Sharks and Albies

Location: East of Chatham and Buzzards Bay
Time of Year: Late Summer
Targeting: Blue Sharks and False Albacore

When word of a hot shark bite off Cape Cod reaches anglers Garrett LaScola and Bob Jenkins, they make tracks for the waters east of Chatham. Not long after setting a slick, a mammoth blue shark answers the call and inhales their menhaden bait. Bob Jenkins straps in and uses all his strength in an effort to subdue this sharp-toothed denizen of the deep.

Next we join “Jolly” Roger Swiderski on his chase for false albacore in Buzzards Bay. The albies have the feedbag on, and Roger drifts up to numerous schools of these inshore speedsters blasting small bait. Using a 7-weight fly rod, Roger connects with several little tunny and settles in for some memorable battles.

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