Striper Run 2014: Track the Migration


As we near the end of the month, larger bass of 20 pounds or more have been reported in the Delaware River and sporadically along the northern half of New Jersey and in Raritan and Jamaica bays. Keeper-sized fish are being found with regularity inside the bays of Long Island’s South Shore, and migrating schoolies have made it as far as Montauk.

In New England, Connecticut and Rhode Island both have schools of migrating schoolie bass along the coast, and there have been keeper-sized fish reported from several Connecticut Rivers. There has been no word of “fresh” stripers reaching Cape Cod or Buzzards Bay as of Wednesday, but holdover stripers have been active up through Boston Harbor. It won’t be long until migrating stripers join them.

State waters refers to recreational anglers fishing in state waters (0 to 3 miles from shore), provided they are not fishing from a federally-permitted vessel. Federal Rules apply to recreational anglers fishing in federal waters (3 to 200 miles from shore), as well as recreational anglers fishing from federally-permitted vessels in state or federal waters.

Note that closed areas apply. For a more detailed report of the striper fishing in your area, check out the On The Water Fishing Forecast, updated every Thursday evening. And if you’re planning on fishing for stripers in the Northeast this summer, be sure to sign up for On The Water’s Striper Cup, which starts on May 1st.

  1. Gil Un

    Living in Northern NJ. Would like to receive this news in regular basis.

    Thank you

  2. Bob Hewitt

    Got 29 stripers on the beach this past weekend in Cape May county. No keepers

  3. Tim

    Can you tell me if stripers will be around Marthas VIneyard the second week in June?

    • jeepsrs

      Yes June is typically a great time to fish big stripers on and around Martha’s Vineyard.

    • Bill Biswanger

      Stripers will be all over this region by then. In fact they will be here by mid May so go for it and have fun. The Vineyard will be hot!

  4. Charlie

    95% are very young in Western Nassau/NY Bight…though i have heard of 1 or two good fish NYC area.

  5. Jay Reardon

    I would like to have a comparison between long ialand sound and the Rode Island coast

  6. Big daddy

    Read written by a fisherman who puts in the time fishing everyday. It definately contradicts this report!

  7. noboru murakami

    I need to catch fish. last year , I hooked just two stripers which were under size. I am looking forward this year.. I am eager reader of your news. thank you.

  8. Bolt Vanderhuge

    This is so inaccurate it’s shameful.

    Have you guys even taken any reliable reports from actual people in RI or are you just basing this off of generalized common knowledge from years past?

  9. Chuck

    Tried searching for some schoolies during gusty wind driven rain last night at cape cod salt marsh, couldn’t help myself. Gonna hit it hard this weekend. The hunt is on!Good luck.

  10. Bob Nicotera

    Wish they would hang around the ocean city nj area even just for a little while so we could get a shot, last year they passed us by comming and going.

  11. Fran

    Cape Cod Striper fishing has declined more and more each year.
    If you are going to fish Race point national sea shore you season is
    very limited because of the piping plovers. Fishing at the Cape has gone down hill.

    • Fran

      Cape cod Striper fishing has gone down more and more each year . And fishing the national sea shore is also very limited because of the piping plovers.
      I know i have been fishing the Cape for 15yrs. Spring and fall . Then there is the mung you have to put up with.
      Good Luck

  12. Ed Worth

    I love surf fishing ! Hope to get back to it soon. Grew up in S. Fl. When we could in the 50’s.

  13. Capt. Tom

    No action as of yet 4/24/14 @ Eastchester Bay/Throggs Neck/ City Island, WE ARE READY !
    Bronxonia Yacht Club, Rod and Gun Division, Weir Creek, Bronx New York

  14. john krauss

    Not much doing in the surf in central NJ not many guys fishing as water is too cold ? and this is a late start as bass should be all over island beach st. park area .

  15. Damond

    Really like the migration map really cool feature hopeing to hit the water and post some reports of bass activity from the surf

  16. Tom

    I have been waiting for the Striper to make there appearance. This cold weather has delayed most fishing. So please striper be here very soon.

  17. Jenny

    Went Striper fishing in Salisbury, MA (Newburyport) this past weekend 6/1/14 – we fished off shore which I much rather be in a boat but whatever – caught one 24″ but no keepers 🙁

  18. Fishman Dan

    In response to the plovers cutting down on the striper fishing and mung. Get a kayak and your options become endless! I go with a group every year and we can bypass every obstacle including the wind in pursuit of the linesiders!


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