Upgrade Your Dockside Fillet Table

You’ve just returned to the dock after a long day and a successful fishing trip with a limit of fluke, sea bass, or blackfish. Do you really want to spend the next hour bent over a makeshift fillet board on the lid of a cooler?

You, my friend, deserve a dockside fillet station. Not one of those public-dock wooden tables covered in knife gouges and a thick layer of old slime and gurry, but a professional King Starboard surface that holds your catch steady while you cut and can be easily washed and sanitized between sessions. And a cup holder. You deserve that, too.

An old fillet table isn’t just an eyesore, it’s dangerous. Cutting fish on a wobbly surface can lead to a slip of the knife. A filthy table can contaminate your fillets. And a makeshift cutting board at the wrong height can wreck your back and put you out of commission for the next trip.dock fillet table mahi

Check out the high-quality fish cleaning stations and fish cleaning tables sold by Boat Outfitters. They’re constructed with durable King Starboard components and powder-coated aluminum legs that will withstand the seaside elements. The tables are available in two sizes: 40″ wide and 48″ wide, with optional drawers that make a great storage area for your knives and accessories. The fish cleaning station has a built-in sink that is a perfect companion for your dock or outdoor kitchen area.

fish cleaning station sink


If you’re concerned about conserving dock space, check out their cantilevered base that angles the table out over the water and away from foot traffic. And if you already have a sturdy base in place, you can simply order a custom fillet table top. It will be built to your exact specifications, so you can simply slide it in place.

Fish cleaning table dock overhang

You can also choose from a range of accessories to trick out your table, including a knife holder that conceals your sharp blade, a second shelf for bagging up clean fillets, and a drink holder for keeping cold liquid refreshment close at hand.

fish cleaning table accessories


For more information, visit Boat Outfitters or give them a call at (866) 633-9204.

fish cleaning table overhang dock
  1. Ed Frantz

    Like the table, but am wondering if it could be made portable by mounting the brackets to the dock with table legs slide over male end of brackets? If/when I want to store for winter, take inside, etc, it could simply be lifted out of the permanently mounted brackets. Is that something you guys could do?


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