  44. eric lee says:

    i an company that makes top water plugs i an really interested in the plug to see how it flys in the air and hoe it moves in the water

  45. John Mortensen says:

    Can’t find any around here.

  46. Sean Guzeika says:

    Interested in trying these off of point Judith in a cross wind! Also is my birthday the day before of the drawing thanks for the chance to wins these

  47. JohnZ says:

    I’m in. Thanks!

  48. Jay Bronstein says:

    Would love to try one! Come on Spring!

  49. matt walker says:

    Sweet plug!

  50. charly says:

    I’d love to see try one of these out

  51. Carolyn Stafford says:

    Sure looks like a great product :)

  52. Kevin Kennedy says:

    I’m in,thanks.They look great

  53. John Bonner says:

    Love to try them for some spring striper action.

  54. Bill Striffler says:

    I would like to try these, thanks!

  55. Henry Busby says:

    Would like to try this plug in the surf, looks very well made.

  56. Colin Brennan says:

    They look great, please count me in

  57. Thomas Lowell says:

    I fish the same area it was tested and would like a chance to try, thank you

  58. Willie Jones says:

    Looks good NOW, even with the snow/sleet mix and a 25 mph wind!

  59. Joshua McGilly says:

    So nice looking.. Im In

  60. Bob B says:

    I’d be happy to test it for you

  61. Bryon Heath says:

    I would like to try one

  62. Don Roberts says:

    I’m not a plug maker so I rely on the pros. Larry and NorthBar has always produced quality lures that catch. No reason to think this is any different.

  63. Quin Couture says:

    enter me for the northbar please

  64. Sam Smith says:

    I’m in

  65. ROY ARENA says:

    Looks like a great plug

  66. Jack Bassett says:

    Love to try this lure this spring.

  67. Dave hershberger says:

    I’m in they look awesome!

  68. Keith Mannix says:

    Please enter me in the giveaway. I would be honored to fish one. I love their darters.

    Thanks Keith

  69. Nelson Figueiredo says:

    These look amazing and probably cast half way across the ditch.

  70. Alex Borsky says:

    Looks great! Count me in! Thanks!

  71. Mike sullivan says:

    Would like to be entered and catch dome keepahs!

  72. Bill Sheehan says:

    I would like to be entered into the giveaway for the Flying Squid. Would love to throw that off Nauset Beach this summer.

  73. WOW–I hope the fish will be as excited as I am about this bait!!!!!

  74. Chris says:

    I’m in. Thanks.

  75. John Repoza says:

    I’d love to give this plug a try on the Watch Hill Reefs during the squid run.
    I love their plugs I’m sure it will work

  76. Colin D says:

    I would love to try these out. Please enter me in the drawing, Thanks!

  77. Jason Anderson says:

    I’m very interesting in trying the new designed lure.

  78. george bernklau says:

    I’m entered. The flying squid looms awesome

  79. Tom Grohol says:

    I”m in. Thanks

  80. PJ O'Reilly says:

    I’m in!

  81. scott michener says:

    One of the most unique designs ive seen in a long time. Please enter my name.

  82. William Reynolds says:

    I’m in. Thank you and Northbar for the opportunity!

  83. richard armstrong says:

    look’s great would love to try it .I bet it will do good with the striper’s

  84. Brian Ware says:

    They look awesome, would be interested to see how the different fin setups work in the water

  85. Roland Hall says:

    Hopefully it works as well as it looks! Very interesting design.

  86. John o'shaughnessy says:

    What a great idea, looks like it will fly like a bullet! Just hope a bluefish doesn’t steel it !

  87. Paula Higgins says:

    I would like to try the flying squid – my husband & I always fish the canal when we lived in MA – and expect to be back home for a visit in the spring.

  88. Mike Dean says:

    Great looking lure and the distance is always a welcome addition

  89. Dave says:

    Would love to try one (or 4!) Thanks!

  90. James Angley says:

    I’m in thanks otw!

