Striper Migration Map – April 14, 2017

Striper Migration Map
2017 Striper Migration Map

An April warm-up has stripers on the move.  There has been heavy spawning activity in the Chesapeake tributaries, big numbers of schoolies along the Jersey shore, fish to 20 pounds in Raritan Bay, and the first migrating fish showed up in Rhode Island this week. Look for the striped bass migration to really pick up with warm weather predicted over the Easter weekend.

Chesapeake Bay

Spawning activity was heavy in the mid- and lower Bay tributaries over the past week around the full moon. According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, post-spawn bass are going to be trickling out into the Bay in time for the opening day of the Trophy Striped Bass Season on April 15, when anglers have a chance to catch a striped bass over 35 inches. The fishing will only get better in the following two weeks as post-spawn striped bass exit the spawning rivers and look for something to eat before heading out into the ocean

The Susquehanna is running cold and dirty, so there hasn’t been too much striper activity there yet. Those wishing to fish the upper bay this weekend for their chance at a trophy-size striped bass will be focusing their efforts for the most part along the steep channel edges of the shipping channel south of the Brewerton Channel. The edge off Podickory Point and near Love Point to the triple Buoys will be popular with trollers.

Delaware Bay

Some larger stripers are being caught in the lower Delaware River, south of the Chesapeake  and Delaware Canal on bloodworms and bunker chunks. Shore anglers have been scoring at Augustine Beach.

Note that as of April 1, the striped bass season is closed above a line running east from the South Jetty of the C&D Canal to the Pennsylvania line. Anglers using any type of bait in this area must use non-offset circle hooks even if they are not targeting striped bass.

New Jersey

The backwaters continue to be the best bet for stripers in Southern New Jersey according to our fishing reports. Clams, bloodworms and artificials are all catching fish. There are some fish in the surf, but the warmer water temperatures in the back bays have concentrated most of the stripers. Most of the stripers are 18 to 24 inches, with a few fish to 30 inches as well.

Fishing greatly improved in the Raritan Bay, according to our Northern New Jersey fishing report. Good numbers of bass in the 10- to 15-pound class have been reported, and bigger fish should show this weekend.

There have also been a few reports of solitary bluefish, but no bluefish blitzes reported… yet.

New York

According to our Long Island- New York fishing report, schools of small stripers have arrived and are filtering into backwater areas on the West End of the island. Striper season in New York opens on April 15. Farther out on Long Island, holdover stripers are becoming more active in the bays as water temperatures warm.

Connecticut/Rhode Island

The holdover striper fishing remains good in the Housatonic River and the Connecticut River, and the fish will only get more active once the water begins to warm.

Big news this week was the arrival of fresh migrating schoolie stripers at the West Wall in Rhode Island.


Cape Cod/ Massachusetts

With waters jumping a few degrees this week and bass reported in Rhode Island, it’s time to start looking for the first schoolie stripers to show up some time over the next week. The southside of Martha’s Vineyard and the south coast from Narragansett Bay to Fairhaven are usually the first areas to report the arrival of migrating stripers.


Share your fishing reports, and tag us in your striper photos!

    • Patty Cartwright

      There catching nice stripers in west Sacramento,calif. where the curve is at Discovery Park .american and Sacramento rivers join .together . Bloodworms

  1. tom Manion

    I’ve been out the last couple days on the bay with bloods and clams and only wound up getting bunker tangled up in my lines ,even tried them as well and still nothing in all the hours I put in up and down the Raritan.

  2. Sam G

    I caught 36 schoolies from the shore this weekend!! And the season hasn’t even really started yet. Old Saybrook Ct.

  3. bunker

    couple more days boys, 617 is awaiting your arrival! The Stripers are coming, the Stripers are coming!

  4. Luis

    I cant wait for life to show up. Went to Providence and Newport RI and not even a snapper bite fishing in New England is not as fun as in Florida there you can fish all year in here couple of months . Overall rating garbage.

    • Matt

      Cool story bro, we were catching tons of schoolie bass in south county ri just the other day, head back to Florida and leave my spots alone.

  5. Adam

    Since 2008, the fishing has been declining here in Maryland. There are very few trophy fish in Chesapeake compared to the early 2000’s. There lots of schoolies running between 12″ to 25″, but the overall picture, while many will not admit it, does not look great without change. Consistently over the past 3 years, the only fish to be caught with “consistency” is perch and striped bass here in the Chesapeake and that’s about it. Since Maryland moved to catch shares ITQ for striped bass, the boost in commercial fishing for live bait has decimated the juvenile fish (spotted trout, hardheads/croakers, and spot) in the tidal tributaries. The “spot pots” as they are called, are unregulated and have destroyed the fishery in the mid-bay region. It is very simple: no bait – no fish. Hopefully we will see positive change in the future.

  6. Samantha Thywissen


    I’m a student at Massachusetts Maritime Academy and I’m doing a research project on how the warming sea surface temperatures are effecting the migration patterns of Striped Bass. This report has great data and I was wondering if you could possibly share a link to any archived maps from previous years?

    Thank you for your time


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