OTW’s Most Popular Instagram Photos of 2017

Below are the 10 most popular photos we posted to the On The Water Instagram account in 2017 (number 1 took me by surprise).

Thanks to all of our followers who tagged us (#onthewatermagazine) and messaged us with great fishing photography throughout the year. A new fishing season starts in just a couple weeks, and we can’t wait to see your photos of it.

10. Albie Upchuck

9. First Albie Feels

8. Long Island Kayak Cow

7. NJ Fall Run Kickoff

6. Tog Time in Newport

Tog-vember. #tautog #blackfish #onthewatermagazine

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5. Seven Stripes

4. Surfcaster’s Best Friend

3. Skinny Bass, Fat Bass

2. Sunset Schoolie

1. Baby Bonito

And for kicks, our least popular post of 2017: Shad Essentials

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