  91. Christopher pepice says:


  92. TJ - AIST says:

    They look interesting, I’d like to try one out. Please enter me and thanks!

  93. rob curtis says:

    I’ll give em a shot down the ditch this year so I’m in…….:)

  94. Philip Beaudoin says:

    want to try!

  95. domingo rivera says:

    Yes I would love to win this lure , I want to try it out for stripers in the Hudson river .


  96. Andy gagnon says:

    Look cool! I want one

  97. Chris Whalen says:

    Look great. Does it have more diving or wobbling action?

  98. Ron Geer says:

    Count me in, please.

  99. blue godfrey says:

    That’s awesome. Enter me.

  100. Kenneth Crumbley says:

    Sure would like to see what they could pull up from the depths of the south.

  101. John Fitzgerald says:

    I’d like to be entered! Can’t wait to try these out in the canal come spring time!

  102. Matt Mucha says:

    Looks awesome, I’m in!

  103. Paul McCarthy says:

    I would be interested in trying these lures

  104. randy degrace says:

    Would love to try one I live at the canal 3rd week in may.!!

  105. Jack Buckley says:

    I would to try the flying squid. That thing is just waiting for a big striper to burst the surf

  106. chris cavanaugh says:

    Interesting lure, haven’t seen anything like that.

  107. Scott Darling says:

    These look awesome. It’s great to see something new to try. Where do do I get one?

  108. John DeLellis says:

    Hell yea, is this the new SP Minnow replacement? If it works half as good, it will pull them in.

  109. Vito Marsico says:

    Love to have them in my arsenal this summer!

  110. mike thomsen says:

    I think that is a great new concept , they love the commotion , and if it is any thing like the bottle darter , Bam you got a winner

  111. Timothy McManus says:

    Definitely interested in giving these a try. Northbar is defiantly one of my favorite companies. Their plugs are always my first go to out of the surf bag. Can’t wait to see how these work out. Keep the great plugs coming!

  112. Frank Burley says:

    count me in, would love to throw one

  113. Dan D says:

    Would like to try one at the canal

  114. John Studley says:

    I would love to toss those around Sow and Pigs, my usual haunt. I will event take video of post it when I nail a cow.

  115. Matthew Simpson says:

    Love to try them . Looks like they would work great

  116. DENSER says:

    They look great and I’d would love to try them out this year! Thanks!

  117. Lonell Rodgers says:

    I would love to be entered in the giveaway! I want to try these bad boys on Nantucket.

  118. Shaun Gallagher says:

    Thanks. I’d love to add one to my collection, it looks so cool!

  119. Paul Spinola says:

    Looks like a good one! Please enter me in to win one!

  120. Brian Burnett says:

    I need these to start my summer tackle back up

  121. RICHARD LOPER says:

    I’M IN

  122. Anthony Toce says:

    I would love to try one out!

  123. Richard Wm. Emberg says:

    I’m in

  124. Bill Gleavy says:

    Looks interesting.

  125. Andrew says:

    I am very interested in this lure! I do a lot of striper fishing here in New England, and I am always looking for something new to try!!! I would love to try it on some of my charters!!!

  126. Joe Bernard says:

    Would love one of those sweet plugs.

  127. Tyler Brown says:

    im in thanks!!

  128. Bob Hardiman says:

    I would love to try these lures out, they look like they would be striper killers around the Elizabeth islands during the spring run. The added distance is just what I need fishing from the boat and staying off the rocks lol. Love the torpedo fins.

    Please enter me in the giveaway.

  129. Jorge says:

    Would love to give these a try. I’M IN!

  130. Kevin Wynne says:

    I would like to enter into the giveaway

  131. Taylor Middleton says:

    Looks fantastic! super keen to try these puppies out

  132. Darren Thornton says:

    I would love to try these, please enter me in the giveaway.

