Rhode Island DEM Busts Striper Poacher

Reader Frank Algiere shared these photos from Thursday, November 9 in Weekapaug, Rhode Island.

The largest illegally-caught striper was about 18 inches

The largest fish was about 18 inches

“The largest fish was about 18 inches. I complimented the officer on doing a good job. He told me that another fisherman had called in a tip and that is how they caught the poacher.”

RI DEM with seized fish

Report Poachers!

If you see someone violating a fisheries regulation, make a call to your state EPOs!

Program your state’s tip line into your cell phone:
Maine: 207-287-6057
New Hampshire: 800-344-4262
Massachusetts: 800-632-8075
Rhode Island: 401-222-3070
Connecticut: 800-842-4357
New York: 1-844-332-3267
New Jersey: 1-855-OGT-TIPS
  1. John

    Obviously the laws are not strict enuff…

    Time to make examples of these scumbags…

    Plus where are the judges that are fisherman & hunters?

    Get a sportsman that’s a judge I betcha things would be different….

    Not to mention the poacher probably
    “No speak english”.
    -how convievent-

    Time to make laws stricter and stand by them.
    Take cars and everything in them.

    • Vee man

      You’re an idiot poachers are everywhere doesn’t matter if they speak English or not moron

        • G

          why would it matter if they dont speak english? what does that have to do with anything? this article doesnt mention anything of race or whether the individual spoke a language or not

        • Pg

          I speak English so I’m above the law or incapable of committing a crime. Is this the message or is it people who don’t speak English are guilty of everything. I have to agree with Vee Man John and Jay are idiots. Criminals can be rehabilitated but we can’t fix stupid.

        • Sheldon

          I’ve alway seen foreigners taking under size fish , then you say something and they dont speak english or even have a fishing licence.NOT ALL BUT MOST OF THE TIME

    • MJH7

      Take away his fishing equipment. Impose the appropriate fine. Let him spend a few days in jail and feed him sardines from a can.

  2. Another John

    Let the hate begin. I already know what people will say:

    The poacher is an illegal
    The poacher does not speak English
    The poacher is not an American Citizen
    The poacher’s name is not Smith or Jones
    The poacher is not a white male
    The poacher is a scumbag

    • John the Third!

      Citizenship status doesn’t matter. Race doesn’t matter. Language doesn’t matter. A poacher is a poacher and should be properly punished and deterred from ever doing it again. He should also compensate the Commonwealth for the resource he damaged.

      • Justin

        Well said, it could be anyone destroying the fishery in our area. I mean in Jersey I see a lot of people illegally killing fish and majority don’t speak very good english but it really could’ve be anyone

      • Bob Farrell

        What good is it to arrest them?
        The last canal poacher theft, instead of jail time or a huge fine. It was confiscation of the equipment $1255.
        All that work and effort catching these thieves for them to say I’m sorry take my equipment?
        How about fines per plus, per fish

    • Jobo Jr

      I was driving by this and heard the poachers talking. They were in their 60’s or so and not very good at speaking English. I called them trash.

    • J C

      Don’t like the last comment,

      “He’s not white… nor a jones or smith….”

      We are better then that.

      He’s an ass for taking advantage and not ruling like we all do and should, but these really no place for playing the race card.

      Blue, gray and or green… many of us luv the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and our waters, there no one that can do the same regardless of them being purple.

      I agree. I don’t care your blend!
      Just dont tread on our Mofo waters, wetlands and or plains or you will get effed

    • J C

      Your a dummy and I’m sorry for you and your mind frame!

      Poaching is failing on so many lvl’s!
      I get it, your race and narrow comments are just the same!

    • G

      lol yup you called it, a person already posted accusing them of not speaking english even though no where in the article does it mention anything about that, people find any excuse to spit racist rhetoric.

      poachers are scum, but racists are worse

    • Steve Giblin

      Don’t take away the car! Fine him take away fishing stuff,and notified ICE! That should deter these so call FISHERMEN?

  3. LEO


    • Todd

      What are you saying, LEO? Are you referring to the system, a judge, the officers? What are you implying?

  4. Erick

    About damn time RI DEM stepped up and started to punish these fools. What they need to do is go all the way up the Providence river starting in March when the herring start running. They would have a field day writing citations for illegal harvesting the Herring. Then when the stripers start moving in, they would be able to nab the fools taking undersized fish, the people who take more than the daily limit, and all people who fish there without a fishing license.

    • Flounder

      Oh no…KGBs are invading our waters too. Call Trump. He will greet them with open arms and give them get out of jail free card.

  5. Poor people play by the rules too.....it could have been a rich guy like you with gr8 connections...lets not put Race or Class as a tattoo on poachers ..I've met a lot of white collar scumnags..

    Don’t put Race and class into a poacher s tattoo.I’ve met some white collar sc um pal.

  6. Seenitbefore

    $20 these charges get dismissed or they get a slap on the wrist. Also you people talking about what language they speak..good lord you guys need to read less breitbart.

