Mako vs Dolphin Off Block Island

While fishing for bonito off of Block Island, OTW Reader Nicholas Wagner snapped these amazing photos when he spotted a large mako feeding on a dolphin . He also included a brief description of the trip below. Thank you Nicholas for sharing these photos.

“These photos were taken on 9/7/13, southeast of Block Island on a bluefin fishing/sharking trip on the “Shark Bait” – Capt. Kyle Lovejoy.

The day yielded several Bonito, a large Mako hook up (never boat side), a large Blue Shark hook up (released) and a lot of life swarming the boat and in our vicinity (i.e. Thresher looks, pods of dolphins and a humpback whale visit).

The climax of the trip was the Mako feeding frenzy that I captured here.

On the way back to dock we spotted, what looked like, a large round slick. As we approached the area we saw a dolphin, bottle nose up, bobbing on the surface. To our surprise his bottom half was missing. As we circled the scene a very territorial Mako, that we suspect was in the 300 lb class, began taking sizable bites out of the dolphin. The Mako proceeded to send us a message by ramming the hull, circling back and biting the running props…stalled the engine! We then attempted to lure it with a hook bait of Mackerel, but before long the beast pulled the dolphin to the depths and out of sight. We stuck it out for twenty minutes or so, hoping for another glimpse, but conceded that our friend had moved on..”

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  1. Mario

    Those are amazing photos I heard there was a lot of makos around the island this confirms it !!


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