  133. Edward S says:

    Looks like it will kill the red’s and specks…. Maybe a mackerel ,or two… Love to entry some out in South Florida

  134. Travis White says:

    I’m In, Big northbar fan

  135. Pat M. says:

    Looks like this will work well down the cape this summer.

  136. Edward Cragin says:

    Would love to fish these in the canal and surrounding beaches this year . I will get some one way or another . Anything Larry Welcome designs .. I want . thanks eddy

  137. George Baldwin says:

    Enter Me!!!

  138. Richard Bowman says:

    i am sure in for these

  139. Taylor Middleton says:

    these look awesome
    love to try one out

  140. Geoff says:

    Count me in please!

  141. Michael Bona says:

    Looks pretty sweet to me! Would definitely like to give it a spin

  142. Tony Maxedon says:

    Enter me for the flying squid giveaway, please!

  143. Joel Price says:

    comment on this post to let us know you’d like to be entered into the giveaway.

  144. Carl Wentzell says:

    Please enter me! I’d like to try it out!

  145. VoG says:

    I cant wait to launch one!!

  146. Gino p says:

    Who wouldn’t want another northbar. Sign me up.
    Thanks OTW

  147. Luis Carvalho says:

    They look lgreat I would like to try one this spring

  148. Looks to be a promising design. The aerodynamic design will result in longer casts. Being a topwater lure, the fins should create great action causing big bass to strike.

  149. Jason LaMagna says:

    THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Greer says:

    Who wouldn’t want to try it with a name like “the flying squid”

  151. john leone says:

    Wow an innovative idea to stabilize the plug in flight. I have to try this plug out, where can I get one?

  152. Jim ODowd says:

    Very happy with the bottle darters they make, these look like a great addition to the line.

  153. Gerry Berthiaume says:

    I would like to be entered in the Flying Squid giveaway.
    Thank you!!!

  154. Scott King says:

    They should look at gearing up for tuna. Never enough castability from the topwater tuna lures.

    This looks like the striper version would work well in the canal where we need the distance

  155. john schmidt says:

    i would love to try a new lure. There are so many out there that do not work. If I find a lure I like and works I talk it up alot. the canal itself is a beast to fish and if I have the right tool a longer casting lure that works the top current like it is advertised I would be thrilled and might have to give up some of my atomizers.

  156. V.J.Carr says:

    Please enter me in the The Flying Squid from Northbar Tackle giveaway. Looks like an amazing lure!!

  157. Christopher Smith says:

    I’d like to try a red/ white one at Montaulk this spring run

  158. Brad Letourneau says:

    Looks like that will fly!

  159. Tyler H says:

    they look like they would be perfect for fishing the canal when you need to reach far out breaking fish. I’m in

  160. Art says:

    I’ll give it a toss

  161. Chris Groves says:

    Please enter me into this flying squid plug give-away

  162. Tony Dagostino says:

    Awesome looking plugs.

  163. striperted says:

    In in thanks

  164. Peter gifford says:

    Im interested. Nice looking plug. Cant wait to try one

  165. Dax says:

    Thing looks deadly!!. The red and white looks killer. I have a go to red and clear rapala that it could replace. We cast them up against the floater platforms in the gulf in deep water at night. Im sure that thing would entice any tuna to bite!

  166. Nate Porter says:

    I’m in! Love to try one out this spring.

  167. John Rahkonen says:

    Looking to try flying squid for tuna

  168. Don Ahrens says:

    Looks great. Would love to chuck these at some breaks on the surface!

  169. Ian says:

    Those look sweet, please enter me

  170. E Ganguly says:

    Count me in. Looks like a stomp rocket.

  171. Doug says:

    I’d love to try these. Please enter me!

  172. John Pacheco says:

    I think I can catch some strippers with flying squids and they look cool looking

  173. mike larson says:

    Nice job. Larry showed me this a few months back. Glad its ready to launch.

  174. Mark says:

    I’m in. Thanks for the chance.

  175. Ian Olow says:

    Awesome looking lure. Would love to use it!