  7. Grady McCormick

    Its great to see the DEM taking action, but as I read this article I saw an article on the side bar reading “charges dismissed for canal striper poachers.” Its great that these guys are getting caught, but its time for stricter punishments. Its not fair to the rest of us who respect and value our fisheries. Hang these guys up to dry.

  8. Vince

    Stop complaining and whining. DEM got the job done and justice was serve! You’re realizing you’re getting pissed off over a bunch of fish right? There’s more problems in the world like massacre’s and rape.

    • DC

      This is a thread on a FISH-ING site!!! So YEAH, we’re pissed off about a bunch of fish…you moron.

    • RozzieBo

      You’re on the wrong thread. You need to move over to the CNN blog. This is for sportsmen and sportswomen. Obviously you maybe a poacher yourself with your blasé attitude over the theft of our resources. If anybody knows this clown watch him. He probably has a freezer full of shorts.

    • mike p

      Vinny. grow a pair on real issues. if you wanna talk about dummocrats, (and all the appropriate whining since hillorat lost because she was- and is incompetent- go find a snowflake safe place and cry your eyes out there.

    • Pg

      This is a real issue. That I care about. I don’t know Vince, but I have a feeling he’s the typical dope that throws his McDonald’s wrapers out the car window and yells and screams for government help when his power goes out for a day. Now I’m supposed to relax when a few people are destroying a natural resources. I’m not out for blood like most of the people commenting here, I think the fishing gear should be confiscated and give them a fine. There’s better candidates for jail

  9. Rick

    Just look at the recent lack of convictions with the Mass. poachers. We are all to blame because we don’t hold our legal system accountable for protecting our resources and making a real effort to deter people. I promise you after about the tenth vehicle confiscation it will end. None of these knuckleheads want to lose the ability to run out and load up their SUV’s with free EBT card groceries.

    • Flounder

      You’re so quick to judging them as folks receiving welfare. You’re right about the our legal system sucks. Whites still receiving lighter sentences or slap on the wrist on crimes. I don’t see you complaining about that.

  10. Larry Dupuis

    This is how a simple criminal gets away again. The act of breaking the law gets over shadowed with political BS. This person is guilty of breaking a law, that’s pure and simple, why confuse the issue with weither he speaks english or russian. It doesn’t matter. It’s not as if he is feeding his starving family. He is being greedy or dollar orienated or possibly just don’t give a sh-t about laws like we do. Punish him to the fullist extent of the law. And praise the warden for doing his job.

  11. Ripper

    Other fishermen turned the dirtbag in. I’ve caught many 22-28″ stripers and was encouraged to “…just throw it in your cooler” by others. There needs to be a culture of species continuity. And those who violate it need to be seen as outcasts. It’s time to hold one another accountable!!!

  12. Bob

    I’m 73 years old I’ve bin catching bass for 63 years when I was young 40 elders were every wear I became a meat hunter on the cap cod beaches selling every fish I caught all legal. Big Fish was everywhere .I go with my grandson now ptown Chatham the fish are gone the South shore all small fish all throughbacks to the air heads that don’t care about pouches don’t fish take up golf cheat in golf. Maybe there will be fish for your grand kids

  13. Al

    So were they poaching because they took too many? or too small? or out of season? I don’t know the RI rules.

    • mike p

      hi Al. theres this great thing called the “INTERNET”. if you can get on a “blog”, i’m certain ( well,,i at least have hope for you…) that you can look up simple things like seasons, limits, sizes, ETC..on any state you’re interested in. Good boy. do your homework.

  14. Mike

    I lived on the beach in RI for the past year.
    Non English speaking individuals would be on the beach every day and night with a 5 gallon bucket. Anything they catch goes in the bucket. And I mean anything.
    Completely unlawful. Poachers are a problem. Especially in RI.

    • kenmccann

      I keep my boat in a Ct marina. I like to look at everyones catch. I don’t know why, but when they speak Spanish, the bucket is usually full of illegal fish, and they are proud of the catch ken

  15. Knot local

    Names and mugshots please and it doesn’t matter race, language or class we all no well known anglers and plug builders been caught this year and their business has been still thriving. Wonder why????

  16. KenneyJig

    those bum-asses should be the ones laying on the sidewalk with cuffs on that wouldve been a better picture..

  17. SeenItToo

    Fish anywhere in NJ from Sandy Hook to Cape May. The vast majority of those filling five gallon buckets with everything they catch (and I mean EVERYTHING including four inch seabass and eight inch stripers) will claim they speak no English. But they KNOW they are breaking the law- they just don’t give a crap. Sorry folks- it is what it is.

