Cape Cod Fishing Report – October 15, 2015

Max Arvidson caught this nice striper while fishing off Chatham this weekend.

Max Arvidson caught this nice striper while fishing off Chatham this weekend.

The fall run’s not over yet, but as the fury of the early October fishing fades, fishermen begin to wonder how much time is left. Many look to the north, citing that Boston Harbor, and even Maine, are still producing quality striped bass. Those fish may or may not take a migration path that leads them through the Cape’s waters, but we’ll worry about that in the coming weeks. For the time being, there are still striped bass all over Cape Cod. Smaller, school-sized bass are beginning to dominate the catch, but larger fish were caught this week as well.

There have been good numbers of 25- to 30-inch stripers in the Canal reported AJ at Red Top Sporting Goods. Fish are striking topwaters at first light, and jigs and swimming plugs in the dark. Most of the action is coming from the East End, AJ said, but fish are being caught all throughout. The largest fish to hit the Red Top scales this week was a mid-20-pounder taken on bait.

Buzzards Bay tog fishing is great for boat anglers. Shore fishermen are even catching a couple in the Canal AJ reported. Scup fishing is going strong in Buzzards Bay as well, allowing bottom fishermen to take home some variety. Though black sea bass are still being caught, the season is closed, and they must be released.

Keeper stripers are still coming from the South Side reported Jeff at Forestdale Bait and Tackle.  He had bass to 32 inches this week. Jeff also reported that anglers were catching schoolies on the Cape Cod Bay beaches in Sandwich. The fish were running 20 to 26 inches, Jeff said. Albies reports were thin this week, and Jeff had only heard of one bluefish. The blue was taken on chunks at South Cape Beach.

Bill at Sports Port said he’s still waiting for the run of big bass to make its way along the South Side. Bill said some big fish may be yet to come, unless they snuck through during the Nor’Easter at the beginning of the month when few anglers were able to go fishing. There is still plenty of bait in the South Side Bays, Bill reported.

For boat fishermen on the South Side, it seems as though the scup have moved off for the season, Jeff reported.

Michael Mazulis had a good weekend of fishing, catching good-size stripers around Monomoy despite Choppy conditions. While the stripers bit on Saturday and Sunday, Columbus Day, he said, was a bluefish day.

Bluefish were biting in the surf of the Outer Cape over the weekend. Fishermen in Truro and around Race Point had good action with big blues on plugs. A few stripers were mixed in, but not many.

Vineyard fishing hit a lull. As the Derby winds enters its final days, the albies have gotten scarce and stripers have pulled a disappearing act reported Julian at Larry’s Tackle. The remaining albies are being caught at Chappy, with a few left in Edgartown Harbor. The best action on the island right now, Julian said, is chunking for blues on Chappy.

Tuna continue to be caught off the tip of Cape Cod, with fish coming from Stellwagen Bank and along the backside. Wednesday was a slower day reported Captain Bobby Rice of Reel Deal Fishing Charters, but he was still able to get one big bluefin in the boat.

Trout fishing is on fire in the Cape’s freshwaters. Many waters have been stocked, making for fast action with aggressive rainbow trout. The holdover browns have also gotten active, and fishermen lingering on the ponds after dark have been rewarded with big browns, some weighing as much as 4 pounds. Bass and pickerel are biting as well. Bill at Sports Port even weighed in a small northern pike from Wequaquet this week.

Best Bets for the Weekend

It’s a good time to break out the freshwater gear again. A combo Canal/trout trip would be a sure bet for action this weekend. Hit the East End at first light for stripers, packing along a mix of white bucktail jigs, poppers and SP Minnows.  Once the sun gets high and the striper action slows, head to one of the nearby trout ponds in Sandwich or Plymouth for some ultralight action with feisty rainbows.

  1. John connors

    I’m new to the area and I have been fishing the canal everyday since September 1 yesterday October 19 I was fishing east of the rink and a guy walking his dog comes up to me and said there is a big shark heading this way there it is,I look and could not beleave my eyes it was 20 feet in front of me the dorsal fin was at least 2 1/2 feet out of the water the man told me he witnessed it eat a seagull it hung around for 15 minutes then headed towards the b bridge an hour later it returns and surfaced under my line and my plug went right over its back,the tip of the dorsal fin was rounded and the shark was aound 12 feet long. Not sun fish .?

    • Mike Bolinder

      Lots of sharks frequent the canal – there are always spiny dogfish, although I’ve never heard one as lengthy as you describe. Sandtiger sharks are known to be in the area, as well as blue sharks, but they are less common. I don’t know many sharks that would take out a seagull other than white sharks – rare but not out of the question for the canal. Definitly not a sunfish – they do have tall rounded fins – (they are actually pectoral, not dorsal, because the fish sits on its side) but they don’t breach and eat seagulls.

      Maybe it was a tuna, bro! 🙂


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