  176. Jack loveday says:

    I’d love to win one of these bad boys. Looks pretty cool!

  177. Duke says:

    I’m in please. Thanks for the opportunity!

  178. edward says:

    Interesting, I’d like to see how it works!!

  179. mike says:

    this one should change my luck

  180. Jim says:

    Looks like a great plug, count me in.

  181. Brad DIllman says:

    Please enter me!

  182. Tom Gahan says:

    Larry Welcome — a great guy and innovator. This plug looks crazy good. Please enter me in the drawing.

  183. Lou V says:

    would love to give one a cast

  184. Rich says:

    I love buying new innovative lures. I’m constantly searching the web for the next big striper lure. Would love to try these out.

  185. Want to give this a go on the Monomoy rips. On a smooth tide, the hits would be unreal.

  186. Ed Buccigross says:

    I love the looks of the flying squid and would appreciate an entry in the giveaway. Thank you. Ed

  187. Travis Mccormack says:

    Would love to try one of these out.!!

  188. i hope these work for me. i haven’t done well the last couple of years. i need help. lol

  189. cathy abissi says:

    I would really like to try this Flying Squid Lure…I like the look and color!!

  190. GIL BELL says:

    Fly that Flying Squid right into my surf bag.

  191. Sean Towers says:

    I would like to be entered into this giveaway for the flying squid plug!! Cool looking plug, and my birthday is Feb. 19th so it would be a great birthday present to get ready for our March 1 striper season!!

  192. clifford jakubowski says:

    Flying squid , north bar tackle. Contest

  193. Alan Raczka says:

    These lures look good and I expect them to be effective.

  194. Jason Giguere says:

    I would like to try this plug out I just got a summer home right at the cape cod canal in Buzzards Bay

  195. James White says:

    I like the idea of long casts and the great action provided by this plug design. Sounds like a perfect match for the Canal and the beaches of Race Point.

  196. Jesse Kim says:

    Hi. Interested in giving these a whirl! They look great!

  197. Eddie Shores says:

    I would love to win and then try the Flying Squid

  198. Andrew c says:

    I would like to be entered into the giveaway

  199. Ron Simmons says:

    In it to win it

  200. Gil Un says:

    That is the coolest design. I am in and dying to test it out in spring! Pick me!

  201. phil sharp says:

    i need to win bad. i am running out of excuses

  202. Dan says:

    I would love to try this lure! Looks interesting

  203. Dan Chin says:

    Would love to try one out. Thanks for the chance.

  204. Dick Evans says:

    Definitely worth a try. Let’s see what the fish think.

  205. Gary G. says:

    Looks good, sign me up!

  206. Obie frez says:

    I’d love to try this, specialy because I fish from shore most times and the further the cast the best chances to hook up.

  207. jim gill says:

    Love to surfcast but being from n.e. pa. I don’t get down to jersey as much as I would like to. I would love to try out these new plugs.

  208. Steve Welgoss says:

    Don’t have any poppers in my arsenal, so this would be a great gap-filler in my box.

  209. Nick Korniotes says:

    i want to try these in the canal

  210. todd corayer says:

    interesting design, the red is cool but i wonder if they will be available in other bright colors like on our squid jigs. i bet they cast a country mile. will they produce any with fluorescence built in? thanks

  211. KCR says:


  212. Bruce macleod says:

    Lock great can,t wait to try it out

  213. Looks interesting . I would like to give it a try.

  214. John Liss says:

    Enter me in the drawing.

  215. Steve Bell says:

    Like to test this out in the Canal during the Spring Blitz!

  216. jim coburn says:

    wondering how northern pike would like these

  217. Joe crescio says:

    They look good

  218. Jay zax says:

    The design looks very promising…can’t wait to try it. How3 many patterns will be available?

  219. chris colson says:

    Would like to test them, Curious on the colors, is there an all white or white and purple or pink like a squid. Also would be interesting to add weight to one to jig for Cod, Ling, Seabass, etc.

