Cape Cod Fishing Report – February 8, 2018

Skim ice is the worst.

It’s more of the same this week on Cape Cod, although more waters seem to be opening up around the Cape.  I had good luck last weekend catching three brown trout on jigs while walking the shoreline at Peter’s Pond. When I went back on Tuesday morning, however, the area I was fishing had skimmed over. But then Wednesday nights rain most likely opened things back up. The fish will bite if you can get to them, and with mild temperatures forecasted, hopefully the skim ice will give way and let us get at the fish.

I recommend moving around to multiple ponds until you find one that is open enough to fish. I plan on soaking some shiners for bass over the weekend, and seeing if the white perch are active in the brackish ponds. If I have the time, I’ll probably hit a trout pond again.

Every year, when water temperatures are at their lowest, the browns seem to cruise the shorelines, within range of fishermen casting stickbaits and hair jigs. February is a great month to stick a big brown trout, if you have the patience to endure the cold and the long waits between fish. Last week, one commenter recommended fly-fishing with black Wooly Buggers for winter browns, and considering that my luck last weekend came on a black maribou jig, I’d say that’s probably a good bet.  

  1. Tom

    Where are some brackish water ponds/rivers that I can catch some white perch this time of year?

  2. mark

    great bass ponds for february ; the cape is great in cold water bass / ive been fishing in cedarville …small herring pond …bass dont sleep….must use rattle traps and very slow retrieve and plastics suck in the cold so stick with hard baits . Best hitting days are sunny days no wind between 12 and 3pm otherwise it has been shutdown time

  3. carl

    fished that pond in Cedarville while wading many times. very shallow with many weeds. many swans in the summer. ended up hospitalized with a serious skin infection there. I wont be back


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