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Cape Cod Spin-Cast Trout and Fluke Off Beavertail Light

Location: Cape Cod Stocked Pond and Beavertail, Rhode Island
Time of Year:
Targeting: Trout and Fluke

Gene Bourque and Chris Megan grab their ultra-light spinning rigs and face off in a light-hearted early-season trout competition. Because the state has moved away from an “Opening Day” approach, trout fishing stays hot long after most anglers have made the switch to salt water each spring.

Then it’s off to Rhode Island, where Captain Bruce Macomber of Howlin’ Wolf Charters gives us a lesson on how to target the fanged flatfish, the fluke. Using bucktails and skirts and strip baits, Captain Bruce brings a meal’s worth of summer flounder to the net. Read more →

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Cod Fishing on Stellwagen Bank

Location: Stellwagen Bank
Time of Year:
Targeting: Cod

Hopping aboard the American Classic out of Lynn, Massachusetts, the On The Water staff enjoys an early-spring day of cod fishing on Stellwagen Bank. Lots of keeper cod come over the rail, giving publisher Chris Megan’s father, Paul, his first-ever cod. Captain Walsh describes the habits of early-spring cod and locations where the action is hot. As the OTW crew continues to fill coolers, Neal Larsson hauls in the day’s largest fish – and it isn’t a cod! Read more →

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School Bluefin on the Fly and Battle with a Giant

Location: Cape Cod Bay and BB Buoy
Time of Year:
Targeting: Tuna on the fly and giant bluefin

The abundant migrating baitfish moving through Cape Cod waters in the fall often set up heart-pounding bluefin blitzes. On The Water was there to capture some of the most intense surface-feeding tuna action ever put on film. Putting away more conventional methods, the guys from First Light Anglers, Derek Spingler and Nat Moody, pick up 14-weight fly rods and cast at these feisty pelagics.

We’re then treated to a hard-fought battle with a giant bluefin tuna near the BB Buoy. Appearing off the New England coast each fall, these bruisers test the limits of both angler and tackle. History on the species and its sad decline are detailed, as well as tips on hooking a giant of your own. Read more →

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Thames River WInter Stripers and Lake Trout from Shore

Location: Thames River, CT and Wachusett Reservoir, MA
Time of Year:
Targeting: Holdover stripers and lake trout from shore

Chris Megan joins On The Water Magazine contributing writer Bob Sampson on the Thames River in Norwich, Connecticut, to target some of the school-sized stripers that overwinter in the river. The action on small bass is steady, and the two are in for a surprise when they discover that schoolies aren’t the only stripers braving the cold in the Thames. Next, we follow Ron Powers to the shores of the Wachusett Reservoir in search of lake trout. Ron demonstrates just how to fish casting spoons for the trout, beaching more than a few healthy togue. Read more →

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King Salmon in the Genesee and Salmon Rivers

Location: Genesee and Salmon river, New York
Time of Year: Fall 2005
Targeting: King Salmon

OTW’s Andy Nabreski takes us to the fall migration of Chinook salmon, also known as king salmon, from Lake Ontario into the Genesee River in Rochester, New York. Guided by Toby Hall, Andy learns to fish salmon eggs on a controlled depth drift.

Next, Jay Baver takes us to the famed fishing town of Pulaski, New York. Guide Adam Margolycz teaches Jay how to use a center pin reel matched to a custom 14-foot rod to fish for the salmon. Jay doesn’t waste time putting his newly learned skills to the test on a heavy king. Read more →

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Swift River Fly-Fishing and Surface Striper Action on Watch Hill Reef

Location: Swift River and Watch Hill, RI
Time of Year:
Targeting: Brook trout and striped bass

OTW’s Editor Gene Bourque joins contributing writer Paul DiNolo on the Swift River in Western Massachusetts to fly-fish for native brook trout.

Then OTW’s Neal Larsson hops aboard the Anna R to meet up with Capt. Frank Rathburn, who has developed a unique way to fish for stripers. Out on Watch Hill Reef, Capt. Frank uses a lightweight rubber squid that he has rigged with a dual hook. Twitching this lure over the reef results in phenomenal surface strikes from hungry striped bass. Read more →

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Kayak Fishing for Bass and Blues and Housatonic Pike from Shore

Location: Stonington, CT and Housatonic River
Time of Year:
Targeting: Stripers, Blues and Pike

On The Water’s John Burke paddles into the waters near Stonington, Connecticut, with Jerry Sparks of Northeast Kayak and Boat Charters in search of striped bass and bluefish. An abundance of juvenile menhaden have the fish on the feed, and as aggressive bass and blues attack their plugs, the two anglers enjoy a few “Nantucket sleigh-rides.”

Then it’s off to the Housatonic River, where angler Jeremy Brown and OTW’s Jay Baver will seek out big pike with both feet on dry land. Fishing live fallfish under a float proves to be the key to hooking the “water-wolf of the north.” Read more →

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Live-Lining Scup for Stripers and Casting to False Albacore

Location: Niantic, CT
Time of Year:
Targeting: Stripers and False Albacore

Captain Blaine Anderson takes OTW’s Karrie-Ann Bienas out of Niantic, Connecticut, to live-line scup for stripers. Blaine explains the rigs he uses for catching the scup (porgy) and stripers, and then demonstrates how to put… Read more →

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Ice-Fishing for Trout, Salmon and Northern Pike

Location: Stockbridge Bowl and Woods Pond, Housatonic River
Time of Year:
Targeting: Trout, Salmon & Northern Pike

For one episode, On The Water turns into “On The Ice” as the crew dusts off the tip-ups for a day of ice-fishing. First up, we walk onto Stockbridge Bowl in Massachusetts, where trout and… Read more →

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Nantucket Blues and Bonito

Location: Nantucket’s Old Man Shoal and Bonito Bar
Time of Year:
Targeting: Bluefish, Stripers, Dogfish and Bonito

In this episode, On The Water turns its bow toward one of the fishiest areas in New England: Nantucket. Neal Larsson and Andy Nabreski start the action by tossing toss topwater plugs at slammer blues. Next we meet up with Jay Baver as he fishes the “Bonito Bar” with guide Peter O’Brien. Swarms of sand eels attract a slew of predators, and Jay and crew hook into “Bonito Bar” stripers, dogfish, and of course, Atlantic bonito. Read more →