Fishing Report for Cape Cod – October 6, 2016

Tom Smyth and the crew of the Game On caught this 116-inch bluefin just 5 miles off Nauset Beach on September 23.

Tom Smyth and the crew of the Game On caught this 116-inch bluefin just 5 miles off Nauset Beach on September 23.

Cape Cod Canal and Buzzards Bay

Fishermen experienced good morning action in the Cape Cod Canal this week, with stripers—many short, but some exceeding 20 pounds—striking jigs and topwater plugs reported the crew at Maco’s. The hotspot has been a moving target, with some days fishing well in the West End, while other days see hot action in the East End. Stay mobile to locate the bite. After dark, eels are catching some fish.

In Buzzards Bay, the tog bite is on reported Maco’s. Fish to 6 pounds were reported this week, and we should be hearing about more and bigger fish as the water temperatures continue to drop.

South Side and Islands

Jeff at Forestdale Bait and Tackle said he has yet to be skunked on the South Side this week. He’s been working the bays with Storm Wildeye Shads and Daiwa SP Minnows. Most fish fall have been falling between 23 and 28 inches, but he’s heard of a few fish over 30 inches. Amy at Sports Port heard similar reports of numerous South Side schoolies. Both Amy and Jeff expect some bigger bass to move along the South Side soon.

A couple big bluefish have been taken on the South Side as well. Jeff heard of blues to 14 pounds this week. Amy said chunking bunker has been the best bet for tempting the South Side blues.

Tog fishing is heating up in the Sounds. Amy said target rockpiles with green crabs to find the toothy tautog.

Albie reports have been quiet on the Cape’s South Side. Captain Terry Nugent reported seeing albies in the Chatham Cut on his return from tuna fishing on Thursday, but farther west, albies have been sparse since the weekend storms.

On the Vineyard, the albie fishing is on the upswing, with most of the fish being found in Edgartown Harbor. The bite depends on the wind reported Peter from Larry’s Tackle. On calm days, the albies have been very finicky, while on days with some chop, the bite has been pretty good.

The biggest striped bass in the Martha’s Vineyard Bass and Bluefish Derby was caught in recent days—a 36-pounder caught from shore by 8-year-old Westley Wlodyka. Peter reported lots of small bass up island, and slow fishing on the sound side.

Big bluefish are being caught on East Beach, with 12- to 14-pounders being reported every day.

Lower Cape and Cape Cod Bay

Shore fishermen using live eels have been connecting with 30- to 32-inch stripers in Barnstable Harbor reported Amy at Sports Port. Jeff at Forestdale reported some small bass being taken on the bayside beaches, with a couple larger ones in the mix. Some large bluefish have also been reported in Cape Cod Bay. Poppers are working well during the day while minnow plugs are catching after dark.

There’s been few reports of stripers on the Outer Beaches, but that’s likely due to a lack of fishermen. October is prime time for big fish to be moving along the back side, and seals or no seals, fishermen who give it a go may be rewarded with some very large bass.

After a few laydays on account of weather, the bluefin tuna fishing off the Outer Cape caught fire on Monday. Captain Bobby Rice of Reel Deal Fishing Charters landed 7 tuna on Monday by jigging with RonZ soft plastics. I fished on Monday with Captain Rob Taylor of Newport Sportfishing Charters, and we managed three tuna on a mix of live baits and RonZs.

Fishing Forecast for Cape Cod

There are plenty of stripers being caught, but locating them can be a matter of moving around and checking multiple locations. The bass are on the move right now, and you should be too. Tog fishing is good and getting better, so if you’re looking for some tasty fillets, gathering some green crabs and anchoring over a rockpile will be your best bet.

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    Down the spit in mashpee I have been getting 28 to 34 inch bass almost every night using clear storm shad’s 5/8 oz


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