St. Croix Rods Mojo Family Grows – Introducing Mojo Jig and Mojo Salt

St Croix
The St. Croix Mojo Jig Series brings life to vertical jigs, and is built to tire out fish, not fishermen.

There might not be a more dynamic and dramatic method in fishing – working a heavy lure spastically up and down while reeling like a dragster burning rubber. The technique goes by the mundane name of “deep or vertical jigging,” but should probably be dubbed “torn rotator cuff and utter exhaustion jigging.”

Fact of the matter, though, is that some of the Northeast’s most ferocious species – stripers, bluefish, tuna – come from directly underneath the boat, from 10 to 200 feet below your boat shoes.

The core attributes of most of the deep-jigging rods on the market is that they are excessively supple and virtually unbreakable. The problem with a rod meeting that description is that it doesn’t fight a fish well or let a jig to dance to its potential. The Mojo Jig executes beautifully during both the presentation and fish-catching stages.

St Croix Mojo Rod Contest Winners!


Matt Morocaz of Higgnum, CT and Chris Egan of CT were selected as the winners of the St Croix Mojo rod contest!

For more information on the new St. Croix Mojo Salt or the St. Croix Mojo Jig rods visit

At the center is a blank manufactured with premium-quality SCII graphite with Fortified Resin System. Combined with Advanced Reinforcing Technology, Mojo Jig delivers incomparable strength and durability.

True saltwater-grade components give Mojo Jig the utmost in corrosion protection and saltwater stamina. Sea Guide guides with corrosion-resistant SS304 frames and aluminum-oxide rings fend off saltwater deterioration. Conventional models boast a Fuji PSS-SD palming reel seat with black hood, while spinning versions sport a Fuji® DPS reel seat with black hoods. In both cases, the end result is comfort and reliability while jigging and fighting fish. A Premium EVA handle keeps hands comfortably while jigging and fighting fish. A Kigan hook-keeper secures the biggest of jigs while crashing out to sea.

Mojo Jig retails for $200 and comes with a 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service.

The St. Croix Mojo Salt series blends durability and design consistency.

“Mojo Salt is perfect for the rigorous nature of a guide boat,” said noted Florida Keys guide Captain Tom Rowland. “With nine models in the series, Mojo Salt applies to so many techniques, and the wide variety of species I chase.”

Retailing at $200-220, Mojo Salt offers exceptional value, while maintaining St. Croix’s legendary acumen for blank design. “The Mojo Salt’s blank construction definitely makes it more durable,” Rowland said. “St. Croix invests tremendous effort into ensuring uniform wall thickness throughout the entire blank. That’s huge because if you don’t have uniform wall thickness, you’re creating weak spots in that rod, and inevitably, it’s going to break. Maybe it’s on a cast, maybe it’s on a fish, or maybe you’re just carrying it out and you notice the tip is broken. We’re not having any of those issues at all.”

The Mojo Salt’s balance of strength and durability makes it perfect for taking the abuse of big stripers and bluefish. The blend of premium quality SCII graphite with Fortified Resin System and linear S-glass along with Integrated Poly Curve tooling technology eliminates all transitional points in the rod blank, delivering smoother actions, increased strength and greater sensitivity. This, while Advanced Reinforcing Technology  adds a magnitude of strength with virtually no increase in blank diameter or weight. This means the rod can take getting bounced around in the boat on those days when the weather is bad but the fishing is as good as it gets.

The Mojo Salt has a perfect action for casting big lures and live baits to bass hunting the boulderfields or bluefish blitzing in open water.“Mojo Salt has a slightly slower, more progressive taper,” touts Rowland. “I like that for all of our bait fishing applications,” like live-lining bunker. For casting big baits, the more progressive action does a better job.

Elsewhere, Rowland finds Mojo Salt rods offer superior flex for throwing larger artificials such as pencil poppers and topwaters to stripers. Hurling these hefty baits long distances is key; but the forgiveness of a rod with a little more flex helps maximize every bite.

