C-MAP Featured Hotspot: Minots Ledge

Minots Ledge is the most recognized of the Stellwagen Ledges, which are located one mile offshore of Cohasset and Scituate, Massachusetts. MInots is marked by an 87-foot tall granite lighthouse, known as Minots Ledge Light.

Minot' s Ledge hi-res bathymetric map

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The dramatic structure around the exposed rocks of Minots often holds feeding stripers, particularly at first light. Topwater plugs cast among the rocks will draw out hungry bass.

Minot' s Ledge hi-res bathymetric custom map

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The area is also known to hold mackerel, particularly from late May until early June. Head east of Minots and nearby Davis Ledge to look for schools of mackerel in deeper water, and jig them up with Sabiki rigs. You’ll often find big bass cruising underneath the mackerel schools, or you can slow-troll the live macks around the edges of Minots and the other Stellwagen ledges. Many cow-sized stripers are taken from this area on live mackerel every June.

Minot's Ledge

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The deep, cool water around Minots can hold stripers through the summer, but deep trolling with leadcore line or fishing live bait is often necessary to find summertime bass.

Big bluefish often move into the ledges by July. Trolling deep-diving plugs is a great way to cover water and locate the schools of bluefish.

  1. Fred lilienkamp

    Where is the nearest/best launch point for a kayak or a 16ft. motorboat to get to Minot’s?

    • Captain Mac

      All the beaches close to Minot are resident only, so find a friend to park your car and you can launch your kayak fro Minot Beach. Best bet for the motorboat is the Public Ramp in Scituate. Very accessible, plenty of parking, great harbor. Good Luck!


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