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Night Ice

Every winter, if the ponds lock up around the On The Water office, there’s talk of cashing in on the nighttime crappie bite through the ice.

Kayak, Saltwater, Stripers & Blues

Kayaking the Elizabeth Islands

The Islands provide a wild, undeveloped backdrop to the giant boulder fields and eel grass that make the Elizabeths a striper fisherman’s dream. Watch as Kevin and Chris navigate these obstacles with ease via kayak, pulling trophy bass out of some of the Northeast’s most technical fishing spots. Read more →

Fly, Saltwater

New England Weakfish

Early season action on Cape Cod usually involves migrating striped bass and bluefish, but this past spring, another visitor made a strong appearance in the area — squeteague. More commonly known as weakfish, these fanged fish are voracious predators and violent fighters, yet they tend to fly under most anglers’ radars. Read more →