Striped Bass Poacher Busted

For Release: Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Striped Bass Poaching – Rockland County

On Jan. 30, ECO Maxwell Nicols received a tip reporting illegal Striped Bass fishing taking place at the Haverstraw Marina in West Haverstraw. ECO Andrew Kostuk assisted as Nicols conducted surveillance along the Hudson River by foot. One subject was seen catching bass and hiding them in the tall grass along the beach. ECO Nicols was unable to catch up to the man when he took the garbage bags containing the fish to his car. However, ECO Kostuk was able to stop the subject’s vehicle as it attempted to leave the parking lot. Six Striped Bass were found in the vehicle, and the fisherman was charged with the possession of Striped Bass out of season. The charges are returnable to the Town of Haverstraw Court.


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  1. Mark

    Need to call in the guys fishing the Hudson off the West Side and Battery Park in Manhattan. They are all poachers.

  2. Shawn

    Thank you guys for catching people like this who dont obey the law and think they will get away with it. Keep up the good work.

  3. Roman

    Great jobs guys!! Now it’s time for the dumb judges to do their part. No slap on the wrist, make it count and set examples.

  4. Huffy

    Hope he fed his family. Nothing like watching a commercial guy throw 40 plus stripers dead at us in Raritan Bay dead .all breeders. Yes that means cows ..assholes.

  5. Harry aiken

    Great work lock them all up take their listens for ever h w a director del Nobel sport fisehermen

  6. C.C

    I really don’t get it. What a bunch of idiots. Like Roman stated, I hope they don’t get a slap on the wrist. Too many poachers get away with light fines… Lawyers always seem to get it reduced.

  7. Shayam sooklal

    Great job and I hope there will be more of you guys this season. It kills me to see people catching illegal fish. There’s a big difference between an angler and a person catching fish

  8. Wickedsmahtkid

    Catch and release people.
    It is the best way to go.
    Take one fish per season maybe.
    Think about it. If (almost) everyone did that, OH! The fishing would be incredible in just a few years.

  9. JRP

    ThankYOU you need to catch more of them not only on the Hudson but other major water ways. Give Big poachers not only heavy fines (what is money) but time . We need more EOC officers. These ECO ‘a but there life’s on the line when dealing with them the big poachers

  10. drbombay

    Now if we could get our states enviromental officers to start going after people who do things like this and poggie boats that are fishing in prohibited areas my fishing for stripers would be a lot better. Instead of having their trucks parked at home or working OT at MDC swimming pools.


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