  18. Carl Johansen

    Poaching needs to be recognized as an violation of the environment and those caught poaching, no matter who they may be, need to be penalized to what ever the laws allow. This also includes not only those who are doing the catching , but for those who do the buying of these poached resources as well . We also need to have trained officers that can communicate in the same language or at least understand what they are saying . This would also aid those folks into better understanding that the laws we have on fishing in this country are more defined and enforced for reasons of keeping our stocks available for the future generation of all fishermen

    • mike p

      Carl. appreciate your comments . “no speak English” is nothing but an
      pathetic excuse from the political left. You wanna live here? learn the local
      language. Become a legal citizen. Laugh if you want, that’s the quote from my Cuban Spanish teacher back in the day. The brave officers defending our nation and wildlife don’t need to speak other languages ( yah, spanish)… break the rules? get fined, equipment confiscated, lose your truck, go to see ICE and get deported. enough already.

  19. Neil Sullivan

    To the Editor, A good follow-up article might be a more in-depth investigation into the proceedings and judgments from some of the other poaching cases you brought to our attention earlier this year. Your readers might be interested in knowing what specifically happened to the poachers in Buzzards Bay with all the undersized sea bass for example this past Spring. Did they go to trial? Did they settle? How much was the fine/cost? What are the potential penalties? If you find that the penalties are laughable tell us the names of the judges,the courts and how we can help strengthen.

  20. Dougie

    Looks like he couldn’t catch a big one so he had to keep that many undersized. Probably was hungry. I heard they taste like chicken that small.

  21. Rob M

    Forget about race they KNOW their WRONG, make the fine 250$a fish take the gear,second offense same thing plus some time in community service along the beach.If the penalties are not paid take the license car whatever just keep making it stiffer every time

  22. andre'

    My hat off to all the state game people who do a great job to responding to calls about poaching .
    Now it is up to the courts to give them some help to stop this poaching that is so wide spread.
    I fish the cape cod canal and after the run there this year the abuse there was unbelviable the game people did there job now it is time for the courts to do there’s . Thanks for your help guys

  23. Celeste

    Taking illegal fish is happening everywhere. Like everything else that’s gone wrong in this country the cause is often ignorance. Not race, not greed, and not malice. Although there is PLENTY of just plain greed out there. I am retired and fish a lot in the warmer months and I do see people taking buckets full of illegal fish of any kind and size. That is NOT an exaggeration and it happens every time I fish. Yes… every time. And yes, often the guilty can’t speak english and are foreign. And also lower income. That is not their fault. So I take the time to explain to them what the limits are and I even keep a pile of regulation cards in my bag and hand them out. Having said that I find that I am, with few exceptions, a.ignored b. cursed and/or c. threatened. I try to tell them that the DEM may stop by and can confiscate their equipment and even their car and that I am trying to help them AND the environment.
    The DEM, which is well understaffed, can’t do enough to stop them. Licenses should be revoked for at least a season with the understanding that, if caught fishing when revoked, their will be very serious penalties.
    It seems to me that if their were more officers and greater enforcement of the rules the fines would pay their salaries and then some! I truly care about the environment and the health of our oceans. If we don’t help keep the natural balance of the ocean we are doomed. That is a fact. I know I’ll take heat for this but the commercial fisheries are out of control and are destroying the balance.
    Last year the Sakonnet River was teaming with Menhaden. Then the troller came in over and over targeting the great masses of this very important baitfish to turn it into fertilizer. This year the menhaden made sparse appearances. Its no surprise that the larger fish are dimishing. Their staple food is being wiped out.
    We, the surfcasters, are not to blame. But we can’t allow ourselves to be part of the problem. So let’s get out there and educate our fellow fishermen and if they choose to ignore us PHONE THE DEM! I’ve done it again and again and though understaffed they make every effort to check out the situation. I’ve been told both here and in New Jersey that “it’s a lot of paperwork and time to impose penalties.” I encourage our officers to take the time. It seems that hitting people in the pocketbook is the only way that some people learn the lesson. SO let’s be part of the solution. Educate those ignorant of the laws, report abuses and maybe those of us who care and truly love fishing for the right reasons can enjoy it once again.

  24. Celeste

    sorry… my computer keeps writing their for there. I forgot to add that i am from NJ and now reside in Rhode Island. Rhode Island DEM officers are great but we definitely need more. We have an astounding number of registered fishermen here!

  25. Flounder

    How come there are so many people here assumed the perps are foreigners? Are they the only ones doing illegal things? If that’s the case I’d like to assume all the white people are nazis and sex offenders.

  26. Jeff

    We should find out who these and other poachers are. Then post there pictures up all over web forums. This way the whole fishing community knows who they are.. We can then shun them and put them under a microscope too make sure that they are not doing it again.

  27. Ken

    I’m mostly a bass fisherman but started to do some salt water fishing a few years ago. I m from Lancaster Pa. and i drive to new jersey shore about twice a month. It is very disappointing catching a bunch of short fish and putting them back while the more local people i see keeping the short ones. those outlaws come in all sorts of shape , color and sizes and speech in a lot of languages including perfect English. To fix the problem with poaching there should be a reward for turning them in. I would have been able to buy a beach house already.


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