Striper Migration Map – May 12, 2017


The Chesapeake fish have reached the Northeast with 20- and 30-pound stripers showing up in ocean waters from New Jersey to Cape Cod. Fish to 40-plus pounds have been caught in Long Island Sound, suggesting that some Hudson River fish may be dropping back as well.

Chesapeake Bay

Besides smaller stripers making their first trip to the spawning grounds, the spawn in the Chesapeake appears to be over for this year. The best remaining action has been in the lower bay, though some large fish are still being caught in the upper bay. Due to some recent reports from New Jersey, however, it appears that the first wave of post-spawn stripers from the Chesapeake has made its way into Northeast waters.

Delaware Bay and Southern New Jersey

Big bass are steadily leaving Delaware Bay, with some good fish moving along the beaches from Cape May to Brigantine. However, most of the stripers being caught along the beaches have been undersized.

Northern New Jersey and Raritan Bay

This week, a few boats taking shakedown cruises out of Barnegat and Manasquan inlets looking for big blues encountered great action on stripers, with some topping 40 pounds, around schools of bunker two to three miles offshore. Trolling has been very productive, but anglers were able to live-line bunker to catch fish as well.

Raritan Bay has quieted down, as most of the larger bass have moved up the Hudson.

Hudson River

Big stripers are being reported in the Hudson River as they move up to their spawning grounds. They fish are following herring in the upper river and bunker in the lower river.

Long Island and New York

Long Island continues to be covered up in schoolies and small keepers, with some larger fish showing up on the western South Shore. Montauk and most of the South Fork is still waiting for keeper-sized fish, but Peconic Bay and most of  the North Shore has keepers to 20 pounders.

Long Island Sound and Connecticut

Most of the fish being caught in the sound are shorts and small keepers, but several large stripers have been reported moving through Long Island Sound this week.  These could be fish that have completed spawning in the Hudson River and moved right into the sound. Fish to 40-plus-pounds were reported.

Rhode Island

Narragansett Bay is holding good numbers of 32- to 36-inch stripers, according to our Rhode Island Fishing Forecast. Schools bass are still dominating the catches, however.

Cape Cod and Massachusetts

Stripers as large as 30 pounds were reported in the Cape Cod Canal this week, along with a few fish in the 15- to 20-pound range. The majority of the fish around Cape Cod are still very small shorts or small keepers, but the few larger fish being taken suggests a wave of post-spawn stripers may be moving in from the south.

North of the Cape, keeper stripers showed in numbers this week, with many 28-inch-plus fish arriving on the South Shore, in Boston Harbor, and on the North Shore.

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New Hampshire and Maine

Fresh schoolies have reached New Hampshire, and undoubtedly, a few keeper-sized fish are in the mix as well. In Maine, schoolie stripers to 24 inches have moved into the rivers in the Southern part of the state.

  1. Landmaster

    What gives? No Connecticut?! ITS ABOUT TO BE BUMPIN UP IN HEYYYAAAHHHH

    • LordOfTheLinesiders

      @Landmaster TRÜ. Boutta lip some stripers on the fly. #ConnecticutIsStillTheWorldRecordHolderYetWeGetNoRespect

  2. Richard Marchetto

    Love the articles could you please put my son ( younger blood) also on your email list tried to send to him but was unable. He fishes with me in Cape Cod Canal (35 +yrs.) for me and would like him to keep the interest up and hopefully pass along to his friends. Thank You his email


  3. Gregg Dixon

    Schoolies heavy down the Parker with shorties in the mix. Keeper lost on the lip on the Little River.

  4. dave

    Still all Schoolies Nantucket sound. Water temp still upper 40s. Cow here and there, but not really fat yet.

  5. John Bull Frog

    Has anyone seen any Bunker along CT Shore line, eg, Mouth CT River in Old Saybrook?

  6. Brian J

    I caught a couple dozen Schooley’s at the Jerusalem wall last Saturday all in the 20 inch range on a Rapala shadow rap slow sinking The hooks were a bit light for 20 inch fish I took the middle one off and a fish ended up taking the front hook off so put bigger hooks on them
    the keepers are here though

  7. Erik C

    Micros slamming flys in the backwaters of plum island sound. Landed 30 fish in the hour before sundown yesterday evening. Size 1 chartreuse baitfish pattern worked the best.

  8. Steve

    Well, it seems as if this is a game only for those who are totally fit and those with money. Bare with me on this on, please. I say this because I was paralyzed from the waste down several years ago. I learned how to walk again but, braces are necessary and are very challenging over rough terrain. That means that I cannot get to any of the NH shoreline that has access to striped bass. I know because my son and I tried to do so this past Sunday, 21-May-2017. It is absolutely impossible for me and many like me, to walk out on any of the jetties or other structures. I’m certain a few piers would work. Unfortunately, I am not aware of striped bass hanging around the few piers that will allow anyone to fish from them.

    That leaves the only other choice of using a boat. Being on a very small and very fixed monthly income that choice is completely out of the question. Like I said, those with plenty of money can have such nice toys and I know that many owners do take them for granted. It’s human nature. I know because when I did have a boat many years ago I was just like that. It’s a big pill to swallow now that I’m on the other end.

    We who are partially disabled, or worse, apparently have no choice but to give up on the luxury of fishing for stripers, blues, or any other species that can be found from the shore, at least, along the NH coast. I know of a few places along Cape Cod where I could do well, but, the time and gas and parking and all the other stuff that would be a part of such a trip prohibit such a venture.

    It would be nice if there were some way for people with difficulties to reach the end of those jetties and whatnot. I can think of a few ways to make it happen. However, it would be too costly to the state from an engineering point and to implement. There is already enough of a burden placed upon the tax payers. This would only add to that burden and I do not wish to help add any more stress to our fragile economy. This state has enough problems already.

    This is not a pity me party. Oh no! It’s just an observation and realization that some things are only available to the fully fit, or wealthy. So, for what it is worth, by all means DO enjoy what you are doing and be thankful that you can do it.

    Oh. One last thing. We spent some time in Suds-N-Soda on Sunday 21-May-2017. At no time was there any news of anyone catching anything that day. I have no idea who said there were fish up the rivers or near the entrances but, I am not aware of any fish being caught from shore on Sunday and we went from Odiorne Point to the jetties at Hampton. If anything was caught it was from the boats. Therefore, I seriously question the validity of some of these reports. After all, they are, uhm… fish tales! LOL

    Enjoy it gang. I have to fold, for now, anyway. Maybe next year things will be better.

    • Glenn

      Steve, I feel your pain…just a little though. I have been disabled for 3 years now but fortunately still have limited use of my legs and I can drive. Without going into too much detail, I cannot walk, stand or travel for any length of time. I do fish, surf casting and bottom fishing, as my pain level allows. I suggest you find some accessible areas where you can enjoy your love of fishing. Wetherall in Jamestown has a dock where you can drive to. I fish there often with my nephews and grand nephews. We catch squid at night and anything that is “running” during the day.
      Have fun and good luck.



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