Win A SPOT GEN3 Global Satellite GPS Messenger!

Congratulations to John Lunedei for winning the SPOT GEN3 giveaway!

  1. Ramon Bobea

    Many times I am out of range and I’m not able to
    make a phone call, you can’t be hunting and stressing ,
    wearing about if somebody gets hurt and you can’t
    make a call . The Spot GEN3 will definitely make our
    lifes a lot easier , I hope I am lucky enough to Win and
    good luck to everyone else

  2. Curtis

    Just starting to run 50 miles offshore I search of tuna.
    This would make me a lot more comfortable. It would make my family happier as well.
    Nice equipment.


    My lab is my co-captain, works every time running across Vineyard Sound in a bad slop!!!


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