Good News for Menhaden!

After receiving plenty of pressure from environmentalists and recreational fishermen (and those two categories are not mutually exclusive!), the folks who manage Atlantic coast fishing (The ASMFC) decided yesterday in Boston to reduce the catch of menhaden (aka pogies or bunker) by as much as 37 percent of the number caught last year.

The vote by should help provide forage for stripers, bluefish, tuna, and many other animals that depend on menhaden for food. Read more about it in a Washington Post article here.

A big THANKS to all the folks who wrote letters influencing this decision and to the many groups who rallied public support, including (in no particular order) The Pew Charitable Trusts, The Recreational Fishing Alliance, The Coastal Conservation AssociationThe National Coalition for Marine Conservation, The Herring AllianceMenhaden Defenders and many more.  An incredible number of fishing clubs and associations also got involved and submitted written comments and attended public meetings, and the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association even organized a “Pogey Bus” that stopped to pick up Massachusetts Striped Bass Association members on the way to the meetings in Boston.



Menhaden Defenders Sign

A sign at the ASMFC meeting in boston.

  1. Mike

    Way to go! Hats off to On the Water for helping get the word out! And to everyone who put effort in on this! This bait is so important! And we all have great memories catching the fish that rely on them! Thank you !

  2. mike

    A recent aerial menhaden study has been conducted. Check it out in another magazine, sorry guys, I think it’s National Commerical FIsherman or a similar publication about using spotter planes and HD cameras. They were checking for schools of menhaden from maine to Long island, I believe. What caught my attention was that they spotted 100,000-200,000 lb. schools of menhaden in between York, Maine and Saco, Maine. This was in September 2011. No idea they were that numerous. A good sign.

  3. Joe G

    glad to see that you guys got behind the herring alliance and spoke out. Let’s keep up the pressure and maybe we can bring back the herring, pogies and eels too!


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