C-MAP Featured Hotspot: 17 Fathoms

This extensive area of hard bottom at the western edge of the Mud Hole has been a popular spot for New York and New Jersey fishermen for generations.

The rough bottom attracts baitfish and crustaceans, which in turn brings in a variety of fish from bottom dwellers like cod, tog and black sea bass, to mid-water species like bluefish, bonito, and false albacore.

17 Fathoms hi-res bathymetric custom map

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The depth in the area runs from 94 feet to 102 feet (or 17 fathoms), with surrounding depths dropping down to 128 feet. In addition to the natural structure, the rubble from the Holland Tunnel and New York City subway systems is strewn about the area, providing even more nooks and crannies for crabs and baitfish to hide.

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In the winter months, ling, blackfish, and the occasional cod feed in this area, while warmer weather brings sea bass, bluefish, and false albacore.

17 Fathoms hi-res bathymetric map

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Most fishermen drift through this area, chunking and jigging for the blues and bottom-bouncing with clams for the cod, ling, and sea bass. For blackfish, anchoring and fishing with green, white-legger, or hermit crabs is the best tactic.

  1. gregory camilleri

    Where is the mud hole. Going out from New Jersey starting from where and how many miles from shore is the trip? thank you.

  2. Felipe Diaz

    What are the names of the party boats that provide fishing at the Mud Hole? Thank you in advance for your professionalism regarding this request.


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