OTW Reader Submission: Tarpon vs. Hammerhead Shark

OTW reader Phoenix Russell got a first-hand look at the food chain in action during a winter escape to the Florida Keys. While fighting what would have been her first-ever tarpon Phoenix learned that in the ocean, sooner or later, everything becomes bait.

  1. Andrew

    This happened to me off of Key West two years ago. We were out trolling for mutton snapper. We hooked a nice 15 pounder and after a quick fight the line went slack after a thump. All of a sudden the scream of the line peeling off the reel that we all love started and a hour and a half up came a 300lb Bull Shark from the deep. Happened in Mass. too. We were reeling in a 3ft baby mako when a 350+lb blue shark made quick work of the mako. Everything does become bait eventually in the ocean.


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