Massive 70-Pound Plus Connecticut Striper

Congratulations to Connecticut Capt. Blaine Anderson on landing a fish of a lifetime, a 57-inch striped bass estimated to weigh about 74 pounds! Blaine is no stranger to big fish – he has put clients on numerous 40 and 50 pound bass guiding on the waters of Long Island Sound around Niantic, Connecticut. This fish was caught on Blaine’s first trip out on the ocean to do some research for an upcoming charter. What a way to start the season!

Blaine Anderson Connecticut 74-pound striped bass

Capt. Blaine Anderson of Connecticut with a massive striped bass caught May 23, 2012 on a live scup.

The Connecticut coastline’s reputation for producing big bass is no longer a secret. The current world record striped bass, an 81-pounder caught by Greg Myerson, was captured in Connecticut waters last August on a live eel.

Blaine’s big bass was caught on a live scup – a technique that Blaine shared on an episode of On The Water TV – on the second drift of the day, and the last minute of the dramatic fight was captured on video. It’s the largest striper ever filmed, as far as we know. Enjoy the video, and try to imagine what it would be like to see your striper of a lifetime come up next to the boat!



You can read the full account of the catch on Blaine’s Anderson Guide Service blog. It’s a long striper season, and we’re just getting started. If you book a striper trip with Blaine, or another captain known for putting clients on big bass, make sure that you sign up for The Striper Cup before you go!


  1. Stewart Rosen

    I appreciate a sportsman – a fish of a lifetime released to breed again. Congratulations on a great job!!

  2. Dan Gayer

    Congrats on the fish of a lifetime…and even more on the release! There’s nothing better than watching a big fish swim away healthy. I hope more fishermen follow your example!

  3. matt

    nice fish! 70+ dont think so. dont want to be a hater but it is what it is> 50’s mid to lower 60’s maby

  4. Page Rogers

    Just awesome!! What a season this is shaping up to be! I’m thrilled for you Blaine


    Nothing beats a fish late thaty swimming away that fish will be a record size by the fall maybe she will swallow another scup for me

  6. Rob

    THANK YOU for releasing. Now that fish can be caught again!!

    Great job

    If more catch and release was done there would be bigger and bigger fish!

  7. Robert Berg

    This man is my hero. Not too many of us would release such an amazing catch of a lifetime. How great of him to do so. Thanks.

  8. Rich Binell

    You are a river to your people.
    And we are your people.
    Inspiring, both for releasing the fish, and for the amazing calm you exhibited while catching the type of fish our fathers regularly killed and ate.
    May you and your fish have many sons and daughters.
    Thank you.

  9. Mike

    You think that he revived that fish! No Way . Filleted and released was what he did

  10. Barry

    That is a very nice fish! The only thing i didnt like is how the fish was left on the deck of the boat . Proper catch and release techniques go a real long way . If a fish is going to be released it should never be out of the water that long ! As a guide who handles fish for a living I would expect him to have his act together a little more than that . sorry not hating just stating the truth !

  11. Andy

    I see fish this size all summer. I’d be willing to bet my boat that if he had put the fish on a scale it would’ve topped off at 55 lbs. attention to all anglers THE FORMULA for estimating weight does NOT work. Great fish and kudos for releasing but consider that barely 10 fish over 70 lbs have been caught it takes balls to say 74 lbs on an estimate.

    • kenny


  12. Sean

    Amazing catch, and great display of sportsmanship and conservation. Way to go Capt. Anderson! Also, a testament to what sport fishing is all about, let’s make the Striper Cup, a Catch and Release tournament only!

    • Sean

      upon further review, after reading the article in the forecast section, the capt. was unable to revive the fish successfully and it perished, good intentions though. If that is the case, why is there no “official weight” and only the “formula”?

  13. Eric

    amazing video!!! congratz!!! did i hear the fish was released? hope so, what a beautiful fish, unreal

  14. eric

    after reading blaines blog and hearing the fish didnt make it, im left to wonder; if release was planned from the begining, why wasent more care taken in the handling? especialy from a captian who claims to release 95%of his catch? and since it did die, why wasent an official weight done?

  15. JOEY

    In no way am I discrediting Mr. Andersons catch. However…..its the video that seems abit suspect. I have never seen a striper come to the surface belly up and not putting up any kind of fight when it got close to the boat. Was the fish sent back out after being caught and then filmed ? The thing looks like it is completely wiped out. Why did it not survive ? If it was caught, brought to the boat, measured/weighed and put right back, it should have survived right ? Once again, congrats on an incredible catch.

    Matt, that fish is 70lbs all day !!

  16. Rick

    Very nice fish for sure, but this is pretty misleading. My best personal fish was 51lbs , and it was just as big as that fish. Plus there is no way that fish is 57.5 inches, just look at the ruler. I live to striper fish….and that fish was not revived. That was a definite candidate for release.


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