NJ Anglers To See Fluke Reduction in 2014


New Jersey anglers will be allowed to keep fewer fluke this year, to the benefit of neighboring New York, under a decision made Tuesday by the Atlantic State Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC).

New York anglers have complained for years about their strict fluke regulations (in 2013, NY had a 19-inch minimum size and four fish creel limit, while NJ and CT had a 17.5-inch size limit and five fish creel). Since 2002, the system has awarded each state a quota, and the states determine their own regulations to meet that quota. New Jersey has received 39.1 percent and New York 17.6 percent of the East Coast quota.

Measures approved Tuesday establish a regional system, lumping New Jersey, New York and Connecticut into one of four regions. Every state within a region must have the same regulations. While officials from NJ, NY and CT still must meet to determine them, one proposal would include an 18-inch keeper, a four-fish bag limit and 128-day season. (Each state can determine which days fishing is allowed, but it must be the same number of days.)

In a press release, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo called the decision “a big victory for our fishing industries, especially on Long Island.” Tom Fote, a New Jersey representative on the ASMFC, voted against the measure and expressed his displeasure in a Press of Atlantic City article. “Our allocation is basically going to New York. It sets a bad precedent where they basically take fish from one state and give it to another, because New York has been crying for six years,” said Fote.

Another region will include only Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Based on that decision, RI stands to gain fish this year. Massachusetts and Rhode Island will need to meet to decide on the regulations that would apply to both states.

A third region includes Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, which could mean two sets of fluke regulations for the waters of Delaware Bay.

What do you think of regional management – does this decision represent “fluke fairness”? Tell us in the comments.

Click below for the full article:
Press of Atlantic City: “Decision puts more New Jersey fluke on New York hooks for 2014”

  1. Russ Romond

    I don’t think “Regional Management” is fair for any state. All states should have the same quotas, period. Otherwise, its a “divide & conquer” process where the ASMF spend most of their time infighting between states, rather than working to increase the Fluke stock & get the increase in quotas that all the sportsman deserve. We need to get back to the early quotas between Commercial & Sportsman interests.

  2. James R Brittle

    I think that they should leave things the way they are .well if they need to raise the size limit but keep the creel limit the same. Look they are messing with the striper fishing regs can’t they leave anything alone? Well let NY have Thier size and limit worked on leave the rest of us out of it

  3. Victor

    I think the Fluke regs should be the same for all. Fluke are migratory fish. We should look at our commercial regs and by catch. It is a shame that the the commercial fisherman can not include the by catch into there quota.

  4. Richard J. Miller

    As an avid Fisherman from NY, I have fished on private and party boats usually based in NY. We have fished next to NJ boats in both NY waters, NJ waters and offshore I am glad to see an amicable solution on the same species. This should be for all species in adjacent waters. Now if could only get the commercial fisherman in on the system

    Good Job.

  5. Richard Fuchs

    This measure is about time in coming. NJ and CT has for years been allowed to catch more and smaller fish from the same waters that we in NY have to fish. I for one was tired of having to throw fish back when the guy in the next boat with NJ reg. got to keep the fish I just released. Sorry if the NJ and CT fisherman feel slighted. But this is the first step on Regulations that are equal to all. And along the entire coast.

  6. anthony diorio

    its about time someone did something
    I mean we share the same waters fish travel the distance back and forth from state to state why wouldn’t we have the same rules I through fish back for years and Jersey picks them up that may explain why NY haven’t seen big fluke in years
    maybe this will help only time will tell
    I also think they should regulate the commercial fishing boats more and keep them out of the bays they really do a damage on the great south bay for the early fishing season

  7. Ken Sass

    New York may be happy now but, if more stringent regulations come down the pike for the new region, they will backing out of the regional approach a lot faster than the six years it took to get it approved.

  8. ed rust

    limit the commercial fleets killing all the smaller flounder by the thousands and limiting the average fluke enthusiast , there are more fluke around last year than ive seen in years and the recreational and party boats keep taking the blame .

  9. John fox

    Yes us New Yorkers have been crying about the unfairness NOW let’s hear NEW JERSEY cry. Waaaaaaa<~~~. And yes I think this is very fair and it's about time !!!!!!!

  10. Vincent Sabatino

    Sounds like the US Government is poking around in the Fishing Community trying to make it a socialistic state , Cry and you get equality? Do we need border patrols and or State Fishing licenses?
    Please have people that know and care about the Fishing Community have a say in these convoluted “laws” that we really don’t need or want , not just somebody who is a good community organizer or fund raiser for elected officials that don’t know a fish from a clam.

  11. ray

    looks like not too many boats coming from N.J. waters to N.Y. waters. when the fishing is good same size & limit for all. when the fishing is bad same size & limit for all.


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