    • Lee Yuknis

      “My Mojo, I am useless without it” -AP. Love to have one to add to my St. Croix collection. Best rods made in my opinion.

    • Peter Kerch

      Love the jigging rod! It would be an awesome addition to my life which is a fishin mission!

  1. Brian Farrell

    The best choice to make when spending hours at the edge of the water. Could really use a replacement.

  2. Ray

    If I win, I would give this rod to my friend who just plays golf. On second thought, I’ll get him a bag of tees and keep the rod. Sorry Newman.

  3. Nick

    Fish out of local vfw post in area would like to see one of the veterans use it and injoy the day on the water

  4. Glenn S

    Have 2 Mojo Surf Baitcasters 10′ & 11′ & 1 Mojo Surf Spin 8′
    Bought my first St. Croix rod 1973.

  5. GMA

    I only own St. Croix rods. Best rods made. I don’t have the Mojo… …yet?

  6. Michael hagen

    Love st croix I fish them both fresh and salt. From the beach boat or bridge these rods are awesome

    • Kevin

      Love my st.croix rods.. would lob coffee to add this to my collection

  7. DanC

    Love them for Midwest gamefish! Would love to experience this quality rod in my Saltwater fishing!

  8. Shawno82

    I own 3 different surf rods from St Croix and love how well they perform. I have always wanted one of there mojo rods. This rod would look great next to the other rods I have.

  9. Denis Weekes

    Would teach a kid to fish and reward him or her the Rod on their first catch.

  10. Ralph Daviet

    Why do your rods water spot if left on the boat during a rain storm. I have to Amour-All the heck out of them to bring back the finish? Also I think the windings could better, particularly on the single foot rods. All my rods are used in the Salt from a boat

    • Walter

      Kudos to saying it on here. Just an FYI from a fellow fisherman, don’t use Armour-all on your rods. You will eventually see cracking on the finish.

  11. Joseph burgess

    Im so broke i cant afford to think about buying one, but to win would be amazing.#fishingnantucket

  12. Joe Mancuso

    Thank you to OTW and the folks at St Croix, for a chance at adding this Striper Striker, to the top of the collection! (congratulations to everyone else on coming in second) lol.

  13. Chris

    I’m from the Pacific northwest, and the St Croix avid is what I use from trout all the way to salmon and steelhead. Great rods, and I won’t ever go anywhere else. Would love to try out a mojo salt for tuna and bottom fish.

  14. Louie

    All the St. Croix rods I’ve used were OPs (other people’s). They were exceptional! Both the OP’s and St. Croix rods!


    very nice rods. well built in the USA. I have one but I cant get it away from my son.

  16. Frank Hollosi

    I fish my St. Croix rods about 90% of the time that I fish I love them

  17. Derrick Ruprecht

    I love both of my St. Croix rods, wish I had more time to use them.

  18. Steve A

    I make most of my rods but if I want to buy one I look to St Croix first

  19. Tom

    Love my TFO rods. Looking forward to seeing how they compare to a St.Croix.

  20. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer

    My hubby & I love our St. Croix rods!!🎣 We would love a Mojo Salt!

  21. Craig

    St. Croix has the technology i can trust
    so that makes it a must have rod.

  22. antonio ramirez

    I would like to win I have not won anything this it will be nice for striper

  23. Luis Fernandes

    I have fished St. Croix rods and they are great rods, no doubt !

  24. Matt holiday

    I just broke my triumph in half making it a three piece.!!! It’s not fixable,. I have a 11′ mojo surf that I broke the tip off of and had it fixed by putting a new tip on at the break making it a super -stiff tipped 10,1/2 footer.. this rod would be perfect for my kayak.!!

  25. Lenny-A

    I would love to win one. I am now retired and on a limited income. Got to cut back on some thing but not fishing.

  26. Tom Ryan

    Love to throw a lure at the U Buoy off of Kaneohe Bay on the Windward Side of Oahu!!!

  27. Chris S

    Thankfully they have a great warranty. Still keep buying them though.


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