NJ DEP to Announce Opposition to Federal Fluke Cuts

On Friday, January 27, at 10 a.m., Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin and U.S. Congressman Frank Pallone will join dozens of members of New Jersey’s fishing community, state legislators, and local officials to announce their opposition to proposed federal cuts for summer flounder.

The press conference is in response to votes last month by the Atlantic State Marine Fisheries Commission and the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council that could reduce New Jersey’s recreational harvest limit for summer flounder, or fluke, by as much as 50 percent, which would have dramatic, adverse impacts to the state’s fishing industry and shore tourism.

Anglers are encouraged to attend in person to support the opposition of these proposed cuts.

The event will be held at Fishermen’s Supply Co., 69 Channel Drive, Point Pleasant Beach. Parking on Channel Drive is encouraged as the event will take part in the parking lot.

Directions from Garden State Parkway:
Take Exit 98 to Rt. 34 South
Go 4 miles on Rt. 34 South, passing one traffic circle, before continuing straight on Rt. 35 South
Go about 2 miles on Rt. 35 South. After crossing Manasquan River Bridge, make sharp left onto Hawthorne Avenue to access Rt. 35 North
Go 4/10th of a mile on Rt. 35 North, then turn right onto Broadway
Take first left from Broadway onto Channel Drive. Go 3/10th of a mile. Destination is on the left.

  1. John

    Why are we all the time being penalized. Don’t you think something should be done about the commercial fisherman as well. I think they should have to go by are size limits. I don’t think they should be any different .

    • jim

      i think they kill or damage the fish to much to throw back /cut there season or pound limit they take more than all the sport fishermen that spend a lot of money on boats tackle and gear or
      party boat 50 to 100 to fish 8 hrs no fish to keep makes you want to go out again.

    • Louis Albo

      I agree with you.They are the one destroying the Fluke fishing.They are throwing back a lot of shorts that are dead in there nets

  2. Scott McGahey

    Will be at press conference as a volunteer for the NJOA and supporter of commissioner Martins stance on the 2017 summer flounder regulations and cuts !!!

  3. Gary Sloan

    Finally the powers to be are reacting to the failure of poorly informed and failed regulations. Every model of management plans in all phases of wildlife always regulate to utilize the largest portion of the biomass. Why when it comes to flounder we kill the best breeders and forbid the keeping of the best representation of the biomass. Sounds like a failure, looks like a failure, and since the inception has been a failure. They seem to be designed to dismay anglers and destroy the recreational fishery and all the related businesses. Thankfully the call to arms has come.

    • Capt. Nikki

      I agree. Im from Charleston SC an we are having similar issues with Spot Tail/Red fish. Laws were passed a couple years back limiting size as well as limits per person due ti what was believed to be low species numbers an possibility of being added to endangered list. Now from this law being passed our blue crab catch has decreased By 50%. Trying to increase these #’s has put Blue crab in the low #’s. Because one spot tail can alone eat several crab daily. The natural balance of our wildlife has been compromised because someone was misinformed. I think to resolve these ussues we need to involve those who are the most knowledge, Commercial fishermen and guidesthat are there daily need to play thir part in informing our DNR on these things.
      Now the Blue Crab catch will suffer driving prices out the roof and we suffer. The people approving these ideas have no true clue as to whats realy going on.

    • John Rapetsky

      Let’s all start poaching. It’s the only way to to feed yourself in today’s society. Trump make us great again

      • marko

        you could work to feed yourself. or maybe all those popular minimum wage jobs are taken up by the illegals?

  4. Andy

    A thing like this would all but end the Charter, Party Boat ans Tackle business in New Jersey. Because of the weird science used to judge the Bio-Mass many jobs would and could be closed. Real assessments are needed for this fishery not a knee jerk reaction. As we fight the Trawlers are out there taking the breeding female fish. We need sound data to decide what we should do !

  5. Alex Lynn

    I strongly OPPOSE federal fluke regulations as it will damage the recreational shore economy!!!!

    • Bruce Smith

      I also OPPOSE the federal fluke regulations for recreational fishing and think commercial fluke fishing should be looked at more, as far imposing stronger regulations. Let me take my grandaughter fishing and let her have a good experience.