  220. Chris Gonyer says:

    Sign me up!

  221. Andy Harrington says:

    Put my name in! always looking to try new things.

  222. fast eddie says:

    Love to try one! I’m in.

  223. lou melo says:

    I would love to try this lure out

  224. Robert Bianco says:

    Very cool

  225. Doug H. says:

    Definitely would like to give them a shot. Count me in.

  226. Michael Gallego says:

    I would really like to try one out. Thanks

  227. Jeff Briggs says:

    Love to try them out, I’m in!

  228. peter mathisen says:

    I’d love to add a few of these to the arsenal!

  229. Alan says:

    Looking forward to trying one out

  230. Harvey Simon says:

    yes i would larry

  231. love to try these guys on the big cows

  232. Samuel Ernst says:

    I’m extremely interested in feeding one of these to a 30-40 lber!!!! Enter me Please!

  233. Raloph Capotosto says:

    It looks like a great plug. I like the fins.

  234. Derek Williams says:

    Great Looking Bait! Can’t wait to try it on some hog Stripers this summer!!!

  235. Tim Carey says:

    I want to try them for sure

  236. Brendan says:

    Please hook me up with one of theses flying squid

  237. John Horton says:

    I would love to win this bait and put it to the test

  238. Adam says:

    I believe Larry Welcome’s flying squid will be as good as the bottle darter!

  239. Chris F says:

    If like to enter in the north bar flying squid giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity

  240. Sid says:

    Please enter me and send email specials


  241. Big Biscuit says:

    Checked out this very lure last night at the CT Surfcasters monthly meeting last night. I was very impressed.

  242. Brian says:

    Looks awesome, cant wait for spring on the canal.

  243. Mike Kelley says:

    I would like to be entered in this giveaway. Thank you.

  244. Looks inovative and would love to try it!

  245. Guy says:

    I’d like to try it

  246. Loren Haataja says:

    The short tale above has caught my attention. I would like to try these out in the Mississippi River and small lakes in central Minnesota.

    Please consider me when selecting the winners.

    Thank you,


  247. Chris Barker says:

    Send me that mac colored one and I’ll slay fish with it this spring.

  248. Enter me in a need some lures. I will use them for stripped fishing now on march . They come in the river sunn to eat spooned and get big. Fish on every one. From tonyfishon.

  249. Bob Shiels says:

    Looks like a quality made lure with heavy VMC type hooks
    The mackerel pattern looks like it would work great this coming spring down at the canal
    Unique head design should enable long casts with excellent action in the water
    Please enter me in you contest so I can test one for myself
    Bob Shiels

  250. Susie gird says:

    I would love to try the new tackle this fishing season. It woul be great to out fish the boys using the flying squid.. I’m always trying new tackle and new techniques..

  251. Chris Jonte says:

    I’m a life-long fish head and love to try new tricks and techniques. This lure looks like it has major potential and I’d love to put it to the test!

  252. Ryan plotkin says:

    like to be entered into the giveaway

  253. Dave Nonis says:

    Wish me luck

  254. Julia Parr says:

    Looks cool! I’d love to check one out.

  255. They look beatiful , I’m in please .

  256. Richard Mahoney says:

    Looks like a winner, would love to win one

  257. Ed Cardoza says:

    Fish love squid; I love fish. Count me in!

  258. Dana J DiMatteo says:

    that thing looks sweet i want one!

  259. john says:

    looks good will it catch Bass ? I’d like to try it

  260. Dustin Mears says:

    Yup. I want one! Sign me up, please and thank you!!!

  261. I would truly like to win one for my 2014 season.

  262. Daniel Scott says:

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  263. Bill Kacinski says:

    Love to give this plug a workout!

  264. Robert J. Groman says:

    I’d like to try one of these from the shores of NH…

  265. Jeff Gendron says:

    Please enter me in the giveaway

  266. Mike H says:

    Looks great!

