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We sift through all the new gear in the fishing world to introduce you to product upgrades, new gear and what’s likely to be the next hot thing.

This month we bring you Cuda Gaffs, Big Tuna Teasers Humboldt Squid Bird Bar, Sterling Tackle Wide Tracker Spreader Bar, Grundens Deck-Boss Boots and Simrad’s latest: the AP48 Autopilot Controller.

Simrad AP48 Autopilot Controller

The Simrad AP48 Autopilot Controller provides an ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle and full access to advanced Continuum steering features including Automated Turn Patterns, No Drift Steering, and Depth Contour Tracking, in addition to a large aluminum rotary control dial and dedicated ‘dodge’ keys. The new AP48 offers users an intuitive interface with a larger rotary control dial and other extended keypad controls. The rotary dial provides precise steering control, while dodge keys enable instant heading changes in one-degree or ten-degree increments.

Big Tuna Teasers Humboldt Squid Bird Bar

The Big Tuna Teasers Humboldt Squid Bird Bar is constructed with 150-pound-test teaser lines and a 300-pound-test main line that runs through a hub all the way down to the stinger bait. The stinger is weighted to provide a swooping action, while the 5 birds across the top help the bar stay afloat and provide a large surface area of commotion to attract fish. The stinger is detachable via a 350-pound ball-bearing snap swivel. The Humboldt Bird Bar is available with 7-, 9-, 11-, or 13-inch squid.

Cuda Gaffs

The line of Cuda Gaffs is designed to deliver deadly accuracy while remaining lightweight. Each Gaff features a carbon fiber shaft and corded grips, plus, all gaffs float in the event they go overboard. Gaffs are available with 4-, 6- and 8-foot shafts, and 2-, 3-, and 4-inch hooks.

Sterling Tackle Wide Tracker Spreader Bar

The 18-inch Sterling Tackle Wide Tracker Spreader Bar is made with an angled keel under the bar bird that causes the bar to track up to 25 feet outward from its normal tracking line, depending on speed, wind, and sea conditions. This allows you to widen your spread, which can be especially helpful for smaller boats without outriggers. Available with 6- or 9-inch squids in port and starboard versions.

Grundens Deck-Boss 15-inch Boot

Built with a rigid toe cap and an injection molded upper, the Grundens Deck-Boss 15-inch Boot is engineered to be tough and durable. Patented “Herkules Grip” synthetic rubber provides superior traction on wet surfaces while the flexible upper folds down when the full 15-inch height is not needed. Engineered to mimic the bilge space in a boat, the insole is comprised of two separate levels, or “decks.” The softer upper deck is perforated, allowing liquid to drop into the bilge space, and can be replaced with after-market insoles for a more customized fit. The lower deck sits on pilings that create bilge space for liquid to accumulate. There are scuppers around the perimeter of the lower deck to allow liquid to drain into the bilge space.

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