  6. Joe Rossi

    We need better scientific evidence to make intelligent decisions on regulations.
    It seems obvious to me that we have to limit harvesting the breeders. We should be taking smaller fish & releasing the breeders.

  7. JAck

    It’s been very difficult in South Jersey to find keepers as it is. We catch so many throw-backs and many of them don’t survive. I’d like to see the size limit reduced to 15 or 16″ even if it means reducing the number of fish. This way people can go out, have fun, catch a few fish, and head home. We shouldn’t have to go out 20 miles to reef 11 to catch a keeper flounder. It results in a much longer day, much more fuel burned, many more fish killed – but not eaten, and a lot less fun.

  8. Brenda Norcross

    I’m an out of state angler that comes to new Jersey yearly, I stand behind NJ fight against federal regulations to cut by half, the taking of founder and fluke.

  9. Ronald H Mattson Sr

    So many special interest groups,especially aligned with ASMFC, to have any quantitative research reviewed if it ever is accomplished. Those now doing the research are looking ahead to their next grant. We will never drain this swamp. The only possible way to accomplish anything is the way the Gulf Coast States did it under the guidance of GCCA.

  10. Jim Zendman

    Please publish the names and addresses where we can send emails or letters protesting the proposed cuts. Also a form letter to copy and paste (or print out and mail) will be easy for everyone to do!

  11. Larry

    I also appose these regulations no concrete evidence that fluke are over fished We had one good day in2016 the rest were mainly shorts and a lot of them

  12. Bob Langelius, Sr.

    Fluke Fishing in New Jersey and New York /L.I. south shore are synonymous!!
    Why the hell don’t the Feds limit the Industrial killing of fluke for a couple of seasons and see if there is improvement!
    If I ran a Commercial Boat I’d get hurt, temporarily, BUT the INDUSTRY may be saved and that’s the BOTTOM LINE!!
    Let’s face it Fluke fishing IS FISHING, for the area!

  13. Mark R

    I’ll take objective scientific advice over political lobbying by fishing special interest groups, whose only interests are their own short-term selfish catches, rather than our children’s. I absolutely agree there should be further scientific analysis of the health of the fluke stock, but until that is available, the precautionary principal should apply.

    What will do more damage to the fishing economy: Cut quotas now for a couple of years while maintaining a relatively healthy population, or have them crash in a few years and take many more to recover?

    History is littered with examples of fisheries being decimated for years and years because scientists’ advice was ignored, or acted on too late, after lobbying by fishermen (both recreational and commercial). Take for example the winter founder. Still scarce compared to historical levels and barely recovering despite being a 2 fish limit for the last 6 years.

    I am very disappointed that the NJ DEP has bowed to political pressure, though not surprised, as fish don’t have a vote, and neither do our children.

    If the regulations do not change I urge everyone to self-limit to two fish per day, as I shall be for 2017.

  14. Ken

    No automatic alt text available.
    I support the 40% reduction. My reason, the future of the summer flounder fishery. The most deadly mistake made by regulators has been delaying or forgoing scientific harvest reductions. The results have been devastating! The total collapse of the weakfish stock comes to mind. The once robust fall Striped Bass fishery in Cape May, NJ , is now nonexistent. Charter boats and motels would be booked a year in advance. Marinas full of boats until January. Lines at Wawa at 5:00 am. All gone , due to indecision. Short – term financial gain for a few should never be a factor in managing our precious summer flounder , or any other natural resource. Ironically, the same businesses that claim they can not afford the lost business from the harvest reduction, will end up totally bankrupt without it.

    The expansion of the special management zones and State specific quotas would retain the keeper size flounder at 18″. Create reasonable expectations and access for NJ summer flounder fishermen. Yet, Accomplishing the 40% harvest reduction. Ensuring the future of our summer flounder fishery. I urge you to take a look at this option.

  15. Kaheem Evans

    its the boats that’s messing things up for fishing. i feel with all the hard work and money we put into fishing it should pay off. we need more fish to be given this is why a lot of people take fish because we spend a lot of money and i also feel the states not playing fare as far as they rules of fishing, I honestly think you can’t fish something out if the rules were fare enough.


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