Report: June Bluefin Tuna Bite

June 07, 2013 by

On Wednesday, June 5, the weather forecast and the bluefin tuna reports from the waters off the backside of Cape Cod were too good to ignore. I jumped aboard Captain Bobby Rice’s Seacraft to fish with Craig Cantelmo of Van Staal, who was looking to test out a prototype of the new VM275 reel. We were lucky enough to put the reel to the test on a big bluefin tuna that snatched a RonZ tuna jig. Here are some photos from an incredible day on the tuna grounds that included an all-day whale show and a basking shark sighting. And check out the video from the Cynthia C, one of the “stickboats” that was out harpooning bluefin tuna for the commercial market.



Van Staal

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