VIDEO: School of Big Striped Bass Chasing Tuna Dredge

Taylor Sears of Slick Fish lures was trolling for tuna off the backside of Cape Cod when a school of 40- to 45-inch stripers crashed his trolling spread. A hookless Slick Fish dredge equipped with an underwater Troll Pro camera captured footage of the massive school of stripers as they swiped at the teasers.

While many Massachusetts fishermen have been reporting slow striper fishing in warm inshore waters, offshore fishermen fishing for tuna in federal waters (where it is illegal to fish for striped bass) have reported large schools of big bass chasing bait and attacking tuna lures.

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  1. Bob

    This video is a CGI fake. My years of experience fishing the canal at noontime tells me that bass are near extinction and that making them a gamefish is the only way to reverse this and bring them back to where I want to catch them.


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