Jersey Jetty Blitz (Video)

Who isn’t ready to walk down the beach and see this in a couple months?  This video of big bass smashing bunker was shot by Tom Lynch, who takes cool videos and awesome photos of NJ surfcasting and more. You can check out some of Tom’s work on his website,




  1. Eddie Banks

    I apologize for my inappropriate comments that I posted regarding this GREAT video…but I have been waiting a long time to watch the mighty Stripers return to their 17.4 mile long Mansion that we call “the Ditch”. If my comments offended you, then I am sorry BUT your must understand that I am a Canal Junkie and the only way I can get my fix on is for the Stripers to return so I can study tied charts, calculate locations (east or west) and try not to break my neck by slipping of the rocks while fighting a monster COW against the Surf…Can’t wait for the 2012 Fishing season to START ! ! !

  2. Rich C

    Awesome video. I’m the guy at the end on the video who had his surf rod, plug bag and boots in the car but left my reel at home from a fishing trip the day before… Thirty to forty plus pounders being landed by guys on every other cast for about 30 minutes. It brings new meaning to the Boy Scout motto: BE PREPARED!!


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