• On the Water TV: Season 10 View Episodes

    Show 1: Casco Bay Stripers & Lobster
    Show 2: Trolling For Wahoo
    Show 3: Race Point Spring Stripers
    Show 4: Trolling for Stripers
    Show 5: January Cod
    Show 6: Deerfield River Trout
    Show 7: Block Island Stripers
    Show 8: Fall Run Stripers and Albies
    Show 9: PEI Giant Bluefin Tuna: Part One
    Show 10: PEI Giant Bluefin Tuna: Part Two

  • On the Water TV: Season 09 View Episodes

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    On The Water Season 9 DVD

    Show 1: Cape May Black Drum
    Show 2: Joe Cronin Memorial Fishing Tournament
    Show 3: Berkshire Bass Fishing Club
    Show 4: Boston Flounder
    Show 5: Jigging Lake Ontario Brown Trout
    Show 6: Cranes Beach Surfcasting and Nantucket Albies
    Show 7: Late-Season Pollock
    Show 8: Salmon River Kings

  • On the Water TV: Season 08 View Episodes

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    On The Water Season 8 DVD

    Show 1: Maine First Ice Pike & Perch
    Show 2: Salmon River Steelhead
    Show 3: Party Boat Canyon Fishing
    Show 4: Boston Harbor: Live Mackerel for Stripers
    Show 5: Long Island Sound: Jigging for Stripers
    Show 6: Jigging for Bluefin Tuna
    Show 7: Cape Cod Bay with Soft Plastics; Buzzards Bay Tautog
    Show 8: Boston Harbor: Pogies for Bass; Tube-and-worm Bass & Topwater Blues
    Show 9: Broodstock Salmon; Ice-fishing Cape Cod
    Show 10: BSA Smallmouth Bass in New Hampshire

  • On the Water TV: Season 07 View Episodes

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    On The Water Season 7 DVD

    Show 1: Watch Hill Fly-Rod Stripers
    Show 2: Connectict River Combo
    Show 3: Maine Soft-Plastic Smallmouths
    Show 4: Merrimack River Stripers
    Show 5: Rhode Island Albies
    Show 6: Bass, Blues and Tuna on Sebile Lures
    Show 7: Vineyard Sound Fluke
    Show 8: Striper Fishing from a Tall Ship
    Show 9: Troll and Chunk Trophy Stripers
    Show 10: Buzzards Bay Bottom Fishing

  • On the Water TV: Season 06 View Episodes

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    On The Water Season 6 DVD

    Show 1: Spring Blues
    Show 2: Maine Pike
    Show 3: Rhode Island Pogies for Stripers
    Show 4: Jigging Bluefin Tuna
    Show 5: Merrimack River Shad
    Show 6: Topwater Stripers
    Show 7: Canyon Kayak
    Show 8: New England Sharking
    Show 9: Boston Harbor Stripers
    Show 10: Nantucket Albies

  • On the Water TV: Season 05 View Episodes

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    On The Water Season 5 DVD

    Show 1: Tuna Tagging
    Show 2: Small-Pond Ice Fishing
    Show 3: Boston Harbor stripers with 2006 Grady White Winner
    Show 4: Late-summer Lily Pad Bassing
    Show 5: Live Pogies for Jumbo Blues and Bass
    Show 6: Tagging Stripers
    Show 7: Sharks and Albies
    Show 8: Marine USA Champion's Challenge on Lake Winnipesaukee
    Show 9: Canyon Overnighter
    Show 10: GUlf of Maine Sharking
    Show 11: Kennebec Trout and Salmon
    Show 12: Brown Sharking the Surf

  • On the Water TV: Season 04 View Episodes

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    On The Water Season 4 DVD

    Show 1: Stripers off Nomans Land
    Show 2: Ice fishing East Grand Lake in Maine: lake trout and salmon
    Show 3: Chatham: bluefin in the fog
    Show 4: Live-lining perch for largemouths; Nantucket bluefish
    Show 5: Connecticut: live-lining pogies for giant stripers
    Show 6: Androscoggin River trout; a look at the float stocking program
    Show 7: Relive Charlie Cinto's 1967 record striped bass
    Show 8: Quabbin Reservoir trout and salmon; Connecticut worm hatch stripers
    Show 9: Top 10 ways to catch striped bass; StriperFest 2006
    Show 10: A weekend of striper fishing at the Cuttyhunk Fishing Club
    Show 11: Stellwagen Bank topwater tuna

  • On the Water TV: Season 03 View Episodes

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    On The Water Season 3 DVD

    Show 1: Stripers on Block Island and planer board trout and salmon
    Show 2: Bluefin tuna off Cape Cod
    Show 3: Surf stripers in RI; Connecticut River fly-fishing in NH
    Show 4: Yellowfin tuna in the Canyons and trout fishing with kids
    Show 5: Wire-line stripers on Cape Cod; Carp at night
    Show 6: Block Island morning, day, night stripers and sea bass
    Show 7: Ice-fishing for perch, bass, pickerel walleye and pike
    Show 8: Hickory shad for giant stripers
    Show 9: Salmon and lakers in Maine and tube-and-word stripers
    Show 10: Ross Lake Maine, musky, trout, and whitefish
    Show 11: Spearfishing in Rhode Island for tautog
    Show 12: One Tide Challenge Tournament for stripers and blues
    Show 13: Big cod and Barnstable Harbor stripers with Lou Tabory

  • On the Water TV: Season 02 View Episodes

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    On The Water Season 2 DVD

    Show 1: Nantucket: Bluefishing on Old Man Shoal and bonito on the Bonito Bar
    Show 2: Western MA: ice-fishing for trout, salmon and northern pike
    Show 3: Niantic CT: live-lining scup for stripers and casting for false albacore
    Show 4: Stonington CT: kayak fishing for blues and stripers; Housatonic River pike fishing
    Show 5: Cape Cod: mackerel, stripers, blues, bonito and tautog
    Show 6: Swift River: fly-fishing for trout and surface striper action on Watch Hill Reef
    Show 7: Upstate NY: king salmon on the Genesee and Salmon rivers
    Show 8: Offshore derby fishing for sharks and tuna and float-tube fly-fishing for largemouth bass
    Show 9: Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Tournament: bluefish from shore and trolling for albies, bonito, and blues
    Show 10: Thames River winter stripers and Wachusett Reservoir lake trout from shore
    Show 11: School bluefin tuna on the fly rod and a giant-bluefin battle
    Show 12: Cod fishing on Stellwagen Bank
    Show 13: Cape Cod spin-cast trout; fluke off Beavertail, RI

  • On the Water TV: Season 01 View Episodes

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    On The Water Season 1 DVD

    Show 1: Striper fishing with eels along the Elizabeth Islands; sharking for blues, makos & threshers
    Show 2: Largemouth bass; how to pattern a new lake; Stripers on fly and world-record attempt
    Show 3: Stripers off Monomoy; Carp in the Connectict River; Trolling for lake trout on Lake Champlain
    Show 4: Funnyfish around Cape Cod: albies, Spanish & king mackerel
    Show 5: Offshore yellowfin tuna & mahi mahi; Boston Harbor fluke & flounder
    Show 6: Boston Harbor stripers with chunk herring; Sea bass & fluke in Buzzards Bay
    Show 7: Fluke on the flats in Rhode Island; Charles River white catfish; Summer pike in Connecticut
    Show 8: Ice-fishing for trout & salmon; Striper fishing around Block Island
    Show 9: Bluefishing off South Cape Beach; Winter cod in Boston Harbor
    Show 10: Cuttyhunk Island stripers from shore; Trolling for stripers on Sow & Pigs Reef