TFO Announces NEW 11-Foot Surf Rod

TFO’s new GIS SP 1102-2 surf rod is specifically designed for surfcasting in the Northeast.

The notion of surfcasting for stripers conjures up a romanticized image of a slicker-wearing fisherman standing on a rock, heaving monstrous wooden plugs and heavy bait rigs into the teeth of a nor’easter with an elephant-gun-caliber surf stick. But, let’s be honest – 90% of fishing for striped bass from shore involves quieter surf, long stretches of shoreline, and a little more finesse.

While 5-ounce pencil poppers have their place, the most effective striper surfcasting lures for these conditions are 1- to 2-ounce lures like the classic Red Fin, the 9-inch Slug-Go, and the popular SP Minnow. The problem is that these lighter lures aren’t as easy to heave toward the horizon, and as any surfcaster who has put in some time on the beach knows, being able to make long casts to reach fish and cover water is often the difference between getting skunked or catching a cow striper.

Fortunately, high-performance rod builder Temple Fork Outfitters has the solution.

TFO’s new GIS SP 1102-2 surf rod is specifically designed for surfcasting in the Northeast using lures in the ½- to 2-ounce range. Its 11-foot length gives you the leverage to launch your favorite bait, while the ultra-smooth progressive-tapered blank is perfectly engineered for comfortable casting that won’t wear out your back and shoulders.

Don’t let its lightweight build and sensitive blank fool you into thinking that TFO’s new rod sacrifices durability. Designed for the hardcore surf angler, it’s topped with Fuji double-foot KW anti-tangle guides that stand up to the punishment of braid line and saltwater. From the upper grip to the butt, braided, rubberized handles ensure a consistent grip under the toughest, wettest conditions.

Keeping with TFO’s philosophy of building affordable, high-quality, high-performance rods, the SP 1102 retails for a reasonable $269.95 and like all TFO products, has a no-fault lifetime warranty for the life of the registered owner.

Contact your local tackle shop, or for more information.

  1. Denny Jurvakainen

    Beautiful rod makes me want to take up surf fishing. On the pacific ocean in Oregon.

  2. Seapimp

    Love my TFO surf rod .Absolutly my favorite all time surf rod . The thing casts like a dream .

  3. Fred Creager

    just bought a Slammer 6500, will be buying a new rod next week. I will talk to the guys at Red Top about this one .

  4. lawrence Searles


  5. stephen desisto

    Hope you have more rod articles in the up coming weeks leading in the surf casting season for the northeast . Cousins tackle has the new Ron Arra surf rods . I will say I do like my T F O fly rods . Not so sure about the surf rods from TFO.

  6. Alex D.

    Owned Temple Fork fly rods since the mid 90’s ; 6 wt, and 9 wt and I love them. Don’t do much surf casting but will look at this rod for sure.

  7. Rick

    Best rods on the market! Thankfully as a guide I get their pro rate and own a few.


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