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Maine Wilderness Kayak Fishing

Location: Great Northwoods of Maine
Time of Year: June
Targeting: Native Borrok Trout

Chris Megan joins up with the Old Town Canoe and Kayak crew as they navigate the Maine wilderness by logging roads and float planes in search of native brook trout. The travelling fishermen set up at Libby Camps to fish in remote streams and small mountain ponds where few fishermen have ever cast a line.

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Black Seabass

Buzzards Bay Black Seabass

Location: Buzzards Bay
Time of Year: Early Summer
Targeting: Black Sea bass

Join host Chris Megan along with StriperFest boat winner John Dzerkacz as they head out to Buzzards Bay for a day of bottom fishing for Black Seabass.

Cape Cod Striper Techniques

Location: Cape Cod
Time of Year: Summer
Targeting: Striped Bass

Join Chris Megan and Neal Larsson as they showcase a variety of techniques to target striped bass along the coast of Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Canal Stripers

Location: Cape Cod Canal
Time of Year: Summer
Targeting: Striped Bass

Join On The Water as we head to the Cape Cod Canal to cast topwater lures for big striped bass during an exciting summer blitz. Read more →

Rhode Island Fluke

Location: Southern Rhode Island
Time of Year: Mid Summer
Targeting: Summer Flounder (Fluke)

Join host Chris Megan with the On The Water TV crew when they hop aboard Flippin Out Charters with Captain BJ Silvia to target summer flounder along the iconic shoreline of Newport, Rhode Island. Read more →

Fishers Island Stripers and Blues

Location: Eastern Connecticut
Time of Year: Fall
Targeting: Striped Bass, Bluefish

Join host Chris Megan with Mike Roy of Reel Cast Charters as they head out into Connecticut waters as they fish into the night for big striped bass off the coast of Fishers Island.

Pittsburg, New Hampshire Salmon and Trout

Location: Pittsburg, New Hampshire
Time of Year: Fall
Targeting: Landlocked Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout

On The Water heads north to Pittsburg, New Hampshire to target salmon and trout on the flyrod among the headwaters of the mighty Connecticut River. Read more →

Cape Cod Bay Stripers

Location: Cape Cod Bay
Time of Year: Late Summer
Targeting: Striped Bass

Join host Chris Megan with the On The Water TV crew as we head out to Cape Cod Bay and use the latest fish-finding technology to catch one of the best striped bass bites of… Read more →

Charles River Hook Up

Charles River Bass Fishing

Location: Charles River
Time of Year: Spring
Targeting: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

Tune in to OnThe Water TV as host Chris Megan navigates the historic Charles River targeting bass on the iconic waterway in the heart of Boston. Read more →

On The Water TV - Plum Island Stripers

Plum Island Stripers

Location: Merrimack River and Plum Island Sound
Time of Year: Summer
Targeting: Striped Bass

Join host Neal Larsson as he fishes for striped bass out of Newburyport, Massachusetts with Captain Peter Murray of Obsessed Charters. Read more →