Cape Cod Fishing Report – July 6, 2017

Cape Cod Bay Fishing Report

Billingsgate Shoal is still holding lots of keeper-sized bass, according to John of Cape Cod Bay Charters. The bluefish also moved in, and as a result, have pushed most of the mackerel out of the area. John reports that traditional wire-line jigging has been doing the most damage out there.

Although the mackerel have moved off Billingsgate, they’re still abundant in the area near Sesuit Harbor, according to Dan Hannon over at Salt Shaker Charters. Dan noted that there are lots of bass in the 30- to 32-inch range in the bay, but the very large fish have seemed to move out. However, big bass might still be a possibility for persistent anglers.

Interestingly, Dan reported that his primary issue was not with seals, but rather with a juvenile great white shark grabbing fish off his lines.

SportsPort Bait and Tackle in Hyannis reported most of the action they’ve encountered has been in Cape Cod Bay. There’s been a lot of bluefish caught in the Horseshoe Shoal area, and stripers over towards Race Point by the lighthouse. Race Point in particular has been receiving very high boat traffic. The primary forage for the striped bass has been sand eels.

The folks at Real Deal Charters have also been doing very well with striped bass in the Provincetown area. They’ve been able to find and live-line mackerel to hungry fish, and also land some fish on Daddy Mac vertical jigs.

Matt of Fishy Business Sportfishing out of Plymouth has encountered bass feeding on topwater in the bay. He’s found fair numbers of ever-effective live mackerel but has also picked up some fish on the vertical jig.

The Canal Fishing Report

The Canal bite continues to be good according to the folks over at Red Top. Most fish are being taken on the east end, generally in the very early morning. Big schools of mackerel are regularly moving in and out of the canal, making for excellent fishing. Big mackerel pencil poppers combined with long casts to breaking fish have been very effective.

Jeff Miller over at Canal Bait And Tackle also reported that the wind we’ve had the past few days has really loaded the east end with mackerel. A wide variety of plugs have been working, but the fish have really keyed in on those with mackerel patterns.

John caught this 34-inch striper by live lining a pogie.

John caught this 34-inch striper by live lining a pogie.

Monomoy Fishing Report

John of Fish Chatham Charters has reported that the Monomoy rips are starting to heat up. Live-lining and trolling mackerel have been very effective at pulling larger bass out of the mix. The waters inside Monomoy have reached their summer temperatures, while the waters off the backside of the cape remain in the 50s. He also noted that the bite seems to be improving day by day.

Capt. Mort Terry of Fishtale Sportfishing reported that the rips of Monomoy are loaded with both boats and fish. It’s primarily stripers as the water is still fairly cold, but there are a few blues mixed in. Most of the bass are on the smaller side, around 26 to 30 inches, with a few larger ones here and there. There’s a lot of sand eels around, and the bass are willing to feed on them on the surface. Capt. Mort said that it can be tough to get a bite when the bass are keyed in on the small sand eels, but he’s had success by switching over to a squid imitation.

Buzzards Bay/Vineyard Sound Fishing Report

The folks over at Eastman’s Sports and Tackle have reported that the bass and blues are still very active, even though summer is setting in. There’s an abundance of juvenile squid in Vineyard Sound, making for some excellent fishing. The rips have been producing a lot of fish, as well as Horseshoe Shoal in Barnstable. Bluefish are certainly in the sound, but not in prolific numbers. The bottom fishing has also been very good for black sea bass and scup, but the fluke action has been hot and cold. Jim over at Eastman’s reported the deeper the better for large fluke and sea bass.

Jim over at the Patriot Party Boat has noted that the fluke and black sea bass have settled into their summer haunts. The best fishing is occurring in holes anywhere from 80 to 100 feet deep. His sport fishing trips have also encountered strong numbers of blues in Nantucket Sound. Interestingly, they’ve been regularly landing large black sea bass on wire line jigs intended for bass and bluefish.

Captain Ron Signs of Bucktail Fishing Charters out of Mashpee has been making runs into Cape Cod Bay for his striper fishing, landing fish up to 36”. However, he’s found the best bottom fishing in Vineyard Sound. He and his crew stay busy as his clients regularly reach their legal Black Sea Bass limit, with some nice Fluke up to 20” here and there. Throwing larger baits has been pulling the largest fish off the bottom.

The Islands Fishing Report

Rafael Osona did well on Nantucket this week with several big bass from the shore

Rafael Osona did well on Nantucket this week with several big bass from the shore

The fine folks over at Larry’s Bait and Tackle reported the fishing on Martha’s Vineyard has started to heat up. With the upcoming fluke tournament, they stated the bite has been better in deeper water. The island’s north shore and Chappaquiddick have been giving up both bass and blues, but heavy ORV closure on Chappy has made it difficult for surfcasters to access. The boats however are having no trouble finding bluefish, and bass in deeper water. Most of the bass taken have been large schoolies, with big fish randomly mixed in.

Coop over at Coops Bait and Tackle also reported the fishing has been very good. The surf crowd has been able to find fish off Wasque and Squibnocket. There’s and abundance of small and medium sized bass around, with persistent anglers finding some larger specimens. The fishing for Black Sea Bass and fluke has also been good. Coop also mentioned that there have been a few yellowfin tuna taken at The Dump, as well as giant bluefin far off the backside of the island.

  1. Ronson P Holfswelling

    Nice to see pics of actual live fish rather than a bunch of ugly dead ones killed for ego in the Massachusetts report section.

  2. Pete trask

    Schoolers and squeakers at sandy neck
    Slightly better fish on billingsgate
    Mackerel getting spotty
    Best bet wire line jigging ( black and green)
    Race point is a parking lot full of Yahoo!’s ( but worth the trip and aggravation)
    Tight lines !
    Trask out!

  3. FishwiSh

    Better bass on the north edge of billingsgate eating squid and macks

  4. Pete trask

    Yes got a 39″ there wed afternoon (had to work through 12 fish to get her)
    Saw an 8′ great white breach Striper in mouth
    100′ off my port (cool but a little disturbing)
    Remember all those comercials about saving the seals when we were kids(70s) well it worked!!
    Now we’re dealing with an apex preadator on a regular basis
    Not just monomoy my friends!

    • Steve

      Fished Head of the Meadow Thurs – Sat caught 100 + schoolies
      Hundreds of seals
      Sat morning while fishing an adult seal washed in with approx. 20inch diameter bite out of it’s back. Bite was clean through backbone and ribs!

        • Steve

          Used black/silver yozuri’s and blue/silver.
          On Friday evening after the big rain we threw green/white and red white bucktails due to the rough water.
          Did well with both at low tide in the evenings.

  5. Pete trask

    Got a 39″ on the north end of billingsgate
    Shortly after seeing an 8 foot great white breach Striper in mouth ,remember all those commercials when we were kids about saving the seals well it worked!!


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