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I’d always found one of the limitations of using big soft plastics like the Slug-Go in saltwater to be the lack of good jigheads available to pair with these baits. Jigheads with hooks sturdy enough to handle heavy stripers were often too heavy to fish in shallow surf or boulder fields. Jigs with light-enough heads had hooks that a sizeable bass could easily twist open.

When Joe D’Agostino bought his first jig mold when starting Joebaggs Tackle in 2012, he was experiencing the same frustration with the available saltwater jigheads. “This mold, for its time, was cutting edge and gave new life to an existing product,” said D’Agostino.

He created the SPJ, a jighead built with a double-collar to hold soft plastics in place, and an oversized hook that wouldn’t straighten under the power of a monster striper.

As the popularity of Joebagg’s jigheads and bucktails has grown, so has their line of products. “Currently we have over 240 SKU’s that covers smaller species like fluke, tog, and seabass; medium-sized fish like stripers, blues, and snook; and larger species like cobia and tarpon,” D’Agostino said. One of his recent offerings is the Gulpie—a jighead designed specifically to present Berkley Gulp to fluke.

One of those products is tailored specifically to a technique that D’Agostino has refined himself, jigging eels. “Joebaggs Eel Jigs are specifically made for rigging eels and  have a similar design to a SPJ, but have an oversized collar to secure the eel once rigged.”

The JoeBaggs Eel Jigs are designed for rigging up dead eels, giving new life to dead baits.

After threading a fresh, dead eel onto the Eel Jig, it’s secured in place with a zip tie. Eel Jigs are available in sizes from ½ to 5 ounces, to fish a variety of waters, and even from a boat. The natural action and scent of the eel gets vicious bites from bass, and it gives fishermen a great way to bring new life to dead baits.

Joebaggs Tackle also sells a soft-plastic bait to match the SPJ heads, the Patriot Fish. These paddle-tail baits have a tight wiggle that can be felt through the rod tip. Joebaggs released the Patriot Fish on Labor Day 2016, and will be releasing nine different colors in 2017.

This is not to mention the Joebaggs bucktails, made in a number of custom colors like black/red, blurple, and even mackerel. The bucktails feature 3D holographic eyes for added appeal.

Joebaggs Tackle products are available at nearly three dozen tackle retailers throughout the Northeast.

JoeBaggs Patriot Fish

    • SurfCat

      That’s like saying a clouser you bought at one shop looks just like a clouser you saw at another shop/manufacturer. It’s a bucktail jig with tied hackle. Of course it’s going to look exactly like any other bucktail jig tied with hackle.

    • SurfCat

      Or generic paddle tail bait like a hundred other manufacturers offer. Let’s be real here, there are only a handful of real different base lure designs in the world. Pick a pencil popper from Gibbs, CCW, Goo Goo Man, any of them and yeah, they are 99% the same with the exception of paint. Bomber or Red Fin? North Bar Darter or Super Strike Darter? Slug-go or Hogy? Same damn thing. So what? Why does everyone feel the need to pick on a local guy who is making gear that catches fish?

  1. David Henault

    We are a dealer of JoeBaggs lures
    Patriot Fish, Jigheads and Tautog Jigs all perform well
    Ocean State Tackle 430 Branch Ave Providence

  2. Daiwa dude

    Soft plastics are pretty much the same, doesn’t matter who makes them. They all perform well and produce nicely.

  3. Mike Bennett

    The patriot fish body is a one to one knock off of the Savage Gear Sand Eel. In fact here is an email sent to us:
    Message Body:
    Hello, there is a jighead maker in Massachusetts ( Joe Baggs bucktails) , who had contacted my friend asking him to make a soft plastic paddle tail for him. My friend has a soft plastic business of his own, and refused because this Joe Baggs guy wanted him to make an exact replica of your Savage Sandeel paddle tail.

    Fast Forward to earlier this year, this Joe Baggs guy found someone else to replicate and imitate your Savage Sandeel and gave it his own name and it for sale in Bait shops across Connecticut and Massachusetts and branded as the “Patriot Fish”
    I took a picture to show the exact replica but theres no option here to send a photo.

    Let me know if theres anything i can do to help as i think its very wrong that companies steal other work and call it their own. My friend works hard to make original designed baits and it gives the entire industry a bad name when other legit Replicate and duplicate others work and call it their own.

  4. stephen usavich

    Where can I buy the 7in. and 8in. tails in bulk, 10 or more at a time ?
    Love these


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