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Worth the Walk – Salmon River Report

When a steelhead first hits enters the river, it’s more tuna than trout. It has spent anywhere from the past 8 months to the past 3 years swimming through the vast waters of Lake Ontario, hunting pelagic baitfish like alewives. Its back is a dark black, its sides, a brilliant chrome, and its belly as white as the driven snow. Read more →

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2015 Tournament Calendar

Fishermen looking to add some excitement to their fishing this season can participate in one of the many fishing tournaments taking place throughout the Northeast. There are contests for just about every species that swims… Read more →



A Sucker is Born

Suckers are sadly misunderstood by many anglers who think that they are invasive species (they’re not), a sign of polluted water (quite the opposite) or that they destroy trout populations by devouring their eggs (also untrue). Read more →