NJ Fishing Regulations: Fluke Season Extended by 8 Days

The New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council voted to extend Summer Flounder (Fluke) season by 8 days yesterday, changing the official close date from September 16th to September 24th. On The Water contributor Michael Shipton attended the meeting. Here is his summary of how they reached the decision:

“There were three options for extending the season the NJMFC was considering for implementation:
1. Add 0 days
2. Add 6 Days
3. Add 11 days.
During the public comments section of the meeting, a majority of the speakers voiced an opinion for option 3 (11 days). Several speakers who represented major organizations (i.e. RFA and United Boatmen) voiced an opinion that option 2 was the best course of action as it would give an additional weekend and somewhat insulate future years reductions. Before the council voted on which option to accept, Council Woman Eleanor Bochenek proposed a compromise of a fourth option of 8 additional days added to the end of the season. This compromise was voted on and passed by a margin of 5-4.”

For all of New Jersey’s 2013 Fishing Regulations, click here.

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