  267. Mike Authier says:

    Like the design wish I thought of it.Please enter me in contest.

  268. rick marshall says:

    looks like a fabulous plug for all sorts of big game fish. please enter my name in the drawing would love to win

  269. tom says:


  270. Tom fletcher says:

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  273. mike lennon says:

    looks promising

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  275. Dean Diotalevi says:

    I would to try the new lure to catch the biggest fish of my life!

  276. Phil Conley says:

    I would love to try some of these in the Cape Cod Canal

  277. Fishing from a kayak this will be a great addition to my tackle.
    Please enter me in the drawing.

  278. a little bit of a change i would like to try this where can i get one

  279. Jim Murphy says:

    I’m in. Thanks.

  280. Ken says:

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  281. Ben Boone says:

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  282. Kevin B. Downs says:

    I live close to the Cape Cod Canal and fish it a lot and would like to try out this plug an d let you know what I think.

  283. Fred Carey says:

    Looks like a winner…Red and White will work for me…

  284. "HeinekenPete" DeCamp says:

    ….I would love to add these to my NorthBar Bottle Darters this Spring! Sign me up!

  285. Skullbinder says:

    Gimmee, Gimmee!

  286. Zach says:

    Looks Cool

  287. Tom Nunn` says:

    Hope the strippers like them too

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  297. John Mondoux says:

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  300. Sean M says:

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  301. CB says:

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  303. Bob Boka says:

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  304. Jim Wallete says:

    Looking forward to trying the new lure on “Jaws4″ at the Barnegat inlet for stripers and blues. I troll and cast for both types of fish and even have caught Spanish macs in the inlet. Should also work for dolphin off shore. Thanks. Jim

  305. I conventional surfcast and I’m always weaking plugs to swim and cast better. I’d love to try out that plug. Walking the dog with pencil poppers is my favorite way to watch hits.

  306. Joseph Antin says:

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  307. Ray Anselmi says:

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    LOL Joe’s mortar comment.

  308. John C says:

    Great looking and great Idea.

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    This might just make the difference!
    Count me IN!

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    If you are looking for a place where they might be willing to sell these, check out The Dock Shop in Darien, CT.


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  324. Paul L'Herrou says:

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  325. Where are they being sold?.

  326. J K Quackenbush says:

    Appears to be an interesting conceptual approach … These would be fun to try out. I think I’d reach for the smaller size first … and, already envision a couple of possible modifications (!). Oh Oh … a new ‘Go To’ lure about to launch … !

  327. Lloyd Davis says:

    Looks indestructable. Would love to try it out.

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    Boy, I would like to see the action of this plug while trolling.
    please enter me

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  343. Alan Beberwyck says:

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  344. I’m always willing try new plugs, particularly topwater. I’ve already scooped out a couple of new spots here on the cape.

  345. stephen t. lobosco says:

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  348. ERIC MATUZSAN says:

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    Thank Randy …..STRIPER SNIPERS……

  356. Matt Handelsman says:

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    Tight lines, everyone, hope to see you On The Water!

    Joe Apanowitch
    “Mister Boots”

  358. Dominic Carra says:

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  377. RJ McRae says:

    I would appreciate being cosidered for entry in the Northbar Flying Squid Giveaway. As someone that always seems to be distance challenged when fish are breaking in the middle of the Canal I’m looking forward to giving this inovative plug design a try. The reasons I subscribe to On the Water are for information like this, how to articles and of course Charley Soares’ stories.

  378. David Kuras says:

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  379. david says:

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  386. Matt Malone says:

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  388. Jaime says:

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  393. Mike Tucker says:

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  394. Alan Evelyn says:

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  395. tackle guru says:


  396. Lance Bergman says:

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  397. Kevin Morris says:

    I understand the drawing has past but would like to know where to buy. I’m liking the blood red on one and mackerel pattern on the other. Would love to give both calamari a shot! Thanks.

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