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With spring fast approaching and the ice a distant memory throughout most of the Northeast, the Hatchery Trucks are hitting the road and depositing trout in coldwater fisheries throughout the Northeast to give a boost to spring fishing efforts. Check back here throughout the spring to monitor the trout stocking in your local waters, as we’ll be updating this post as we get more info.


Fishermen can follow the stocking progress in Maine through the following LINK. So far, it looks like only one stocking has taken place in Androscoggin County in the middle of February, though the fish released all seem to be sizeable brook trout.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire hatcheries have close to 1 million catchable size trout ready for release this season. Before the bulk of these fish can be stocked, however, the NH conservation officers are monitoring the water levels and conditions. Even with the mild winter, New Hampshire Fish and Game Hatcheries Supervisor Jason Smith, reports that they don’t want to stock the fish too early and risk a high water event that could wash out the stocked fish. The early ice out has given stocking trucks access to ponds to allow them to stock these ponds prior to the trout pond season opening on April 28.


MA ponds and streams are now being stocked on a weekly basis. The Western District received its first stocking this past week (the week of March 12), but all the other districts – Connecticut River Valley, Central, Northeast and Southeast – have received two installments of trout already. So far only rainbows have been stocked, but brook, brown and tiger trout are on their way in the coming weeks.

For more information on Massachusetts Trout Stocking, visit the MassWildlife Trout page.


Rhode Island

Rhode Island trout fishing is currently closed to allow the RI DEM to stock ponds and streams throughout the state. The Rhode Island trout season opens annually on the second Saturday in April, which this year is April 14. The pre-season stocking will include 70,000 brook, brown and rainbow trout. Anglers can find out just what waters will be stocked for the opener HERE.

Some waters will receive additional in-season stocking in the spring. These are denoted by an S in the right hand column of the table found at the link above.


Connecticut has not released their opening day stocking information yet, but the opener will take place on April 21, but anglers can scout which waters will be stocked by following this LINK.

While most CT trout waters have been closed to fishing since March 1, catch and release fishing is still allowed in Trout Management Areas, some of which have been stocked already. You can find out more info on the TMA’s HERE.

New York

April Fool’s Day marks the trout opener throughout most of New York State. However, some waters Trout stocking begins in March and runs through May. The New York DEC has an extensive LIST of the water bodies stocked, seperated by County, which includes the month they will be stocking and the number and size of the trout they anticipate releasing.

New Jersey

Extensive information about New Jersey’s spring trout season can be found in the New Jersey Freshwater Fishing Planner by Tom Pagliaroli in the April Issue of OTW, which will be shipping next week. Here’s an excerpt from Tom’s column to give you an idea. For the full info, be sure to grab the April copy of On The Water Magazine.

The statewide trout season opens at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 7, with the March 19 to April 6 pre-season stocking runs delivering 182,640 standard length 10 ½-inch brookies and an assortment of breeder rainbows and browns from 3 to 8 pounds to 173 venues. All told, 5,000 of the big ‘uns are included, and these are part of each stocking from pre-season through the fourth week of the in-season schedule.”



  1. stan pauwels

    I’m a devoted four-season Maine freshwater fisherman who wanted to catch more of the numerous trout and landlocked salmon that are stocked annually in ponds and lakes throughout the state.

    I put together a free interactive web-site that shows not only where the salmon and trout are stocked in Maine ponds and lakes but also at what densities (i.e., # of fish per acre). I also blog about Maine hot spots for ice fishing and open-water fishing.

    Feel free to drop by and absorb whatever information you may need to plan for a great fishing trip.

    • sandra

      I have jooked every where for the 2-013 spring trout fishing guides to all the places available and cannot anything. anything you can do to help

      thank you

  2. John

    On April 16, 2013 a couple of us were fishing middle pond of Lake Congamond in Southwick, Massachusetts when A hatchery truck with crew pulled up to the north boat launch ramp. The truck was backed up to a launch ramp and a total of 12 trout were tossed in the lake. The truck left and we got in our cars and followed it to the south ramp where the crew tossed 12 trout into the lake. The Massachusetts Division of fisheries published that they stocked the Congamond middle pond the week of April 8th, 2013. Is the Department really calling 24 fish tossed into a lake part of a quality stocking program?

    • Kevin Blinkoff

      Typically there are multiple stockings over the course of a few weeks in spring. It looks like the first stocking went in the week of March 25. One stocking might be big numbers of rainbows, another smaller stocking, like the one you witnessed, might have been a couple-dozen big brookies, browns or tigers. Congamond is a popular trout-fishing lake so I am certain the state stocks more than 24 trout over the course of the spring.

  3. Diane Dunn

    When do you stock the lakes, ponds, streams, and brooks in southern Maine. Is there a site to look at?


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