Northwest CT Inland Waters Report – September 7, 2016

Report Provided By Mountain Meadow Outfitters and Charters’ Master Capt. James BS, MBA, MMO

Drift Boat “Still Water” fly fishing has been productive with Catch-Release of large Brown Trophy Trout, medium size Rainbows and some Largemouth Bass attacking deeply drifted flies.

Just before first light testing of the water column has produced Browns moving from shallows to deep water ledges with takes on size 3 spey flies imitating black nose dace. Fly rods size 2 wt to 8 wt and switch/spey rods 11-14′ drifting Spey/Dees and Atlantic Salmon Flies quickly off the ledges have triggered furious takes…just not enough light for photos.


Mid Day hatches matched with mosquito, slate drakes, black gnat imitations in sizes 18-14 continue to fool some Rainbows from 9-12 inches with pan fish entering into the mix for continuous action. Hatches vary but average 12:40-2:10 P.M. Black ants with red or white butts have worked well some days, no so much on others.


After a gourmet lunch from our portable Kitchen and a taste of Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip cookies and cold specialty coffees, late afternoon drifts really celebrate the Switch/Spey Fly Rod. Systematic casts covering large areas of deep water without fatigue really add to a day well spent on the water. In and out of the Drift Boat, everyone has learned quickly and remarks positively about the gear. Its been hot so an after lunch swim has been a welcome relaxation as well.


Welcoming dusk has been the invitation for hungry Browns to come to dinner. Reversing our strategy from deep water to ledges to shallows has produced some furious action. Fast and jerking retrieves seem to have been the better strategy. Silver Doctors, Hairy Mary and Black Dose Atlantic Salmon flies work well in the evenings. By 8:00-940 P.M. the bite slows until just before first light…”

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