VIDEO: Insane Albie Blitz at Montauk

Thanks to Capt. Blaine Anderson of Anderson Guide Services ( for sharing this incredible blitz video from Montauk.

Check out more on false albacore fishing on Montauk here.

  1. Moses

    Great video. I noticed that no one was hooked up. Had a similar blitz two tears ago, east end Cape Cpd Canal. Albies chased baitfish right up to the rocks, baitfish jumped all over our sneakers. No one hooked up because the albies were zeroed in on a very specific bait. My 10 yr old son had a field day tossing baitfish into the water and watching the stray Albie gobble them up. I enjoyed watching fishermen running up and down the Canal in hopes of hooking up. It was a hoot!

  2. Al Bacore

    Very cool. But what is the point of the music? Takes away from the super natural sounds of screaming birds and crashing fish…

  3. John

    These seem like base based on their body shape underwater, the lack of black tail fins above the water and the fact that towards the end of the video there appears to be a striper breach. Albie may have been mixed in.


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